Hey there gmanuel25!  I only started pumping last April after 40 years of MDI - where my A1C was usually around 7.0%.  I decided to give the pump a go - since I had other diabetic friends using them - and they swore they were the best thing since sliced bread.  Well, since being on the pump - I've managed to have less hypos then I did with MDI - also A1C has gone down to 5.7%.  Now, if I can't afford to pump anymore - if I lose my job that has private medical insurance - then I will probably have to go back to MDI - but I find with being on the pump it has reeducated me on how to handle my diabetes.  Yes, prior to pumping  I subconsciously did carb counting, etc. and gave appropraite insulin shots to take care of that as well as making corrections for my BG's with fast acting insulin (also took Lantus a.m. / p.m.) - but with the pump - where with the program I have set up in it - it helps me make better decisions I feel in how I manage my "legal drugs" - perhaps this is why my A1C's are better now.  I am also active in sports, one of them being sailing - where I get flung around abit (have bumping my pump a few times ) - but so far - no probs with things kinking, or ripping out.  I know for some people - who do active sports - they disconnect for the time they are doing it - with no ill effects.  Anyway, not sure when/if you've taken your pump vacation yet - but keep us up to date when you do.  You never know - maybe I'll be coming to you for advise when I decide to go back to MDI - either for a short / long period.


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