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Health Insurance Archives

Health Insurance and Diabetes

Page 5
Piecemeal COBRA Health Insurance Subsidy Extensions Puzzle Laid-Off Workers

Every day, dozens of confused, laid-off workers call the privately-run COBRA Help Center in Long Island, N.Y., which administers COBRA group health insurance plans. They're struggling to understand whether they're eligible for federal subsidies. It's not surprising, says George Fox, a field underwriter for the company Planning Financial Futures Inc., that runs the center on behalf of employers and consumers.

Comments 0 comments - Mar 17, 2010 - * * * * *

Northern California's Biggest County Sues Glaxo Over Avandia

Santa Clara County, the largest county in Northern California (nearly 1.9 million people), has filed a federal lawsuit against pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, alleging that Glaxo knowingly sold its type 2 diabetes drug Avandia for several years despite indications the drug causes heart attacks and strokes.

Comments 0 comments - Mar 8, 2010 - * * * * *

Doctors' Group: Obama Plan Leaves Millions Uninsured, Boosts Private Insurers

President Obama's health care proposal, preserving as it does a central role for the for-profit, private health insurance industry, is incapable of achieving the kind of universal, comprehensive and affordable reform the country needs, a spokesman for a national doctors' group said Wednesday.

Comments 2 comments - Feb 26, 2010 - * * * * *

Moving Toward a Healthcare Bill: What People with Diabetes Need to Know

The effort underway in Washington, D.C., to draft a healthcare bill is often described as "trying to get a handle on so many moving parts." At issue is this: the House passed a 1,990 page bill in December followed by the Senate passing a 2,074 page bill on Christmas Eve. Now, those two versions are being merged into one with a conference committee that would be composed of House and Senate Members while, at the same time, the White House has been pushing for a deadline by the State of the Union Address, now scheduled for Wednesday, January 27.  So far, all sides believe there will be a health care bill in front of the president within the next few weeks. What it looks like is one of the "moving parts."

Comments 3 comments - Jan 20, 2010 - * * * * *

JDRF Forms Partnership with Animas to Develop First-Generation Automated System for Managing Type 1 Diabetes

NEW YORK, January 13, 2010 - The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation today announced an innovative partnership with Animas Corporation to develop an automated system to help people with type 1 diabetes better control their disease - the first step on the path to what would be among the most revolutionary advancements in treating type 1 diabetes: the development of an artificial pancreas, a fully automated system to dispense insulin to patients based on real-time changes in blood sugar levels. 

Comments 9 comments - Jan 15, 2010 - * * * * *

Eliminating Endocrinologist Consultations

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Dec. 7 -- A survey just conducted by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) indicates that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) decision to eliminate consultation codes will force four out of five endocrinologists to reduce the number of Medicare patients seen in their practices.

Comments 7 comments - Dec 15, 2009 - * * * * *

Pharmacists, Drug Wholesalers Offer Solutions to Avoid Disruption for Medicare Beneficiaries

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (Dec. 1, 2009) - Seniors may find that many common prescription drugs that Medicare Part D has covered for years may suddenly be denied due to a new policy being implemented by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Comments 7 comments - Dec 3, 2009 - * * * * *

Primary Care Doctors, Endocrinologists Feel Ill-Equipped to Provide Ideal, Multi-Disciplinary Team Care

PRINCETON, N.J., Nov. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Nearly one-third of doctors surveyed said they did not have enough time and did not receive sufficient reimbursement to provide comprehensive care to their patients with diabetes, according to the results of a study of endocrinologists and primary care doctors published in American Health & Drug Benefits.

Comments 4 comments - Nov 20, 2009 - * * * * *

Secretary Sebelius Releases New Report on Health Insurance Reform and Diabetes in America

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--As the nation marks American Diabetes Month, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius released a new report today, Preventing and Treating Diabetes: Health Insurance Reform and Diabetes in America. The report comes one day after Sebelius toured the East Manatee Family Healthcare Center in Bradenton, Fla. At the center, Sebelius met with patients and Floridians who care for people with diabetes.

Comments 2 comments - Nov 12, 2009 - * * * * *

More Employers Turning to UnitedHealthcare's Diabetes Health Plan to Help Improve Health, Control Costs

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Employers are signing up for a first-of-its-kind health plan by UnitedHealthcare designed to help control the escalating costs of insuring diabetic and pre-diabetic employees and their families while improving their health.

Comments 3 comments - Nov 7, 2009 - * * * * *

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