GlucoBalance Data Management System Offers Help for Downloading

| Jan 1, 2005

Do you currently use a Hypoguard glucose meter such as the Hypoguard Advance or QuickTek?

Are you looking for a way to download your glucose readings from the meter to your diabetes-management software program?

Hypoguard’s GlucoBlance Data Management System could have the solution for you.

Many Charts and Tables for BG Readings

The GlucoBalance data management software allows you to track your blood glucose readings and view those readings in several different charts and tables, including LogBook, Histogram, Modal Day Report, Pie Chart, Statistical Report, Test Frequency Report and a Trend Report.

Each view can be set to show the results for a specified number of weeks, allowing you to look at one week— or more—in each view.

You may print each view to your printer to show your doctor or for your own use. A nifty feature is the Two-Week Summary report, which allows you to print an aggregate view of the Trend Chart, Modal Day, Pie Chart and Histogram for a selected two-week period.

Lets You ‘Archive’ Older Meter Readings

GlucoBalance allows you to save your older glucose meter readings without including them in your analysis. This capability, called the archive, can be used manually or automatically.

When you archive readings manually, you must specify the date range of readings to archive. To do it automatically, you set a preference for when readings get archived.

For example, you may want to archive readings that are more than six months old so that data will remain active for six months and anything beyond six months will automatically get archived. You can also restore archived data so it can be used for analysis.

‘Guide Me’ Feature Is a Nice Touch

GlucoBalance has a handy feature called Guide Me, which is used when downloading glucose readings from the meter.

Guide Me will take you through the process of downloading step by step. Once you are comfortable with this process, you can bypass Guide Me and go directly to downloading the meter. GlucoBalance remembers the last meter downloaded, so if you are downloading different models of Hypoguard meters, make sure you change the setting for the type of meter.

Professional Version Available

For healthcare professionals, there is a professional version of GlucoBalance with additional features for tracking data for multiple patients.

For more information, call Hypoguard Customer Service at (800) 818-8877 or visit

GlucoBalance runs on Windows 95, 98, NT or 2000 with 20 MB hard disk space, a CD-ROM drive, 64 MB of RAM and a serial port. A data cable for downloading the glucose meter is required and can be obtained from Hypoguard for $39.95. GlucoBalance is free with the purchase of the data cable.

Q: I have different models of Hypoguard glucose meters; will a single download cable work for all of them?

A: No, a separate cable is required for each model of glucose meter.

Q: Can I download glucose meters made by a company other than Hypoguard?

A: GlucoBalance supports only Hypoguard glucose meters.

Q: Does GlucoBalance have a help system or any type of user manual?

A: Yes. GlucoBalance has an online help system accessed by clicking on the “help” link at the top of the screen. A comprehensive user manual is included on the GlucoBalance CD.

Q: Can I customize GlucoBalance in any way?

A: Yes, the program has a user profile that allows you to configure high, low, and target blood glucose readings and many other settings.

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Jan 1, 2005

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