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Women's Diabetes Issues

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Women's Monthly Cycle Affects Blood Glucose Control, But Not Consistently

Only a handful of studies have examined the relationship of a woman's menstrual cycle to her blood glucose control, but they have one finding in common: menstruation's effect on blood glucose is as varied as each individual's disease. As a result, blood glucose testing remains the only way to know how a woman's monthly cycle affects her diabetes control.

Comments 11 comments - Aug 15, 2009 - * * * * *

Pregnant Women Who Snore Are More Likely to Develop Diabetes

Women who frequently snore-at least three nights a week-run a substantially higher risk of developing gestational diabetes during pregnancy than non-snorers.

Comments 0 comments - Jul 9, 2009 - * * * * *

Sex and Diabetes: From Her Point of View

Dear Sex & Diabetes, I have had type 1 diabetes since the age of ten.  When my husband and I were first married, I had no trouble with my sex drive. After the births of our three children, however, I noticed a big decrease in desire.  I have also had a hysterectomy and have gained 50 pounds since we were first married.  Do you think my weight has something to do with it?  I really don't feel it is fair to put my husband through my lack of desire. He still seems to want me.

Comments 2 comments - May 12, 2009 - * * * * *

Living Well Program in Vermont Promotes Healthy Weight Loss for Type 2s

The following is a Q&A with Judith Waldrop, who participated in Living Well, a week-long residential program designed for women with type 2 diabetes. The program is a joint effort of the healthy weight loss pioneers at Green Mountain at Fox Run and the Joslin Diabetes Center. This year, Living Well will take place April 19-25, 2009. 

Comments 1 comment - Mar 31, 2009 - * * * * *

Woman Loses 134 Pounds in One Year

About a year ago, Cheryl Tooke found herself in the last place she ever wanted to be. She weighed 268 pounds, and her doctor had just diagnosed her with type 2 diabetes.

Comments 84 comments - Dec 25, 2008 - * * * * *

Diabetes Getting You Down? Women Can Improve Their Inner Care by Focusing on Their Outer Beauty for a Day
Diabetes Getting You Down? Women Can Improve Their Inner Care by Focusing on Their Outer Beauty for a Day

How would you describe a minor hiccup in your daily care that  just happens out of the blue, especially when just moments before, you felt fine and everything seemed perfect? That’s a ‘diabetes bad hair day’ according to Divabetic, a national nonprofit diabetes outreach organization, currently on tour with its free national diabetes outreach program, ‘Novo Nordisk Presents: Divabetic – Makeover Your Diabetes.’

Comments 1 comment - Jun 19, 2008 - * * * * *

Bigger Breasted Women More Vulnerable to Diabetes, Says Canadian Study

A Canadian study asserts that girls and young women with big breasts run a 68-percent greater chance of acquiring diabetes by middle age than their smaller-breasted peers.

Comments 4 comments - Feb 4, 2008 - * * *

Diabetes Death Rates Drop, But Not For Women

Apparently death doesn't have a glass ceiling. After examining data from 20,000 people who were followed from the seventies through the nineties as part of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys, researchers have found that diabetic men are dying less, but diabetic women aren't.

Comments 0 comments - Jul 18, 2007 - * * * * *

Diabetes Health Sex Survey

Diabetes Health would like your help in addressing the lack of information about women, sex, and diabetes. To that end, we've set up a survey on our website, packed with questions about how having diabetes affects your sex life and how you overcome the hurdles that diabetes raises.

Comments 0 comments - Mar 28, 2007 - * * * * *

10 Tests a Day Recommended for Pregnant Patients With Diabetes

Dutch researchers say that treatment of diabetes in pregnant women should be aimed at achieving A1C levels within the range of 6% or less. They add that “a minimum of 10 self-monitored blood glucose determinations daily is necessary to obtain adequate information of all daily glucose fluctuations.”

Comments 0 comments - Apr 1, 2006 - Not Yet Rated

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