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A Pony for A Cure
A Pony for A Cure

On January 27, in Phoenix, Arizona, ten-year-old Andrew gave up his beloved miniature horse, Zig Zag, to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). He had to think about it hard; they’d been together since he was six. But he swallowed his sorrow and donated his pony to the JDRF’s gala auction because he believed “Zig Zag could help find a cure.”

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Fighting Diabetes at the Hottest Place on Earth
Fighting Diabetes at the Hottest Place on Earth

Death Valley is hardly a common place to be raising awareness of diabetes. This past fall, however, several hundred people with diabetes, healthcare professionals, and other bicyclists passionate about improving diabetes care rode 105 miles at upwards of 90 degrees to raise money for diabetes research in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) “Ride to Cure Diabetes 2006.”

Comments 0 comments - Feb 1, 2007 - * * * *

Divabetic is Bringing Sexy Back!
Divabetic is Bringing Sexy Back!

Hundreds of women affected by diabetes across the country are feeling great about themselves and learning to stay that way, thanks to an innovative diabetes outreach campaign presented by a world leader in diabetes care, Novo Nordisk.┬áCalled “Novo Nordisk Presents Divabetic—Makeover Your Diabetes,” the program combines personalized diabetes education with free salon and spa services in a crash course designed to help every woman’s “inner diva” take charge of her own and her family’s health.

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Program Aimed to Bring Out Your Diabetes ‘Diva’
Program Aimed to Bring Out Your Diabetes ‘Diva’

Started as a t-shirt fundraiser, the Divabetic phenomenon is beginning to take on a life of its own. Max Szadek, personal assistant to the late Luther Vandross, once decided to begin selling t-shirts with the word “Divabetic” on them to empower and educate women living with, at risk of, or affected by diabetes.

Comments 0 comments - Dec 1, 2006 - Not Yet Rated

Toll-Free Hotline Launched

The holidays, although fun and festive, are stressful for many Americans; however, people with type 2 diabetes face a battle far more difficult than gaining a few extra holiday pounds.

Comments 2 comments - Nov 9, 2006 - * * * * *

Diabetes Teen Talk Launches
Diabetes Teen Talk Launches

Diabetes Teen Talk is a new online community aimed at educating and inspiring teens with diabetes. The site,, launched in January 2006, and it will offer interviews, articles, a message board and a chat room where teens can learn more about diabetes and connect with others.

Comments 3 comments - Apr 1, 2006 - * * *

How to Deal With the ‘Diabetes Police’
How to Deal With the ‘Diabetes Police’

There here, they’re there, they’re everywhere! It’s the Diabetes Police—your family, friends and others who criticize your diabetes behaviors. They disapprove of your food choices, point out your weight gain, accuse you of skipping your medication and nag you to exercise more. These well-meaning individuals care about you, but they make life with diabetes more difficult and can create tension in a relationship. Here are some examples of ways that the Diabetes Police operate in our lives:

Comments 1 comment - Oct 1, 2005 - * * *

How to Get Reliable Diabetes Information
How to Get Reliable Diabetes Information

Healthcare Professionals
Look for the “CDE”
The Certified Diabetes Educator designation is the gold standard for diabetes educators. Professionals with the “CDE” credential have achieved a level of expertise that is recognized by the American Association of Diabetes Educators. They have completed a required number of patient care hours, passed a comprehensive written exam and participate in continuing education opportunities. Different health professionals including physicians, psychologists, nurses, dietitians, podiatrists and pharmacists can earn the “CDE”. A “CDE” should provide reliable information.

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Medtronic Web Site Offers Resource for Free Diabetes Management Classes

Medtronic, Inc., now has an event finder at their Web site ( to help patients locate free diabetes management classes in their communities. Patients can simply enter their zip codes to learn the dates, times, locations and directions for free local classes.

Comments 0 comments - Jun 1, 2005 - Not Yet Rated

Lifestyle Center of America

Imagine going to a spa-like resort to spend 19 days focusing on your health and diet and learning how to cook tasty foods for weight loss. Throw in some massages, nearly countless hours of physician attention and a guaranteed improved lifestyle when you return home.

Comments 1 comment - Jun 1, 2004 - Not Yet Rated

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