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November, 2004

Oct 1, 2004

Lee Is Getting My $10

I received my August 2004 issue of Diabetes Health yesterday and plan to send in my $10 to the Lee Iacocca Foundation. I've lived with type 1 diabetes for nearly 43 years, but I won't contribute to the ADA or JDF because of their support for human embryonic stem cell research. I think Lee Iacocca's plan to raise $10 million for Dr. Faustman's research is morally acceptable, sounds very promising and is something I wish to support.

I'm sending an e-mail supporting this to my family and friends. Our friends and families see what we go through living with diabetes, and I think they would be willing to help in this effort, too.

Petrina Fadel
Groton, New York

- - - - -

Recipes Seem Half-Baked

Overall, your magazine is great, and I recommend it to all my patients.

However, your latest issue included some pretty ridiculous recipe revisions and recommendations for low-carb meals. Why is it necessary to replace low-fat dairy for high fat? Or to include egg yolks? The Creamy Cheese Omelet went from 2 grams to 17 grams of saturated fat. It was low in carbs only because there was no slice of toast added to the meal! The same is true for the salmon recipe; the only difference was there was no added brown rice.

Then there is a reference for a new low-carb cheesecake that nets only 2 grams of carbohydrates: total carbs are 20 grams and sugar alcohol, malitol, is 18 grams.

Malitol has some impact on blood glucose, so it is recommended to assume that 50 percent of sugar alcohol will affect glucose levels.

This is doing a disservice to your readers. As a dietitian I find myself on a daily basis explaining what net carbs and sugar alcohols mean to glucose control and serum triglycerides. I recommend only healthy foods low in saturated fats that are derived from plant and animal sources for someone on a high-protein diet. Please revise only high-fat, low-fiber recipes in the future.

Evelyn Duran-Ponce, MS, RD, CDN, CDE
Smithtown, New York

Editor’s note: Our goal is to publish only correct nutritional information that has been reviewed by a registered dietitian. We agree with your concern. We have a new recipe writer on board as well as a consultant who is an RD and CDE. Thank you for sharing your concerns.

- - - - -

We Need Benchmark for Controlling Type 2

I’m a journalist and author with type 2, diagnosed in 1998. I have just finished writing a book about diabetes after six years of being my own “guinea pig” and studying the subject in depth.

The trends suggest that we are not only in an epidemic but at the foot of a tidal wave.

I have managed to control my blood glucose and weight through diet and exercise alone.

My strategy was to abandon the Food Pyramid and food group guidelines and to employ the basic principles of the Paleolithic diet and lifestyle: more protein than carbs, and more activity.

In my opinion, it is not hard to get blood glucose down if you eat the right proportions of the right foods and if you exercise. It is almost impossible if you go by the conventional wisdom. Atkins won’t work either, because of the saturated fat it allows.

Though diet and exercise are talked about a lot, how many diabetics actually can control their glucose level, hypertension and hyperlipidemia this way?
We need a benchmark, a nutritional yardstick to act as the authoritative guideline. The diet that the human body evolved on is just that.

Will Hart
Titusville, Florida

- - - - -

Thanks for the inspiring article on Gary Hall, Jr.

I just wanted to say that the September 2004 issue was fun to read. When I read “My Own Injection,” I particularly wanted to thank you for both an excellent overview of the issues and your focus on Gary Hall, Jr.

I had already shared with both my wife and sister the comments Gary made about the widely different BG results of 388 and 36 mg/dl after his two 21-second races after starting with the same glucose of 140 and 150. Just goes to show how many different variables there are, no matter how aware one is about all the technicalities.

Finally, I enjoyed the letter about Michael Becker and his tattoo (page 14), and the fact that he chose using the word “diabetic” instead “diabetes.”

Clark A. Blasdell
Novato, CA

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