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Nerve Care (Neuropathy) Archives

Diabetes and Nerve Care (Neuropathy)

Page 2
The Insight Foot Care Scale Jumps In Feet First

The Insight Foot Care Scale is a unique bathroom weight scale designed to help people with diabetes check their feet every day.  As most people with diabetes know, daily foot observation is an important step in managing diabetes. Neuropathy, a common complication of diabetes, can cause complete loss of sensation in the extremities, which makes it possible for minor cuts and sores to go unnoticed until they are problematic.

Comments 1 comment - Apr 8, 2009 - * * * * *

Marrow Cells Heal Neuropathy in Mice

Bone marrow cells that the body normally uses to restore blood vessels can be cultured to stop neuropathy and restore nerve function in diabetic mice, according to researchers at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Comments 12 comments - Feb 12, 2009 - * * * * *

The Mind Boggles

Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, agreed to pay $1.4 billion and plead guilty to promoting its antipsychotic medication Zyprexa as a treatment for dementia when it was not approved for that use by the FDA, according to the Justice Department.

Comments 1 comment - Jan 22, 2009 - * * * * *

Has Anyone Else Reversed Diabetes Complications? If You Have, I Want to Hear From You!
Has Anyone Else Reversed Diabetes Complications? If You Have, I Want to Hear From You!

Are you a scientific anomaly like me?  Have you or someone you know reversed the complications associated with diabetes? Did you suffer microvascular and macrovascular damage during the “growing pains” of coming to terms with having no choice but to live your life with diabetes? Then, did you turn around and find love and hope, which made you change your life? And after changing it, did you find after several years that you were healing the damage that you had incurred by your own misguided hand? 

Comments 117 comments - Dec 25, 2008 - * * * * *

Pain in Your Feet? Try These Proven Techniques for Soothing Them
Pain in Your Feet? Try These Proven Techniques for Soothing Them

One of the more common and early complications of diabetes is nerve pain or peripheral neuropathy. Symptoms are tingling, pain or numbness in the legs and feet, sometimes in arms and hands.

Comments 15 comments - Dec 25, 2008 - * * * *

Scientists Find Compound in Brown Rice Reduces Diabetic Nerve and Vascular Damage
Scientists Find Compound in Brown Rice Reduces Diabetic Nerve and Vascular Damage

A compound in brown rice called acylated steryl glucoside (ASG) can significantly reduce the chances of the nerve and vascular damage that often results from type 1 diabetes. 

Comments 0 comments - Nov 17, 2008 - * * * *

An Alternative Treatment for Neuropathy
An Alternative Treatment for Neuropathy

When I was growing up in the South, my mother always told me, "You are what you eat." With Americans leading the pack in obesity and type 2 diabetes, it appears that she may have been right. Years of drive-through dinners and instant breakfasts have caught up with us, making us rethink every bite that passes our lips in our quest to fight off the complications of diabetes. 

Comments 8 comments - Nov 3, 2008 - * * * *

Infrared Light Therapy Is No Better Than a Placebo for Treating Neuropathy

Texas researchers says that an infrared light therapy that seemed to hold great promise in treating diabetic neuropathy works no better than “sham” (placebo) therapy.

Comments 9 comments - Mar 5, 2008 - * * *

U.K. Study Says Older People with Diabetes Run Greater Risk of Disabilities

A British study of 800 people 65 and older concludes that people with diabetes are more likely than non-diabetics to experience difficulties walking, dressing and climbing stairs.

Comments 1 comment - Feb 26, 2008 - * * * *

C-peptide Emerging as Significant Factor in Nerve Recovery

Because scientists often tend to dismiss what they don't fully understand, many of them used to think that C-peptide had no physiological function. But while it's true that C-peptide does nothing to lower blood sugar, recent research is finding that it might have a role in preventing diabetes complications.

Comments 19 comments - Jan 3, 2008 - * * * * *

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