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Herbs Archives

Herbs and Spices for Diabetes

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Two More Diabetic Herbal Remedies Recalled

Two more herbal preparations containing a blood sugar-lowering prescription drug were recalled by two California firms. The recall action came just two months after the FDA issued a warning about five other herbal products that contained blood-sugar lowering drugs.

Comments 0 comments - May 1, 2000 - * * * * *

People with Diabetes Warned to Avoid Certain Herbs

On February 24, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned people with diabetes not to use five brands of Chinese herbal products. The FDA says that the herbs illegally contain the prescription diabetes drugs glyburide and phenformin which can cause dangerous drops in blood sugar.

Comments 0 comments - Apr 1, 2000 - Not Yet Rated

D-Care Adds Herbal Combination Tablets to Line of Diabetes Care Products

The D-Care line of products now offers several herbal combination tablets specifically designed for diabetes care. All contain gymnema sylvestre, an herb often linked to improved glucose control, plus other herbs to aid in specific areas of wellness.

Comments 0 comments - Sep 1, 1999 - Not Yet Rated

Indian Type 2 Medication Could be Studied by Mayo Clinic

How did one type 2 go from 20 units of insulin per day to none, and no blood sugar level above 185? He took Cogent DB, an Indian type 2 medication made from several herbs, which the Mayo Clinic is reported to be interested in testing.

Comments 0 comments - Apr 1, 1999 - * * * * *

African Plant Smooths a Type 2s High Blood Glucose Levels Within 24 Hours

Jean Chediac has type 2 diabetes and had not taken his medication for a week, running his BGs up to double their normal level. He finally went to his health care provider, who gave him his medicine. Within a day, his BGs were back to normal.

Comments 0 comments - Dec 1, 1998 - Not Yet Rated

Herb Buyers Beware

Dori Linnell of Eureka, Montana, would do anything for Tel, her 5-year-old son with diabetes. With diligence, knowledge and love, she has kept his HbA1cs in the nearly perfect range of 6.8 to 7.0 %. Linnell is obviously doing what works but always looking for something that may work better. She read about BetaFast, a product that is said to help people with diabetes control their blood sugars. BetaFast is made from the leaf extract of the herb Gymnema sylvestre, a climbing plant found in India. Always a believer in herbs, she wanted to try it with Tel.

Comments 0 comments - Dec 1, 1998 - * * * * *

Prevention's Pick — Herbs with diabetes control

Prevention magazine's publication, 200 Herbal Remedies, linked the following herbs with diabetes control:

Comments 0 comments - Dec 1, 1998 - * * *

Herbal Fiber Controls Glucose

For centuries Middle Eastern cultures have been using the herb fenugreek to treat obesity. Nutricept, Inc. has applied this ancient knowledge to diabetes care, creating a new form of fenugreek in its product Limitrol. Limitrol is a dietary fiber supplement which can be taken as a capsule or a pudding.

Comments 0 comments - Sep 1, 1998 - Not Yet Rated

Finland Study Proves Ancient Therapy (Ginseng) Works!

Ginseng, long used to treat a variety of ills, can reduce blood glucose levels in people with type 2 diabetes. Ginseng is a plant extract that has been used for centuries to reduce fatigue and elevate mood.

Comments 0 comments - Dec 1, 1995 - Not Yet Rated

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