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Too Much Food Is Responsible for Most of the U.S. Rise in Obesity Since 1970, Says Study

Sometimes complex problems have simple answers. Take the alarming rise in obesity in the United States since 1970. Researchers have speculated in the past that the cause might be a combination of factors, perhaps a lack of exercise working in concert with the spread of cheap high-calorie junk food.

Comments 3 comments - May 23, 2009 - * * * * *

Treatment of Homes for Termites Decades Ago May Cause Diabetes Today

Obesity has long been accepted as a risk factor for diabetes. The results of four recently published studies, however, have revealed that the real risk factor may be the insecticides present in that fat. The initial investigations showed that the expected association between obesity and diabetes/insulin resistance was absent in people who had low levels of organochlorine insecticides in their blood (1, 2). However, the expected association between obesity and diabetes/insulin resistance increased with levels of these insecticides. In the last year, two additional studies have linked these insecticides with diabetes (3, 4).  

Comments 10 comments - Mar 13, 2009 - * * * * *

The Latest ‘Scoop’  on Ice Cream
The Latest ‘Scoop’ on Ice Cream

Originally ice cream consisted of milk, cream, sugar, flavoring and lots of air. But modern brands adhering to this original recipe are few and far between.

Comments 1 comment - Sep 22, 2008 - * * * *

Let’s Sit Down and Eat: L.A. City Council Combats Diabetes and Obesity in South Central

The Los Angeles City Council has voted unanimously to ban the opening of new fast food restaurants in South Los Angeles (aka “South Central”) and nearby neighborhoods.

Comments 0 comments - Jul 31, 2008 - * * * * *

Parents Beware: 89 Percent of Children's Food Products Aren’t Healthy, But 62 Percent Claim They Are

Nine out of ten regular food items aimed specifically at children have a poor nutritional content because of high levels of sugar, fat or sodium, according to a detailed study of 367 products published in the July issue of the UK-based journal, Obesity Reviews.

Comments 2 comments - Jul 17, 2008 - * * *

There's a New Snack in Town
There's a New Snack in Town

The Diabetes Health staff recently sampled a new kind of healthy snack, and we loved them!

Comments 1 comment - May 22, 2008 - * * * *

High Beta-Glucan Barley Helps Manage Diabetes and Heart Health
High Beta-Glucan Barley Helps Manage Diabetes and Heart Health

BOZEMAN, Mont. (April 30, 2008) – Governor Brian Schweitzer appeared at Montana State University Tuesday to celebrate Montana’s scientific contribution to the development of barley varieties that serve as a natural way to help manage diabetes, heart disease and obesity. 

Comments 3 comments - May 8, 2008 - * * * *

Is That Soda Really Sugar-Free? Test It With Tes-Tape Before You Drink

Carol Whitton of Coral Springs, Florida, discovered that her blood sugar often increased sharply after she drank a diet soda while dining in a restaurant. So she started to test her diet drinks for sugar, a practice she learned from watching the “Living With Diabetes” television program.

Comments 28 comments - Apr 28, 2008 - * * * *

Looking to Save on Food Expenses? ADA's Advisory Offers Helpful Tips
Looking to Save on Food Expenses? ADA's Advisory Offers Helpful Tips

As food costs rise and more and more “diabetic” foods appear on grocery shelves, the American Diabetic Association has published 13 commonsense tips on how to eat more cheaply and still manage diabetes.

Comments 7 comments - Apr 16, 2008 - * * * *

A New Paradigm for Eating Foods With a Low Glycemic Impact

What is the secret of effective weight management? When a person develops type 2 diabetes, this is a critical question. Losing weight is one of the most successful ways of dealing with this disorder. This is the challenge that I faced when I diagnosed as diabetic about 15 years ago. 

Comments 2 comments - Mar 6, 2008 - * * *

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