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how can i become  first one who cure mild type 2 diabetes without any pill ?

i only control my diet (i eat less per time,eat more vegetable per time and hv at least 5 meals per day)and doing exercise after each meal as i don't believe any doctor can cure diabetes with any pill ,i seems good now, i want to know :is it possible not to take any medicine to cure mild type 2 diabetes ?

i am 39years old, 1.78m tall, male, was found type 2 diabetes two year ago. since half year ago, i stopped taking any medicine to take phisical activity of at least 30m after each meal, and change my habit of eating in both of frequency and amount. until now , i reduce weight fm 92kgs to 75kgs ,level of blood sugar looks good as i do when i took medicine. also ,with exercise , i become much stronger than before .