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Diabetes Supplements

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Supplement Keeps Pre-Diabetic Condition Under Control

Chromium's effects on diabetes have garnered attention in the past, but a recent study shows its benefits can be felt before type 2 diabetes develops—and may even prevent it from ever occurring.

Comments 0 comments - Aug 1, 2000 - Not Yet Rated

Can Treating Arthritis Lead to Type 2 Diabetes?

Approximately 21 percent of Americans who suffer from arthritis use glucosamine sulfate supplements to help ease their pain. U.S sales of glucosamine are $230 million per year, according to the Nutrition Business Journal.

Comments 0 comments - Jun 1, 2000 - Not Yet Rated

Should Ginseng be Taken Seriously as a Diabetes Treatment?—American Ginseng Reduces BGs by 20 Percent

Taking American ginseng before a meal can reduce blood sugar in people with and without diabetes.

Comments 0 comments - Jun 1, 2000 - Not Yet Rated

Two More Diabetic Herbal Remedies Recalled

Two more herbal preparations containing a blood sugar-lowering prescription drug were recalled by two California firms. The recall action came just two months after the FDA issued a warning about five other herbal products that contained blood-sugar lowering drugs.

Comments 0 comments - May 1, 2000 - * * * * *

People with Diabetes Warned to Avoid Certain Herbs

On February 24, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned people with diabetes not to use five brands of Chinese herbal products. The FDA says that the herbs illegally contain the prescription diabetes drugs glyburide and phenformin which can cause dangerous drops in blood sugar.

Comments 0 comments - Apr 1, 2000 - Not Yet Rated

Supplements for People with Diabetes

Robert C. Atkins, the author of Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution, has not been a stranger to controversy ever since his first book was published 20 years ago. He continues to be controversial in his advocacy of dietary supplements and minerals in his diet plan. Many doctors are leery of supplements because they have not undergone the rigorous approval process that the Food and Drug Administration puts prescription drugs through. Yet, Atkins puts as much weight on supplements as he does on prescription drugs.

Comments 0 comments - Feb 1, 2000 - Not Yet Rated

Recommended Doses of Common Supplements

If you've studied the facts, discussed them with your health care team, and concluded that one or more of these supplements will benefit you, here are some suggested daily amounts, arranged as follows:

Comments 0 comments - Nov 1, 1999 - Not Yet Rated

Not Enough Magnesium Can Lead to Glucose Intolerance

Researchers from MCP Hahnemann University in Philadelphia discovered that a magnesium-poor diet increases insulin resistance in black Americans.

Comments 0 comments - Nov 1, 1999 - Not Yet Rated

People with Diabetes Have Higher Requirements for Chromium

Researchers suggest that getting less chromium than what you need may contribute to the onset of type 2 diabetes over the long term. Rats given a diet low in chromium had insulin levels twice as high as a group of rats fed a diet high in chromium. The results of the study were published in the August issue of Metabolism.

Comments 0 comments - Nov 1, 1999 - Not Yet Rated

High Doses of Vitamin C Supplement Increase Blood Glucose Levels

According to the July issue of Diabetes Care, high doses of supplementary vitamin C may cause an unexpected elevation of blood sugar levels and false diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.

Comments 5 comments - Sep 1, 1999 - * * *

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