I shall celebrate the New Year by volunteering in Oregon's successful Whale Watch program that focusses on the migration of the gray whale's migration between Alaska and Baja, Mexico.  Being outdoors is a fresh reminder to jump-lick my resolution to get more outdoor exercise to maintain my weightloss of 50 pounds (over 5 years) and 5.5 A1c.  For Valentine's Day we will be attending a wedding celebration for my niece where we'll be surrounded by the extended family, all of whom have provided me great support over the years.  Fortunately I have developed good party habits of being able to taste the buffet foods without pigging out on the less desirable choices to maintain good glycemic control.  I recently had a calcium count to detect the amount of plaque in my heart, and as the result was "zero" for a person of my age, what I have been doing so far must be working!