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Personal Diabetes Stories

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My Insulin Overdose
My Insulin Overdose

When the sun rose that morning, I was in the kitchen as usual with my daughter, preparing to take my insulin. I usually don't take it in front of her, but we were engaged in one of those frustrating conversations that were so common now that she was a teenager.

Comments 20 comments - Dec 17, 2008 - * * * *

Mr. Universe Assaulted by Police During Low Blood Sugar Episode
Mr. Universe Assaulted by Police During Low Blood Sugar Episode

Diabetes Health magazine recently had the pleasure of interviewing Doug Burns for a lengthy feature.  He is a well-spoken and forthcoming man with a good sense of humor and an easy-going manner. Altogether, he comes across as a very nice person. On Sunday, however, Doug Burns was severely beaten by police during an episode of low blood sugar that occurred at a movie theater in Redwood City, California.

Comments 60 comments - Dec 17, 2008 - * * * * *

American Idol's Elliott Yamin Brings Diabetes Message to Millions
American Idol's Elliott Yamin Brings Diabetes Message to Millions

It has been rags to riches for singer Elliott Yamin. With his naturally soulful singing voice, listeners feel his raw emotion and they like it. When you hear him, you know immediately that few guys in any musical genre sing with this kind of authenticity.

Comments 29 comments - Dec 17, 2008 - * * * * *

Brothers’ Diabetes Spans History of Insulin
Brothers’ Diabetes Spans History of Insulin

Bob Cleveland wondered if he’d live when he went to the hospital as a 5-year-old. In 1925, hospital visits were made for dire reasons.

Comments 3 comments - Dec 17, 2008 - * * * *

Living with Diabetes: Ryan Clauson Thrives
Living with Diabetes: Ryan Clauson Thrives

I have had type 1 diabetes for 16 years and, after a long path with many ups and downs, I have finally achieved optimal diabetic health. I have discovered the special lifestyle and diet mix that works and have brought my A1c from 11.4% to 5.2% while increasing my energy and overall health. I'm an elite athlete who plays professional ice hockey, and I currently run marathons. 

Comments 19 comments - Oct 27, 2008 - * * * * *

Halloween Is More Than Scary for Parents of Trick-or-Treaters with Diabetes

Halloween scares me. It scares me even after seven years of helping my 14-year-old son with diabetes enjoy the holiday. We have created a comfortable tradition. Our neighbors get Danny non-food items. We go to a neighborhood bonfire and tell scary stories, and my husband Brian buys back most of Danny's candy and brings it to his office. Through experience, I am no longer afraid of the possible highs and lows, and, thanks to the blessing of cell phones, even Danny's teenage wandering feels okay. If you were a spider on our wall, we'd all appear excited and happy about Halloween.

Comments 7 comments - Oct 20, 2008 - * * * *

Hard Work and Determination Pay Off for Student Athlete with Diabetes
Hard Work and Determination Pay Off for Student Athlete with Diabetes

I'll never forget the afternoon of January 22, 2003, and the phone call that came from Derek's pediatrician. I was just leaving my classroom that day when I noticed the light on my phone lit up, alerting me to a new voicemail. My heart stopped when I listened to the message.  The doctor asked me to call him back as soon as possible.  

Comments 2 comments - Oct 6, 2008 - * * * * *

Scrawny Boy With Type 1 Diabetes Becomes Mr. Universe
Scrawny Boy With Type 1 Diabetes Becomes Mr. Universe

These days, Doug Burns is a modern Sampson. The reigning Mr. Universe, he’s two hundred pounds of sheer muscle and the picture of good health. Of the skinny little boy with type 1 who used to work out in the woods alone, all that remains are a wry sense of humor and an attractively self-deprecating manner. They’re unexpected in a man who’s triumphed in the uber-masculine world of bodybuilding, but there’s a lot that’s unexpected about Doug Burns.

Comments 31 comments - Sep 22, 2008 - * * * * *

I Wish Someone Had Done That for Me

I was forty-five years old when I found out that I had type 2 diabetes. I don't know why I was shocked. Diabetes ran like a river through my family. My father had type 1. He died at the age of forty-one from a heart attack, but my mother always insisted that it was partly because he didn't "manage" his diabetes well.

Comments 2 comments - Aug 20, 2008 - * * * * *

Following Dr. Bernstein on Holiday

At the beginning of 2007, we began studying guidebooks and making reservations for a long-anticipated trip to New Zealand and Australia. With limited funds and so much we wanted to do, we decided our budget would go farther if we stayed at hostels. At the same time, we were concerned about Al’s rising blood sugar scores. After visiting relatives during Christmas and celebrating the New Year, Al’s morning scores were as high as 154 mg/dl.

Comments 3 comments - Aug 14, 2008 - * * * *

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