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Islet & Pancreas Transplant Archives

Islet & Pancreas Transplant

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Pig Islets Still Producing Insulin After Ten Years In Diabetic Man
Pig Islets Still Producing Insulin After Ten Years In Diabetic Man

Ten years ago, Michael Helyer, a New Zealand man with type 1 diabetes for eighteen years, received a transplant of pig islets. Much to the surprise of researchers, the pig cells are still putting out insulin at this late date. In fact, it was Mr. Helyer who alerted scientists at Living Cell Technologies (LCT) that the cells were still functioning.

Comments 2 comments - Apr 12, 2007 - * * * * *

Dr. Hering Pig Islet Pioneer
Dr. Hering Pig Islet Pioneer

Dr. Bernhard Hering of the University of Minnesota is recognized the world over as the premier expert on pancreatic islet transplants. He sees islet transplantation as the best hope for the cure of type 1 diabetes, and his optimism is supported by his research.

Comments 0 comments - Apr 11, 2007 - * * * *

Mighty Clean Pigs Ready to Supply Pancreatic Islets
Mighty Clean Pigs Ready to Supply Pancreatic Islets

In February 2007, one of the finest pig barns in the history of the world opened at a secret location in western Wisconsin. The $6.2 million, 21,000-square-foot Islet Resource Facility is a bio-secure facility for 100 “medical grade” pigs. A religious farming community, the Hutterian Brethren, is helping care for the pigs, which are barricaded from the outside world and pampered with filtered air, sterilized water, and decontaminated food.

Comments 0 comments - Mar 16, 2007 - * * * * *

Spring Point Project's Potential Diabetes Cure to Mark Another Major Milestone

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - For the millions of people worldwide who are afflicted with diabetes, we are now one step closer to a potential cure for the disease. Spring Point Project, a non-profit organization created to expedite the widespread availability of islet tissue for diabetes care, will open its first biosecure animal facility in Western Wisconsin in February to hold high-health pathogen-free pigs. Insulin-producing islet cells from pigs are needed to meet the demands that cannot be realized by using transplantation of human islets.

Comments 0 comments - Feb 28, 2007 - * * * * *

Piglet Islets Soon Tested in Humans
Piglet Islets Soon Tested in Humans

Six people are about to receive pig islet transplantations for the first time, as a New Zealand company called Living Cell Technologies (LCT) begins a year-long Phase I/IIA clinical trial in Moscow, Russia.

Comments 1 comment - Feb 22, 2007 - * * * * *

A Pony for A Cure
A Pony for A Cure

On January 27, in Phoenix, Arizona, ten-year-old Andrew gave up his beloved miniature horse, Zig Zag, to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). He had to think about it hard; they’d been together since he was six. But he swallowed his sorrow and donated his pony to the JDRF’s gala auction because he believed “Zig Zag could help find a cure.”

Comments 0 comments - Feb 14, 2007 - * * * * *

Company Takes Charge in Effort to Convert Embryonic Stem Cells to Islets

Novocell, Inc., a San Diego, California-based stem cell engineering company, announced on October 19, 2006, the development of a process that “efficiently converts human embryonic stem cells into insulin-producing pancreatic endocrine cells.”

Comments 0 comments - Feb 1, 2007 - Not Yet Rated

Stem Cell Progress
Stem Cell Progress

In January 2005, the first implant of stem cells into the pancreas through a small artery was performed on a diabetic patient.

Comments 0 comments - Sep 1, 2005 - * * * * *

Pancreas Transplant Alone Improves Complications in Type 1s

Researchers in Italy say that ype 1s who undergo a successful pancreas transplant alone, without having a kidney transplant as well, have improved kidney function as well as restored normal blood glucose levels without the need for insulin therapy.

Comments 0 comments - Aug 1, 2005 - Not Yet Rated

2005 Priorities for Diabetes: The U.S. Congress is Back in Session
2005 Priorities for Diabetes: The U.S. Congress is Back in Session

The U.S. Congress is back in session and hopes are high for diabetes victories.

Comments 0 comments - Mar 1, 2005 - Not Yet Rated

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