Letters to the Editor

Jan 1, 1995

Pass It On

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation has contact with many newly-diagnosed and long-standing persons with diabetes. As an RN, and parent of a child with diabetes, and an inactive diabetic educator, and a local board member of JDF, I find your publication excellent.

I find your publication so informative I'd like others to be exposed to it.

Thank you for any help you can give us and for your consideration.

Shelley J. Page
White Bear Lake, MN

Editor: We will be more than happy to help you expose others to DIABETES HEALTH; just tell us what you need.

Life Goes On

I have been a type 2 diabetic since December 23, 1991-one of the saddest day of my life. I used to take pills. Now I must use insulin three times a day. I have a real problem with diabetes control. I want to thank you for DIABETES HEALTH. I am going to order my subscription as soon as I can. I am a very angry person. I am most angry at diabetes. When I first got diabetes I had just lost my father (he died April 12, 1991), and getting diabetes felt like another loss to me. I still can't get used to living with diabetes. I feel I have lost so much. I am sad and lonely, and I believe DIABETES HEALTH was meant for me. God willing, I will face my diabetes, get on with my life, and do what I must do. And maybe even be a little happy.

Thank you again and God Bless. Best wishes for 1995.

Ms. Linda Brooks
Boston, MA

[Editor: Diabetes can be a very hard disease to understand and live with. But it is important to remember that it is a disease you can live with. Facing diabetes is a big part of living a healthy and happy life. It doesn't matter how you come to terms with it, it only matters that you do.]

May I Suggest...

I read the 8/94 issue of the DIABETES HEALTH. I enjoy reading the "Letters to the Editor."

There was a letter from Virgil Butler from Oklahoma City, OK, in which he states that he had eaten Kellogg's NutriGrain whole wheat cereal, until he found out they had added sugar. He had been very upset with their explanation.

I think I have a suggestion for Mr. Butler. I was in the same situation. My husband is a diabetic and was not happy with the cereal suggestions.

We enjoy Ralston Sunflakes. They are delicious and sweetened with NutraSweet. You cannot find it in the stores. You have to write to: Sunflakes Cereal Order SK104, P.O. Box 15172, Mascontah, IL 62224.

It can be bought in a carton of 4 boxes for $14.14 or 12 boxes for $33.85.

I hope some of our readers will buy and enjoy.

Rosalyn Marder
New York City, NY

[Editor: Thank you for your suggestion. The next letter, although not a response to Mr. Butler's letter offers another solution...]

Can't Beat The Real Thing

DIABETES HEALTH has lots of useful information, but it consistently-and incorrectly-gives the impression that sugar is bad for diabetics.

Consider these facts:

  • Without enough sugar in the blood, people die.
  • Sugar is merely a simple carbohydrate.
  • The body breaks down complex carbohydrates into sugar.
  • Sugar does not affect blood glucose levels any faster than complex carbohydrates.
  • The proper use of sugar-like medication and exercise-is vital to good blood glucose control.
  • Sugar has fewer calories per gram than fat.
  • Even the ADA has finally admitted that diabetics do not need to avoid sugar.

Of course, too much sugar (and too little sugar) can cause control problems, but that is true of many things. Insufficient sugar is as bad as insufficient insulin or insufficient exercise.

Use of words like "sugarless" and "sugar-free" is very misleading, encouraging the purchase and use of high-priced products marketed for diabetics that are not at all necessary.

Sugar cubes are an excellent way to treat hypoglycemia (each cube has 4 grams of carbohydrate). Sugar cubes are fast, cheap, and easily carried (four sugar cubes fit neatly into an empty vial of One-Touch test strips).

Sugar is sweet, natural, and a real life-saver!

William Burton
Riverside, CA

[Editor: The thing you have to remember about sugar is that you need to be careful. There is often a lot more sugar in foods than you think...]

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Jan 1, 1995

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