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Medical ID Jewelry Archives

Diabetes Medical ID Jewelry

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No Need to Sacrifice Form for Function with Lauren's Hope Line of Medical ID Bracelets
No Need to Sacrifice Form for Function with Lauren's Hope Line of Medical ID Bracelets

Having a health issue that requires precautions shouldn't mean the world has to know about it. Your health matters are private, but in times of a car accident or other emergency, they must be made public. “Lauren’s Hope” is a line of contemporary, interchangeable medical ID bracelets for anyone living with a health ailment or undergoing medical treatment that calls for an ID to be worn at all times.

Comments 0 comments - Jun 12, 2008 - * * * *

My Pride Alert Bracelet
My Pride Alert Bracelet

Just between you and me, in all my years with diabetes (thirty-five and a half to be exact) I've never worn a medic alert bracelet. While I'm no fashionista, I don't like the way they look, and I don't like the reference I make in my head - "damaged goods." Then, too, just to be clear, I've never (yet) had an incident where I needed one.

Comments 3 comments - Oct 4, 2007 - * * * *

Beaded Daisy Makes A Daisy of an ID Bracelet
Beaded Daisy Makes A Daisy of an ID Bracelet

Beaded Daisy owner Regan King, who has two kids with diabetes, started her company when her ten-year-old son couldn't find a non-traditional medical ID that he liked. Beaded Daisy makes medical ID bracelets and necklaces to fill that need at affordable prices.

Comments 1 comment - Jul 19, 2007 - * * * *

Tips for Wearing Medical ID
Tips for Wearing Medical ID

Wearing medical identification can provide emergency medical workers with potentially life-saving information if you are in an accident or end up in an emergency room.

Comments 2 comments - Dec 1, 2003 - * * * * *

Identify Yourself

If you are careful—and lucky—it's possible that you will never end up in the emergency room. Many people with a chronic medical condition such as diabetes prefer to hope for this best-case scenario rather than wear visible medical ID.

Comments 0 comments - Jan 1, 2002 - * * * * *

Lookin’ Pretty

You don't necessarily have to sacrifice style when wearing medical identification. Lauren's Hope, of Kansas City, Missouri, announces its new Medical ID Bracelets that combine fashion and practicality. Originally designed for a 13-year-old with diabetes who refused to wear other ID bands on the market, the Lauren's Hope bracelets are made with multi-colored beads and an unobtrusive identification tag. Five styles are available, each made with mineral, crystal or metal beads that range in color from blue, red, white, gold, green and black. The prices range from $39.95 to $65.

Comments 0 comments - Nov 1, 2001 - Not Yet Rated

In A Nutshell

Carrying your medical history on you might just come in handy during an emergency. Or, at least that's the reasoning behind creating a miniature capsule called the Acu-Life Med ID Emergency Medical Info Viewer.

Comments 0 comments - Sep 1, 2001 - Not Yet Rated

Tattoo You!

In the March 2000 issue of Diabetes Health, reader Ruth O'Hara of New Hampshire said her 12-year-old son has diabetes, and trying to get him to wear any type of medical alert bracelet or necklace met with extremely limited success.

Comments 16 comments - Feb 1, 2001 - * * * * *

Not The Rose Tattoo

I recently got together with a new friend named Chris Newman. Chris is the product manager at Disetronic, a maker of insulin pumps. We met on an airplane coming home from a diabetes conference. I had been there representing this magazine, and he was there representing Disetronic. Like me, he has type 1 diabetes and is the father of young children. We compared notes on how we manage our diabetes.

Comments 8 comments - Dec 1, 1999 - * * * * *

Medical Identification Designed with Children in Mind
Medical Identification Designed with Children in Mind

A new medical identification bracelet specifically designed for children is now available. Called the Safety Sport I.D., it is waterproof and comes in bright colors.

Comments 1 comment - Jan 1, 1999 - Not Yet Rated

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