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Brigitta Rice, MS, RPh, CHES

Mind Over (Foot) Matters

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Dr. Sheri Colberg

Dr. Sheri Colberg Interviewed by Scott King


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Reversing Complications Archives

Reversing Diabetes Complications

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A Promising New Drug for Treating Diabetic Macular Edema

Successful clinical trials of a topical drug called mecamylamine may lead to a potent new treatment for the diabetes-induced eye disease known as macular edema. Diabetic macular edema* involves the part of the retina called the macula. High blood sugar levels inflame its blood vessels, leading to leakiness and fluid accumulation. Left uncontrolled, those symptoms can lead to blurriness, impaired vision, and even blindness.

Comments 1 comment - Apr 14, 2010 - * * * * *

Tips and Solutions for Diabetic Retinopathy and Low Vision

"I think I'm the only blind principal in Los Angeles," stated Connie Gibson after she developed diabetic retinopathy, which later led to sudden vision loss after complications from laser surgery. Now age 59, Gibson is currently legally blind, but has been able to move forward with her life. She continues working and living an active lifestyle despite her disability.

Comments 5 comments - May 6, 2009 - * * * * *

Adjustable Gastric Banding and Diabetes

Diane Helms has spent most of her life struggling with her weight.  She's tried just about every diet you can name and, despite them all, has watched the pounds pile on year after year. 

Comments 0 comments - Apr 8, 2009 - * * * * *

Has Anyone Else Reversed Diabetes Complications? If You Have, I Want to Hear From You!
Has Anyone Else Reversed Diabetes Complications? If You Have, I Want to Hear From You!

Are you a scientific anomaly like me?  Have you or someone you know reversed the complications associated with diabetes? Did you suffer microvascular and macrovascular damage during the “growing pains” of coming to terms with having no choice but to live your life with diabetes? Then, did you turn around and find love and hope, which made you change your life? And after changing it, did you find after several years that you were healing the damage that you had incurred by your own misguided hand? 

Comments 117 comments - Dec 25, 2008 - * * * * *

Mind-Shifting: A Valuable Tool To Control Diabetes

The day I heard "Diabetes is not the leading cause of heart attack, blindness, kidney disease, and amputation," my life changed. I had believed the opposite to be true for the 32 years I'd been dealing with diabetes. Complications had always hung like a knife over my head.

Comments 14 comments - Dec 22, 2008 - * * * * *

BBC Gets It Wrong About Broccoli’s Curative Abilities
BBC Gets It Wrong About Broccoli’s Curative Abilities

A recent story put out by the British Broadcasting Corporation proclaimed that eating broccoli could reverse the damage to heart blood vessels caused by diabetes.

Comments 2 comments - Aug 14, 2008 - * * * *

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Used to Treat Diabetic Ulcers at New Massachusetts Center
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Used to Treat Diabetic Ulcers at New Massachusetts Center

The newly opened Center for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine in Stoughton, Mass., is now offering comprehensive wound management care, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), which has been used successfully to treat diabetic ulcers.

Comments 1 comment - Jul 31, 2008 - * * * * *

Letter of the Week: Any More Honeymooners Out There?
Letter of the Week: Any More Honeymooners Out There?

July 27, 2008 marked the eighth full month that my son has not used insulin. His last A1c was 5.9%, on July 9, 2008. On August 14th of this year, it will be one year since he was originally diagnosed with type 1. As you know, he was taken off insulin on November 27, 2007, about a month after getting the experimental drug teplizumab. I don't know if it is the drug or not, but others have taken it with good results. It will be interesting to see if they ever get the drug approved and can use it quickly on newly diagnosed type 1s.

Comments 15 comments - Jul 31, 2008 - * * * * *

Can a Tuberculosis Vaccine Reverse Type 1? Phase 1 Trial Now Underway Seeks Answer

Scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston have initiated a phase 1 clinical trial to reverse type 1 diabetes.  The trial is exploring whether the promising results from the laboratory of Denise Faustman, MD, PhD, can be applied in human diabetes.

Comments 13 comments - Mar 19, 2008 - * * * * *

Gastric Banding Reverses Impact of Type 2 Diabetes

A new world-first study by Monash University researchers has found gastric banding surgery has a profound impact on one of society's biggest health issues - diabetes.

Comments 1 comment - Jan 23, 2008 - * * * *

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