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Noninvasive Diabetes Monitors Article Archives

April 2011

A Miracle Technology for Type 1s: Can It Be Saved?

What if there were a technology that could make people with type 1 diabetes feel absolutely wonderful, completely healthy, better than they ever realized was possible? And what if it were about to disappear? Well, there is such a technology, and it is in serious jeopardy. It's called the implantable insulin pump, currently made by Medtronic. This is the story of four people who have been using this device for 20 years, and their desperate crusade to keep it from disappearing forever.

comments 118 comments - Posted Apr 17, 2011

November 2010

Solianis Working on Noninvasive Continuous Glucose Monitoring for Patients With Diabetes

Solianis Monitoring AG is developing a groundbreaking device for the diabetes community- a noninvasive continuous glucose monitoring system that delivers reliable and consistent data. 

comments 4 comments - Posted Nov 11, 2010

May 2010

Glucose Monitoring Medical Tattoo

Tattoos aren't just an art form or a way of making a personal statement anymore: They are beginning to save lives.

comments 1 comment - Posted May 20, 2010

January 2010

Engineers: New sensor could help treat, combat diabetes, other diseases

University of Florida engineers have designed and tested versions of a sensor for applications ranging from monitoring diabetics' glucose levels via their breath to detecting possible indicators of breast cancer in saliva. They say early results are promising - particularly considering that the sensor can be mass-produced inexpensively with technology already widely used for making chips in cell phones and other devices.

comments 2 comments - Posted Jan 26, 2010

January 2008

Fingers Still Crossed - Because We Still Want a Non-Invasive Meter
Fingers Still Crossed - Because We Still Want a Non-Invasive Meter

"It feels like you accidentally pricked yourself with a pin, only it's not accidental and you have to do it over and over again in the same areas."

comments 35 comments - Posted Jan 18, 2008

May 2007

Hope or Hooey? Two Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Meters On the Horizon

Two new meters that purport to measure your blood glucose without a fingerstick are currently in the works–again.  The road to a non-invasive meter is one that many have traveled before, but no one, thus far, has ever reached the market. 

comments 7 comments - Posted May 30, 2007

April 2007

GlucoLight's OCGM Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitor In Clinical Trials.

GlucoLight's continuous, non-invasive device is a novel approach to glucose monitoring in the acute care environment.  Using optical coherence tomography (OCT), the device is able to measure blood glucose levels through a unique anatomical area in the skin that shows physiological changes that directly correlate to changes in blood glucose.  The GlucoLight monitor displays real time glucose measurements with an initial single point calibration.

comments 0 comments - Posted Apr 18, 2007

January 2005

Where Do We Stand With the Noninvasive Dream?
Where Do We Stand With the Noninvasive Dream?

It has long been our dream to have some sort of device that would test blood glucose without breaking the skin to take a drop of blood.

comments 1 comment - Posted Jan 1, 2005

April 2004

Finally Something Noninvasive

The race is on! Since 1986, the contestants—more than 100 start-up biotech companies—have been competing for the prize: a chunk of the billion-dollar market that awaits the manufacturer of a reliable, FDA-approved, noninvasive glucose monitor.

comments 3 comments - Posted Apr 1, 2004

April 2003

Can You Exercise While Wearing a GlucoWatch Biographer? Read On.

As a diabetes researcher, exercise physiologist and individual with type 1 diabetes, I am always curious about how the latest diabetes technology fits into an exercise program. Exercise is, after all, one of the three cornerstones of diabetes management, along with diet and medication.

comments 0 comments - Posted Apr 1, 2003

June 2002

Watch This! 13 Months After Its Approval, Noninvasive Glucose Monitor is Now Available

If patience is a virtue, then millions of people with diabetes who have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the GlucoWatch Biographer can now enjoy their just deserts.

comments 1 comment - Posted Jun 1, 2002

February 2002

Testing in the Future -Technology Meeting Showcases Noninvasive Blood-Glucose Monitoring

Who says the people who invent computers, cell phones and other devices that make our life easier should have all the fun?

comments 0 comments - Posted Feb 1, 2002

September 2001

A New Non-Invasive Method in the Works

Someday, you could get your insulin by slapping a patch on your skin and activating delivery with an ultrasonic device, say researchers in Pennsylvania, who posted a paper on the subject at the American Diabetes Association's scientific sessions in June.

comments 0 comments - Posted Sep 1, 2001

June 2001

Company Says Its Technology Can Measure BGs Non-Invasively

According to Instrumentation Metrics, a manufacturer of medical devices, results of a recent trial demonstrated that a new non-invasive testing technology using light successfully measured BG levels.

comments 0 comments - Posted Jun 1, 2001

February 2001

Bico Gets Hit in the Wallet —Non-invasive BG Meter Maker Under Investigation for Fraud

Bico Inc. agreed to pay $3.45 million to settle a class-action lawsuit alleging it duped investors into believing the Diasensor - its experimental non-invasive BG meter - was ready for market.

comments 0 comments - Posted Feb 1, 2001

March 2000

Researchers Prove that Non-invasive Meter Works

For the first time, near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) has demonstrated a capability to accurately measure glucose levels. The device uses fiber optics to illuminate vascular tissue. A tungsten-halogen light is connected to the fiber optic bundle; this is directed at the subject's thumb. Glucose has its own special "spectral signature" which can be differentiated from other molecules in the tissue. The device then processes this information (which is both reflected and absorbed by the fiber optic light) using a mathematical algorithm to come up with an accurate plasma glucose level.

comments 0 comments - Posted Mar 1, 2000

November 1999

Joslin Diabetes Center to Conduct FDA Trials on Noninvasive Meter

Biocontrol, one of many hopeful developers of a noninvasive glucose monitoring device, will link with the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston. Joslin researchers will conduct clinicals trials for approval of Biocontrol's Diasensor 2000, a device that measures glucose levels with spectroscopy (technology using infrared light).

comments 0 comments - Posted Nov 1, 1999

April 1998

The Optical Noninvasive Monitor

Could there be more than beauty in the eye of the beholder? How about an accurate blood glucose reading? That's what Visionary Medical Products Corporation (VMPC) in Carson City, Nevada, is hoping for - a noninvasive test that will determine BG levels through minute blood vessel changes in the retina.

comments 0 comments - Posted Apr 1, 1998

A Pain-Free Future?

