Letters to the Editor

August 2005

Aug 1, 2005

Readers Respond to JDRF Feature

After reading your feature article in the June 2005 issue of Diabetes Health (“Why Did the JDRF Try to Discredit Cure Researcher?”), I have e-mailed my dismay to JDRF regarding the denial of research funds to Dr. Faustman.

What did they fund? More prevention?

Prevention should be left to the NIH. If you call yourself a research foundation, then fund research. So much money has been wasted on brochures about the symptoms of diabetes and the carb values of foods. They go into the garbage after you look at them. I’ve seen exhibitors discard them by the boxful after the health fair is over. Yes, we do have a profitable disease. I believe that is part of the problem.

Mary Atwood
Lockport, New York

Doubt cast on the JDRF in your article was uncalled for and hurtful to parents and others who find comfort and hope through the JDRF.

Our long-awaited cure will arrive rapidly if researchers join forces and the media give print and voice to only positive energy. This article shot us all in the foot and put us a step back in many regards.

I am a mother of a 7-year-old who has been living with type 1 diabetes for five years. From the beginning of this journey, I believed that he would have a diabetes-free reality by the time he went to high school. Upon hearing about Denise Faustman’s research in 2003, I yelled across the house to my husband, “Thank God someone is finally addressing the autoimmune response in their research!” In my humble opinion, I believe this is the path to our cure. I was so excited about her regenerative research, I immediately sent in my donation to the Iacocca Foundation once their fundraising initiative was in place.

I am, however, also a strong JDRF supporter and volunteer. JDRF is our beacon of hope. In 2003, I asked our local JDRF chapter if we were supporting Faustman’s work. I was told no. Though I felt let down due to my strong belief in this work, I took comfort knowing the strong spirit of the JDRF and the sound deliberation of the people who decide where the funding is directed.

JDRF was started by parents of children with type 1. Their main goal is to find a cure and put themselves out of business. This spirit is alive and kicking, and their drive and integrity is strong and unwavering. If the JDRF is not supporting the Faustman-Nathan team, there is good reason. I believe they would thoroughly explain the reasoning behind this decision if they were at liberty to do so. This would not be professional nor would it be fair to the hundreds of other grant applicants who were also denied funding.

Grand-scale acknowledgment and reward must be implemented in our culture for the scientific team who is able to put aside their personal and professional glory and humbly offer their research to the greater community of science for the pursuit of its quickest advancement.

Dream that on the cover of every newspaper in the United States are the faces of Faustman, Nathan, Mathis, Benoist and other brilliant scientists huddled together. Headline: “Scientists Unite! Rapid Cure of Juvenile Diabetes, the First Since Polio!”

Peggy Zimmer
Medina, Minnesota

As the mom of a 13-year-old daughter who’s had diabetes since she was 5, I want to take a moment to make you aware that I do not care where the cure comes from, Dr. Faustman or the JDRF researchers or somewhere else, so long as there is a cure for my daughter in my lifetime!

This article left me wondering (again) why can’t all these researchers team up and work together to find a cure for diabetes instead of bickering over research dollars. I believe if collaberation among them happened, so would a cure for type 1 diabetes.

As a long-time volunteer for the JDRF I am outraged at this type of behavior. My husband and I donate our hard-earned dollars to various diabetes organizations and foundations to hopefully help fund that cure—we certainly aren’t foolish enough to believe that the cure will come from one place only, be it the JDRF or the Iaccoca Foundation! I think the only true way to a cure is full cooperation from all the researchers and scientists.

Anne L. Morris
Nashua, New Hampshire

I really enjoyed the JDRF/Faustman article in the June 2005 issue. It seems as if for the last several years you have steered away from controversy. I subscribed many years ago because you were a voice for change—or at least information.

Robert Saville
Lacon, Illinois

Thanks for the Low-Carb Information

I have been enjoying and learning from your magazine for several years. The last year or two, I have been purchasing low-carb foods that I’ve been pleased with but would like very much to try to make at home. Therefore, I was very excited to see your recipes in the May 2005 issue.

Please continue to provide such recipes, particularly in the dessert department. How about ice cream for 1 or 2 carbs? Hot cereal? Bread products?

Isabel Mandel
Beverly Hills, California

Diabetes Health Outshines the Rest

Compared to some “other” diabetes magazines, yours certainly outshines the rest. I have been waiting all my life for this magazine.

I especially like the honest, no-frills attitude you have when you discuss a topic. If you think it’s not kosher, you say so.

The cartoons are also very good. Nice to see something finally relating to diabetes that can also make a person laugh.

Congratulation on a great magazine!

M. Knoll
Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

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Aug 1, 2005

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