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  • 12 Tips for Traveling With Diabetes
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Alan Rubin on longevity & his Diabetes "healthcasts"

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My Own Injection Archives

My Own Injection

Page 4
The Case of the Missing Kit

Back in February, I wrote about what I keep in my diabetes kit. Well, just last month, the contents of that kit, along with my waist pack, disappeared during a trip out of town. I found myself without a meter and no insulin. Anyone whose life depends on these things will be able to identify with me—I felt quite naked.

Comments 0 comments - May 1, 2005 - Not Yet Rated

Readers Chime In On Scott’s February Column

I appreciate the many letters we received about my February 2005 column. It’s great to have a good debate every now and then.

Comments 0 comments - Apr 1, 2005 - Not Yet Rated

A Pill for Everything

A while back, a friend of mine who is very overweight went to see his doctor and was found to have an A1C of over 9%. He also had high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels and arthritic knees.

Comments 1 comment - Mar 1, 2005 - * * * * *

Random Shots!

A friend recently asked me what I have in the diabetes pack that I carry everywhere.

Comments 0 comments - Feb 1, 2005 - * * * * *

There’s Nothing Wrong With a Little Hope Every Now and Then

I have always hoped for a cure for diabetes—who hasn’t?

Comments 0 comments - Jan 1, 2005 - Not Yet Rated

Stay Positive This Holiday Season!

I recently spoke at the Diabetes Camping Association’s annual meeting for healthcare professionals and camp directors. This group serves a network of more than 150 organizations providing summer vacation camp for children, and adults, with diabetes.

Comments 0 comments - Dec 1, 2004 - Not Yet Rated

Celebrating Two Anniversaries

Though I didn’t get a cake, I just celebrated my biggest birthday. I have now lived for 30 years with diabetes—that’s 30 years of effort and worry, 30 years of information-gathering, testing, dieting, hypos, injections and doctor visits. Somehow, luckily, I have thrived.

Comments 0 comments - Nov 1, 2004 - Not Yet Rated

We Are the Champions!

I am thrilled that last month’s cover person, Gary Hall, Jr., has claimed the title of “Fastest Swimmer in the World”!

Comments 0 comments - Oct 1, 2004 - * * * * *

We Could All Learn a Lesson From Gary Hall, Jr.

I can still hear the voices and see the faces of people telling me, when I was younger, that having diabetes would keep me from doing this or keep me from doing that.

Comments 0 comments - Sep 1, 2004 - Not Yet Rated

A Horse We Can Bet On

“It seems that if you want something done around here, you gotta do it yourself!”

Comments 0 comments - Aug 1, 2004 - * * * * *

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