Several companies are actively working on technologies to improve blood sugar testing and thereby capture a share of the two- to three-billion dollar blood sugar testing market. The goal is to make testing easier, more convenient and, the hope of many, continuous without sticking the finger. Here are some of the companies trying to become the first to offer improved testing and how they plan to do it:

comments 0 comments - Posted Apr 1, 1998

February 1998

Legislative Motivation for Noninvasive Development

In November, President Clinton signed the "Food and Drug Modernization Act of 1997," a new law intended to streamline the regulatory process and improve the regulation of medical devices. One section of the law specifically advocates Congress to encourage the development of safe and effective noninvasive blood glucose meters.

comments 0 comments - Posted Feb 1, 1998

January 1998

Noninvasive Chart


comments 0 comments - Posted Jan 1, 1998

Don’t Get Stuck—A Noninvasive and Semi-Invasive Overview

Glucose monitors have come a long way since the hulking, brick-sized meters of the seventies. Now, new technology has created smaller and lighter monitors the size of pagers. However, people with diabetes everywhere are still feeling the pain of testing. When will painful finger pokes no longer be necessary?

comments 0 comments - Posted Jan 1, 1998

January 1997

Non-Invasive HbA1c Test May Be on the Horizon

Twenty First Century Health Inc., a new products development company, has announced their acquisition of the exclusive rights from Milton Fuller and Solid State Farms to develop a non-invasive monitor that measures hemoglobin A1c.

comments 0 comments - Posted Jan 1, 1997

November 1996

Biocontrol Complains to Congress About the FDA While Filing a New 510(k) for Non-Invasive Meter

Almost immediately after complaining to a congressional subcommittee that it was unfairly treated by the FDA during its first 510(k) submission, Biocontrol Technology, Inc. announced that it submitted a new revised 510(k) pre-market notification for its Diasensor 1000 non-invasive glucose sensor.

comments 0 comments - Posted Nov 1, 1996

April 1996

Delivering A New Non-Invasive Meter, Did Biocontrol Bite Off More Than It Could Chew?

Biocontrol Technology, Inc. has been receiving a great deal of attention regarding its Diasensor 1000 non-invasive blood glucose meter. Stockholders have been calling the (DIABETES HEALTH) office asking if we know what is going on with Biocontrol-when will the device be ready to market?

comments 0 comments - Posted Apr 1, 1996

January 1996

Biocontrol Fighting Bad Press About Their Non-Invasive Meter

Biocontrol Technology, Inc., of Pittsburgh, Pa., has recently received negative media coverage that forced the company to respond in a point-by-point press release distributed in December 1995.

comments 0 comments - Posted Jan 1, 1996

September 1995

Company Has $27 Million And A Dream: Less Invasive Testing

Why would patients veto a device that can monitor glucose levels without the need for blood? Because they had to put the device in their ear. Though technically non-invasive, focus groups found the process unappealing.

comments 0 comments - Posted Sep 1, 1995

January 1995

Non-Invasive Meter Update: What’s New?

In the ever-changing, unstable business of non-invasive glucose meters only one thing seems certain: nothing is certain.

comments 0 comments - Posted Jan 1, 1995

January 1994

Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring Patch Development

As clearly demonstrated by the DCCT, blood glucose monitoring is a critical element in the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels. Cygnus Therapeutic Corporation in Redwood City, California is working on a new non-invasive glucose monitoring system that could dramatically change the way people with diabetes monitor their glucose levels. Unlike the current procedure, which measures the level of glucose in the blood based on blood samples drawn from the fingertips, the new system is non-invasive, and utilizes interstitial fluid rather than blood.

comments 0 comments - Posted Jan 1, 1994

Biocontrol Technology to Give Away Its First Non-Invasive Glucose Sensor

Biocontrol Technology Inc. of Pennsylvania will give away its first non-invasive blood glucose sensor to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (JDF) for a charity auction. The sensor will be awarded to the highest bidder, with all proceeds going to the JDF. Biocontrol Technology plans to file a 510K application with the Food and Drug Administration soon, and hopes the new sensor will be available in the Spring of 1994.

comments 0 comments - Posted Jan 1, 1994

April 1993

The Race For The Non-Invasive Sensor

I'm sure you've heard about the non-invasive blood glucose sensors that everyone in the diabetic meter business is talking about; it is, after all, big news. The ability to take accurate glucose readings without the traditional finger-stick would be a blessing to people with diabetes. The estimated $500 million prize going to the inventor of such a device would be a blessing to whichever company produces the first one. The obstacles involved, however, insure that whoever wins it will have to work long and hard.

comments 0 comments - Posted Apr 1, 1993

December 1992

Building Leased for Manufacturing Non-Invasive Sensors

INDIANA, PA. - September 2, 1992 - Biocontrol Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:BICO) announced today that it has entered into a lease agreement with the Indiana County Board of Commissioners within the Indiana County Commerce Center for 22,500 square feet for the purpose of manufacturing their non-invasive glucose sensor.

comments 0 comments - Posted Dec 1, 1992

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