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Diabetes Supplements

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Heart-Smart Supplements

Diachrome, a patented combination of chromium picolinate and biotin, significantly lowers coronary risk factors in type 2s. According to a small study presented at an American Heart Association meeting, Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology (ATVB), held in May in San Francisco.

Comments 0 comments - Aug 1, 2004 - Not Yet Rated

Vitamin E Supplementation Is Ineffective in Some Cases

A recent study conducted as part of the Heart Outcomes Prevention Evaluation (HOPE) trial found that vitamin E supplementation had no effect on cardiovascular disease, other coronary risk factors, or kidney disease in middle-aged and elderly people with diabetes.

Comments 0 comments - Jan 1, 2003 - Not Yet Rated

Made for Diabetes: Prepackaged Supplements Available

Prepackaged one-day supplies of vitamins, minerals and alpha-lipoic acid in a mix that is said to benefit people with diabetes are available from Nature Made.

Comments 0 comments - Jan 1, 2003 - Not Yet Rated

Can You Combine Lipitor With Vitamin-Supplements?

Q: My husband is on insulin and he takes Lipitor (a statin). To help with his diabetes, he has taken vitamin E (400 I.U. daily) for several years and vitamin C (500 mg daily). A recent news report said that taking vitamin E and vitamin C with statins could do more harm than good to the heart when taken in high doses. Are these doses that my husband is taking considered high? I also read that vitamin E is very beneficial to people with diabetes. Should he stop taking vitamins E and C?

Comments 0 comments - Mar 1, 2002 - Not Yet Rated

Herbs, Supplements & Vitamins: What to Try and What to Buy

Everyone, including your neighbor, manicurist and racquetball partner, seems to be jumping enthusiastically onto the "supplement bandwagon." Should you and your diabetes climb aboard?

Comments 0 comments - Aug 1, 2001 - Not Yet Rated

New Chromium Picolinate Supplement for People with Diabetes

Nutrition 21 has announced the introduction of a dietary supplement that has been shown to help improve the absorption of glucose in the body.

Comments 0 comments - Jun 1, 2001 - Not Yet Rated

Rooting For Your Health — American Ginseng Shown to Lower BGs in Type 2s by 59%

Studies are increasingly proving the benefits of keeping your after-meal BG levels down. Along with these results comes an interest among many with diabetes to help lower their glucose levels using natural substances.

Comments 0 comments - Mar 1, 2001 - Not Yet Rated

North American Ginseng Works on BGs

Chai-Na-Ta Corporation of Langley, British Columbia, announced on September 12 that a research study using its North American Ginseng significantly reduced the blood glucose level of patients with type 2 diabetes.

Comments 0 comments - Dec 1, 2000 - Not Yet Rated

Cinnamon Increases Metabolism Twenty Fold

"Taking a quarter to a full teaspoon a day of cinnamon, perhaps in orange juice, coffee or on oatmeal, may prevent or at least delay type 2 diabetes," say researchers at the U.S. Agricultural Research Service's nutrition labs in Beltsville, Maryland.

Comments 2 comments - Dec 1, 2000 - * * * *

Popular Dietary Supplement Helps to Keep Fat Off

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are saying a popular dietary supplement has been proven to reduce the amount of fat many dieters regain after losing weight.

Comments 0 comments - Oct 1, 2000 - Not Yet Rated

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