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Diabetes Skin Care

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A Skin Cream Survey: Keep Informed and Moisturized
Jul 1, 1999 | 
A great number of skin creams and lotions are formulated for, and marketed to, people with diabetes, but why? What is it that makes people with diabetes require skin care products, and why do those products need to be specifically designed for diabetics?
A Tip for Pump Users
May 1, 1998 | 
You've used Skin Prep and the tape that comes with the infusion set but it still doesn't stick. And what about when the tape comes undone and the infusion set crimps? DIABETES HEALTH asked Bruce Bode, MD, how to solve this problem.
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The Brave New World of Skin Grafting — From Foreskins to Foot Ulcers
Mar 1, 1998 | 
Dermagraft, a human skin replacement for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers has been recommended to the FDA for approval on the condition that Advanced Tissue Sciences, Inc. and its partner Smith & Nephew plc perform a post marketing study.
Skin Care Products for Diabetics Now Available in Many Pharmacies
Sep 1, 1997 | 
After years of searching for diabetic skin care treatments, Anastasia Marie Chehak developed a line of products called Diabetic Pure Skin Therapy¨. Chehak wanted to create a skin care system that would provide immediate relief as well as long-term therapeutic use. Chehak is a diabetes educator, registered dietitian, clinical nutritionist and a diabetic herself. In treating patients, she found that the typical over-the-counter skin creams didn't do much to improve the condition of her patients' skin.
Dermatology Expert's Advice Not Just Skin Deep
Aug 1, 1996 | 
When DIABETES HEALTH Board Member Gary Arsham, MD, heard S. William Levy, MD. give a lecture on diabetes and its effects on skin, he was impressed.
Pump Tap Tips: Some Pumping Tips You May Or May Not Have Known:
Jun 1, 1995 | 
Today's pump user is afforded a high degree of ease and comfort in maintenance of this type of therapy. Gone are the days where the only options were messy antiseptic solutions and inappropriate bandage tapes. Over the years, a number of special products have been developed to make wearing an insulin pump a relatively problem-free experience.
Skin Creams For Lanced Fingers
May 1, 1994 | 
Anastasia Marie Labs: Diabetic Pure Skin Therapy skin cream from Anastasia Marie Labs was specifically designed for people with diabetes, to penetrate and treat sensitive and callused fingertips. Diabetic Pure Skin Therapy contains natural therapeutic agents, including an antibacterial agent, and doesn't interfere with blood glucose results. Diabetic Pure Skin Thera-py is alcohol free.
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