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Meters Archives

Blood Glucose Meters

Page 19
LifeScan Meter Not Basic Anymore

LifeScan, manufacturer of blood glucose self-monitoring products, has updated its One Touch Basic meter.

Comments 0 comments - Sep 1, 1999 - Not Yet Rated

Good Intentions: HMO Covers Only One Brand of Meter and Syringe—Patients, Educators Challenge Policy and Create Change

Imagine if a free glucose meter showed up at your door. You'd be thrilled, right? Well, it happened to David Fogarty, but he wasn't thrilled. This Berkeley, California, father was fuming mad. Fogarty's HMO, Health Net, sent a free Precision Q.I.D. meter to his 11-year-old son, Lucas, and to all its other members with diabetes. The catch was, Health Net would soon stop covering strips for Lucas's One Touch Profile.

Comments 0 comments - Jul 1, 1999 - Not Yet Rated

MiniMed Jumps First FDA Hurdle with Continuous Glucose Monitor for Physicians’ Use

MiniMed's continuous glucose monitor appears to have passed through the first phase of FDA approval. An advisory panel, which makes initial recommendations to the entire agency, voted unanimously to recommend approval to the entire FDA.

Comments 0 comments - May 1, 1999 - Not Yet Rated

The Brave New World of Glucose Monitoring—How Will You Test in the Next Millennium?

It's an incredibly tense race, and in its wake are literal and figurative trails of blood.

Comments 1 comment - Mar 1, 1999 - Not Yet Rated

Your Meter Doesn’t Like to Go Outside

This installment in the meters, strips and glucose testing series discusses temperature and humidity and their effects on meter and strip functioning. For comments, contact Sharon Kellaher at (800) 234-1218.

Comments 0 comments - Mar 1, 1999 - Not Yet Rated

FDA to Decide on Continuous Glucose Monitor

The first continuous glucose monitor could be on its way to doctors' offices. MiniMed will ask the FDA this month to approve its application for the continuous glucose monitoring system.

Comments 0 comments - Feb 1, 1999 - * * * * *

Is Your New Meter Reading Higher?

People with diabetes have long been frustrated by variations in glucose meter readings. Now the meter industry has added a new wrinkle, meters that reference plasma rather than whole blood.

Comments 0 comments - Jan 1, 1999 - * * * * *

Help for Fumbling Fingers

People who have trouble getting adequate samples may fumble less with a new product, the SampleMate, from Chronimed. Made from elastic, the SampleMate tightens up the top of the finger to keep a good amount of blood there until a drop is drawn.

Comments 0 comments - Jan 1, 1999 - Not Yet Rated

Talking Glucose Meter Tells Reading and Identifies Insulin Type

Visually impaired people with diabetes now have a glucose monitor, called the Accu-Chek Voicemate, that talks them through their tests. Manufactured by Eli Lilly and Company and Roche Diagnostics, the Voicemate's voice tells people their blood sugar levels and which type of insulin they are using.

Comments 0 comments - Dec 1, 1998 - Not Yet Rated

Company Tries to Speed Arrival of “Wrist Watch” Glucose Meter

Cygnus Inc. has an idea for a painless glucose meter which will resemble a wrist watch. Calling it the GlucoWatch (R) monitor, Cygnus is searching for a business partner to market the product here in North America. Although the product is not finalized, GlucoWatch is expected to have a skin pad, known as the AutoSensor, which measures glucose concentration with an electric current. Cygnus cannot yet specify an availability date.

Comments 0 comments - Dec 1, 1998 - * * *

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