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Men's Diabetes Issues

Page 4
The Sexes Differ in Diabetes
May 1, 1998 | 
The incidence of diabetes in men is slightly greater than in women, according to a study of 11,654 Norwegian men and women ages 35 to 52. Over the course of 12 years, 87 men and 75 women with diabetes were studied.
First Impotence Pill Approved by FDA
May 1, 1998 | 
Viagra, the first oral medication for impotence, was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in March. In clinical studies, 64 to 72 percent of the patients successfully completed intercourse after taking Viagra.
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Catch the Wave
Mar 1, 1997 | 
I see the swell rising towards me. My instructor, Ed Guzman, says, "Catch this one!" I turn the surfboard towards the distant beach. "Get down and start paddling!" yells Ed. Stroking forward, I feel the swell of the wave begin to lift and propel my ten-foot surfboard. "Stand up and ride it!" Ed says with a big smile. In one smooth (well, somewhat smooth) action, I go from prone position to standing on my board as it begins to accelerate. I'm surfing! I feel a sense of euphoria and complete relaxation at the same time. This is the beginning of a series of surfing lessons from "Club Ed" in Santa Cruz, California.
A New Ally Against Impotence
Feb 1, 1997 | 
Now impotence sufferers have another valuable ally. VIVUS Inc. has received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its new product MUSE (Alprostadil), a urethral suppository for the treatment of impotence.
Hard News For Impotency Sufferers
Aug 1, 1996 | 
Hope may be in store for men who experience one of the most common side-effects of diabetes: impotence. In the past, men have relied on mechanical devices and injections to boost their sex lives, but a new drug called sildenfil may offer aid without the need for pumps or sharp needles. Pfizer Inc. from Sandwich, England, was testing a drug for angina, the chest pain preceding a heart attack, when the subjects of the study reported an unexpected bonus: improved erections.
Study Shows Sex Hormones Linked To Diabetes Complications
Jan 1, 1996 | 
A recent study reported in the September 1995 issue of Diabetes Care by David S.H. Bell, MB, at the University of Alabama, may have answered a question long debated by diabetes researchers. It has been known for some time that long-term diabetes complications rarely occur before puberty. Whether this is a result of the short duration of diabetes before puberty or because pre-puberty diabetes simply does not cause complications has remained a controversial question.
Myth: Breast Cancer More Fatal Than Diabetes - Diabetes Twice As Deadly
Sep 1, 1995 | 
In 1994, Universal Press Syndicate published a report stating that diabetes is twice as deadly as breast cancer in women. Linda Geiss, a researcher in Atlanta, wanted to find out if this statistic was accurate.
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