Letters to the Editor

Dec 1, 1992


I have just finished reading my first issue of DIABETES HEALTH and loved it. It is so informative! I will introduce it to my support group and hopefully you will be hearing from some of the members.

Mary G. Broker
Elizabeth, NJ


I thought the paper would be more on prevention. The paper looks real good for people with diabetes, but (thank God) I've just been told that I only need to watch my diet. Please cancel my subscription. I will pass my issue on to a friend whose child has diabetes. Thanks anyway.

Richard Cupps
Butler, PA


After reading only one issue of your publication, I am very impressed. You provide information-something I cannot get enough of on this damn disease. I get tired of all the fluff and barely topical subjects in other diabetes publications (often they just touch on important issues), so rather than dwell on the negative, I prefer to learn as much as possible to manage [my diabetes] even better, with a positive attitude.

Anyway, a couple of subjects I'd be interested in seeing in DIABETES HEALTH are: glucose and glycogen uptake during exercise; further information about long-acting insulin's, i.e. ultralente therapy. Keep up the good work!

Anne Minkin
Marin CA

(Editor: There will be an article on Ultralente insulin in our January issue.)


I was bothered by the column on fetal tissue research ("Mr. Metabolism," Nov. '92). Since the ban has been on for four years, one can't say yet that it does not work. Not enough research has been done on it as of yet. Now that it looks likely that the ban will be lifted soon, we will finally be able to see in the next couple of years if it does offer any promise for curing diabetes. Of course I hope for the sake of all people with diabetes that it does.

Now is the time to write to President-elect Clinton to tell him what we as people with diabetes expect from him. While most people with diabetes are silent on this, it is terrible that his plans call for spending $1.5 trillion in the next five years on the military including of course the many new weapons of mass destruction. That robs needed money from all health research in this country.

You and other people with diabetes can write to President-elect Clinton right this minute at: Transition Department, P.O. Box 615, Little Rock, AR 72203.

I read in People magazine last week that his stepfather died of diabetes complications. Maybe he will be a friend to people with diabetes.

Jim Scamardo
San Jose, CA


One of the problems I have as a person with Type 2 diabetes is that I am on a limited income so I cannot afford to buy the blood glucose test strips we all need to test our levels.

As it is, I am lucky if I can stretch one box of 50 for 3 months. My gripe is this: Why won't state Medicaid or Medicare be fair to those of us living below the poverty level and help us get these much needed test strips free?

Every time I see those ads for Type I's who Medicare does pay for, I see red! Why should Type I diabetics get all the breaks? It simply is not fair that people like myself cannot get the same help since we are poor! Any suggestionson how we can force Medicare, Medicaid, or the insurance companies to give us a break?

Also I am a mild Type 2, my diabetes is a result of being metabolically obese. Surely researchers can come up with a way to cure this kind of diabetes. To be 100% honest, I hate the "diets" we are stuck with. I am one of those strange people who hates chicken, turkey, and most fish. No way am I going to eat what I hate, so do any readers have a better idea?

Janice M. Croy
Englewood, CO

(Editor: If any readers have information regarding how Type 2's can get health insurance, please contact us at the number listed below.)

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Dec 1, 1992

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