I don't think what LCT is doing will be a cure. This is a public company and business that has invested a lot of money into raising germ free pigs and production facilities for making a product that they intend to sell for a profit to make their share holders rich. Cool  You might want to consider buying a few share of stock in LCT.  Maybe in years to come the capital gains or dividends will make the new treatment affordable.

I would call this another form of treatment for diabetes until a real cure is found. This is just another step in the quest to find a cure. I would guess that it will require periodic injections of encapsulated pig beta cells every month, 3 months, 6 months depending on the individual. You will still have to test your blood sugar to make sure that the cells are working and doing what they are suppose to do.  By monitoring your blood sugar you will know when a new injection of cells is required. 

I have been a practicing Type 1 since 1967. The day after Thanksgiving is my D-Anniversary. I am so greatful for all the research and development of new products,  new devices, new treatments, and new discoveries over 42 years that make it easier and easier to manage the disease and control blood sugar in a near normal range.  I would like to see a cure in my lifetime (#1 on my bucket list) but the marbles in the jar are getting fewer and fewer. Its time for a CURE