Letters to the Editor

Apr 1, 1993

Permission to Reprint

I was very impressed by the article called "How To Lower Your Blood Sugar" by Sue Thom (Nov. '92 issue). We would like permission to reprint this article and give it to all our patients with diabetes. It's the best single source of what to do about lowering blood sugar that we've seen in a long time.

Dave Burgess
Patient Health
Education Coordinator
Veterans Administration
Medical Center, Temple, TX

[Editor: Please feel free to make copies of any article that will benefit your patients. Our goal is to help all people with diabetes, and if Sue Thom's article can help you do this-great. We only ask that you write or call us for permission, give credit to DIABETES HEALTH, and help us get more subscribers by giving out our phone number and address (we are located at 3715 Balboa St., San Francisco, CA, 94121, and our phone number is 415-387-4002.]

It's an Abnormal Life

I received the November issue as a sample and learned more from it than I have from any publication in the year that I have been insulin dependent. I'm still not used to this abnormal, schedulized life and appreciate the encouraging and informative articles.

Elanore J. Hamm
Camp Hill, PA

Rights? What Rights?

I received a sample copy of your publication. It is filled with information that would be helpful to someone who has diabetes. I have had diabetes for fifty years and would subscribe to your publication except for one thing.

That is your advocacy and support for the so-called "Diabetes Bill of Rights" (see page 10). This is the kind of mentality that is helping to drag our country down. I have read the Constitution and find no mention of the "rights" expressed in this Diabetes manifesto. Can you tell me who or what is supposed to be the grantor of these "rights?"

I can only presume that you believe government is to guarantee these "rights." I also believe I can see something less than real concern for people with diabetes on the part of Diabetes Treatment Centers of America, the apparent author of the "Diabetes Bill of Rights." Obviously they would benefit greatly under some sort of a program to fulfill the "rights" as outlined.

If having Diabetes has taught me anything it is that I am responsible for my own well being. Having this disease gives me no more "rights" than anyone who has another disease or someone fortunate enough not to have any malady. This society has gone crazy claiming to have a "right" to this or a "right" to that. Enough is enough!

Thanks again for the free sample. I would have to compromise principle too much to support a publication that embraces the "rights" philosophy, no matter how good it sounds.

John J. Reed
St. Louis, MO

[Editor: It is an appalling fact that many people with diabetes are faced with the bleak prospect of trying to make sense of their diabetes with virtually no help from anybody-not even their doctor.

It would appear that for fifty years you have sadly been a victim of this negligence yourself.

You seem to have missed the point completely Mr. Reed: the "Diabetes Bill of Rights" has not been designed as a blueprint for people with diabetes to abdicate all responsibility for their disease. Far from it; the "Diabetes Bill of Rights" exists to empower the individual themselves to confidently and actively seek out the care that they need in order to live a near to normal and healthy life with diabetes.

It is a sad reflection on the medical system when a chronically ill person (you!) reacts to a self help document by suspecting an ulterior motive from the dedicated and hard working staff of the Diabetes Treatment Centers who you claim are expressing "less than real concern for people with diabetes...."

Frankly Mr Reed I think that you probably represent exactly the type of alienated and angry person that the authors of the "Diabetes Bill of Rights" were most wanting to help. If you have spent the last fifty years having to accept all of the medical care for your diabetes on someone else's terms, I am afraid that you may well need it.]

Grey is Hard to Read

I have just started getting DIABETES HEALTH and enjoy the articles very much.

However, I have a suggestion that you may consider. I have been on insulin for 49 years and, although I can read most of Diabetes Health, I find the black print with a gray background more difficult to read. In fact, dark print on anything but a white background gives me trouble. I have heard other diabetics with vision impairment voice the same opinion. Maybe you have heard from others.

Thank you for your good publication.

William J. Chaffee
Bushnell, IL

[Editor: Your letter is the first we have received on this subject; if anyone else out there has experienced this problem, please write to us and let us know. In the future we will try to limit the amount of grey backgrounds we use, and we will use the lightest grey possible.]

Helpful Info

Thank you for a terrific newspaper. I got more helpful info from your trial issue to me than I've gotten from two other diabetic magazines and countless books.

Keep them coming!

Tina Derke
Wilm, DE

Where Can I Get That Book?

Recently I saw your article in the 'Letters to the Editor' about the book "Reversing Diabetes" by Julian Whitaker, M.D. Do you know how I can obtain a copy of that book? Your response to that question will be greatly appreciated.

George L. Goodman
Mission Hills, CA

[Editor: Sugar Happy Diabetes Supplies carries Dr. Whitaker's book for $11.95 (plus tax and shipping). You can reach them to place an order at 1-800-347-4848.]


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