OneTouch Diabetes Management Software

| Feb 1, 2005

As a user of LifeScan glucose meters, I was eager to take a look at their diabetes management software.

Wasting no time, I installed the software, hooked up the data cable, grabbed my trusty UltraSmart glucose meter and started the software by clicking on the OneTouch icon.

In the Patient Setup area I was able to enter my personal information—the type of diabetes I have, desired glucose ranges, details about the medications I take and so on. One helpful feature in Patient Setup is the Schedule screen, which allows for two schedules: one for workdays and one for your days off . This is a very nice feature since you can choose different times for meals and different glucose ranges for days when you are not following your everyday routine.

The software is designed to operate like a Web browser. There is a “home” screen and the ever-present “Back” button to return to a previous screen. Four prominent buttons are located in the middle of the home screen: Setup, Download Meter, View Reports and Manually Enter Data.

The “Download Meter” button takes you to the screen that allows you to retrieve data from the glucose meter.

Clicking on “View Reports” displays a screen that allows you to select the type of report you want to view and whether it is to be displayed on the screen or output to a printer. Any combination of reports may be selected and printed. If a report is viewed on the screen, three buttons on the toolbar allow you to print, e-mail or fax the report.

Offers a Variety of Reports

The OneTouch software offers a number of reports such as Logbook, Glucose Trend, Standard Day, Insulin, Pie Chart, Health Checks, Summary, Average Readings and Exception.

The Health Checks report shows health-related factors such as blood pressure, weight, doctor visits and results of A1C tests.

The helpful Summary report provides a snapshot of key reports for a given time period.

Another nice feature is the Favorite Report, which has its own button at the top of the screen.

A Version for Healthcare Professionals

A professional version is also available. The professional version adds a few more features, including SnapShot, which will automatically download the meter when it is plugged into the data cable. In a busy medical office where many meters are downloaded each day, this can be a big timesaver.

And Best of All, It’s Free!

The OneTouch software is available free of charge and can be downloaded from the LifeScan Web site. However, the program is sizable, and downloading is recommended only if you have high-speed Internet access. If you are using a regular dial-up line for your Internet connection, contact LifeScan to get the software on CD for $29.99. The total price for a data cable and software on CD is $59.98.

For more information, contact LifeScan Customer Service at (800) 227-8862, or visit

Q: Will the OneTouch software run on a Macintosh personal computer?

A: No. LifeScan does not plan to support the Macintosh computer.

Q: Is it possible to download multiple meters and merge the data?

A: Yes. OneTouch will allow you to merge the data into a single database.

The OneTouch software runs on several versions of Windows including Windows 95c, 98SE, NT 4, 2000, ME and XP. You need 60 MB of disk space, 64 MB of RAM, a serial or USB port, a CD-ROM drive and a video monitor with 800 x 600 screen resolution and 256 colors. A data cable to download from the glucose meter is required and can be obtained from LifeScan for $29.99.

OneTouch Diabetes Management Software works with the following meters:

  • OneTouch Ultra
  • OneTouch UltraSmart
  • OneTouch Basic
  • OneTouch SureStep
  • OneTouch Profile
  • OneTouch FastTake
  • OneTouch II
  • InDuo
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Posted by Anonymous on 15 November 2007

Your article states that the software is free. I visited the Lifescan web site and the only "Free" software I found was the driver for the USB cable.

Perhaps a revision of your article and or a direct link to download the actual software is in order, if the link indeed exists.

Posted by Anonymous on 17 December 2007

I visited LifeScan's website and the only free software I could find is for the upgrade. You have to buy the software in a "kit" for $29.99 and it comes with the cable. I was given a cable from our diabetes team without the software so now I guess I'll have two cables!

Posted by Anonymous on 6 April 2008

I bought this software, installed it, found it could not detect my meter, uninstalled it and found it had damaged my USB port, disabling my USB mouse/keyboard. This product is worthless and possibly dangerous to the health of your computer.

Posted by Anonymous on 22 May 2008

I would like to know if One Touch diabetes management software is compatible with Windows Vista. I can't find this information anywhere!!

Posted by Anonymous on 3 June 2008

ME TOO !!! would like to know if One Touch diabetes management software is compatible with Windows Vista. I can't find this information anywhere!!

MY PC Crashed if I use version 2.5 or 2.6 of Precision Link (with XP was perfect) ...

Posted by Anonymous on 17 July 2008

THIS IS the actual link to get it free...just click on the "get software". Go through the motions and fill out the info form and questionaire and there you have it... the software on your computer...
Have a great day

Posted by Anonymous on 17 September 2008

Macs are selling in record numbers. You are foolishly ignoring a growing segment of your possible customer base! Make your software browser-based and you won't have to worry so much about platform! BTW, the iPhone is a perfect combo for a glucose meter. Just think of the instant results if you could sync while on the go! Graphs, trend lines, historical references. You could even enter restaurants along with glucose readings and see what your history has been at each eating establishment! Better get on the train before it runs you over.

