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Simple BG Tracking Log Online

| Apr 1, 2005

I spent some time this month reflecting on the products I have reviewed over the past year and realized that diabetes management software is getting more and more sophisticated. I have been asked if there is any “basic” software out there for diabetes management.

The answer? Absolutely.

Are you looking for an inexpensive computerized version of the paper logbook? How about a Web-based program? The Online Blood Sugar Log, from Bayer HealthCare, might fill your needs. And the best feature? It’s free!

How to Use the Online Log

To access the Online Blood Sugar Log, go to www.bayercarediabetes.com and click on the icon labeled “Online Blood Sugar Log.” On your first visit, you will need to register to use the program and provide some information about yourself. If you are hesitant to give out personal information, please note that Bayer’s privacy policy states that they will not sell, trade or rent any personal data that they collect about you without your permission.

To upload data, you need to log in to the Online Blood Sugar Log and click on the icon that resembles a drop of blood. You can then enter the date, time, blood glucose reading and additional information about the particular test. For example, you can add a note if you have been exercising or if you took medication at that time.

The graph is a bar chart with different colors that indicate information about that glucose reading. A gray-colored bar means a test is within your target range. An orange-colored bar indicates a reading that is above your target range and a blue-colored bar indicates that you are below the target range. The graph also contains a legend that explains what the different colors and icons mean.

The graph can be shown in two modes: Weekly View and Monthly Summary. The default, Weekly View, will show the results for a single week. You may click the buttons to go to the previous week or to the next week. The monthly summary does not show as much detail about each test, but is does show the glucose readings. You may also click the buttons to go to the previous or next month. In the Weekly View, there is a handy little calendar in the upper left corner that allows you to choose a month or a day within the month.

You also can print the graph showing your blood glucose information. Just click on the “Printable Version” button, and it will bring up the print window. The print window allows you to enter a date range to print as well as showing examples of report details. Clicking on the “Print Preview” button shows what your report will look like. You may either close the preview window or click on the option to send your report to the printer.

If the features mentioned here sound appealing to you, visit www.bayercarediabetes.com and give it a try. If you don’t like it, you’re out nothing but a little time. There is help available while you are using the tool, but the software is easy to use and you probably won’t need to access the help feature much, if at all.

For additional information, call Bayer HealthCare at (800) 348-8100 or visit www.bayercarediabetes.com.

Q.Can I upload my Bayer glucose meter’s data into the Online Blood Sugar Log?

A. No, the data entry is done manually.

Q. Can I e-mail the report to my doctor?

A. No, but you can print it out and take it with you on your next visit.

Q. Does Bayer offer any other software that is more sophisticated?

A. Yes, it also has a product called WinGlucofacts. Contact Bayer for more information on this product or visit their Web site.

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Apr 1, 2005

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