Posted by Anonymous on 11 October 2008

why cant i use the one touch software with my hp media center computer it will not detect the meter. anyone with an answer?

Posted by one touch ultra on 11 October 2008

my computer (media center) does not detect my meter can anyone help?

Posted by WildRat on 14 October 2008

The software will not work on a 64 bit machine. I have not tried in compatibility mode.
To use software with Windows Vista™ compatibility, order v2.3.2..
For OneTouch® UltraLink™, OneTouch® UltraMini™ and OneTouch® Select™, you must also download the Meter Driver.
Macs are selling in record numbers but only if you ask a Mac user.
This is the link from above:
It is the upgrade link, but it is also a full working version. The reason you don't get to the free upgrade link is because you were like me and choose new user on the software menu. The option for upgrade is for people who have an older version of the software but have the interface cable. You can download the software and the driver for the above listed meters but you will not be able to download data from your meter till you get a cable.
The OneTouch Diabetes Management Software Kit includes:
* OneTouch Diabetes Management Software CD * A OneTouch™ Interface Cable, available in USB or 9-pin serial port format for the suggested retail price of $29.99 plus shipping and handling.
I think I covered most of the comment questions except for the person who said the software or cable burnt up his USB port. I don't see this happening from the use of the software and the supplied cable from the kit, but anything is possible. I am also have no affiliation with the author or LifeScan other than I am a user of the software and UltraMini.
See Y'all!

Posted by Anonymous on 21 November 2008

anyone know if this software can import data from other meters? It says it can, but won't let me import a csv file - even one that the software has just exported!
BTW - the software is by far the best diabetes management app I have come across. Does anyone know of a better

Posted by Anonymous on 3 January 2009

I am a Mac user after being a Windows user and deskside support analyst for 20 years. I bought the INTEL version of the iMac and I can run both OSX (Mac) and Windows on the machine. 90% of the apps I use I run in OSX. For those few that don't run in OSX, I run in Windows. Every Windows app I have tried has run fine, except one. Want to guess which one? Yes, LifeScan! Even MS Office and FS X run on the Mac in Windows. I'll find a company that supports the Mac... thanks!

Posted by Anonymous on 24 January 2009

I have the new meter driver and an UltraMini with dataport but I use and I cannot upload from the UltraMini. The UltraMini is not an option when you choose the LifeScan meters. I tried all the other meters and none of them work.

Is this possible?


Posted by Anonymous on 28 February 2009

"free" versus "not-free" lifetouch software.

The "upgrade" appears to be nothing more than the latest version of the full version of the software. The version which costs money includes a CD with the software burned on it and a serial cable (USB/DB-9 serial, depending on which you order). In that respect, the upgrade is the "free" version of the software, but the intent appears to be that you purchase the version with the cable first.

Posted by Anonymous on 3 May 2009

According to licence agreement you give the company the right to collect and sell all information about you to anyone who wants to pays for it.
Medical companies ???

Posted by Anonymous on 27 June 2009

Regarding Vista and USB issues:
Listen gang, there is a critical rule to follow with USB devices: INSTALL THE SOFTWARE BEFORE YOU PLUG THE METER IN. If you don't, Windows will try to detect and install it and you're done. To uninstall the device cleanly, it's a real process.
On Vista: If you cannot find drivers or software for Vista, wait until September and upgrade to Windows 7. It's very good, solid, and combines the best of Vista and more. Manufacturers will not create software for Vista or drivers for Vista becasue they consider it done, and about gone.


Posted by Anonymous on 11 November 2009

The USB cable does not work with Mac. I have uploaded the driver several times. I guess Lifescan doesn't believe helping one Mac owner important enough to warrant the company to make available a product that will work with Mac.

I'm ditching the Lifescan and finding some product that will allow me to upload direct from the meter to my mac. There are tons of software out there, we just need the hardware support. GET A LIFE LIFESCAN!

Posted by Anonymous on 11 January 2010

I have installed the software to my windows 7. By left clicking on the icon and selecting properties, compatibility tab and placing a check mark in the run this program in compatibility mode for "Windows XP (Service Pack 3) and checking privilege level. Meter found and works fine, with windows 7

Posted by Anonymous on 10 March 2010

Pretty useless meter and software if it does not support mac. You're ignoring 15% of your potential users for a relatively simple piece of software. Time for find another vendor.

Posted by Anonymous on 2 April 2010

My insurance company won't pay for strips for the Contour USB meter, so I am trying to make this POS meter work. I found the software, but need to find a cable. Can anyone help me with that? I am trying not to pay these bastards anything if I can avoid it.

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