Accu-Chek Compass Steers You in the Right Direction

Diabetes management software

| Mar 1, 2006

This month we are taking a look at Accu-Chek Compass from Roche Diagnostics. This diabetes management software works with their Accu-Chek line of glucose meters.

Once the installation is finished, a quick double-click on the Accu-Chek Compass icon gets things started. The software impressed me because it immediately took me to the configuration screens for the system. I was able to configure which port my download cable was plugged into, blood glucose target ranges, information about all of my doctors and many other settings.

Accu-Chek Compass allows you to download blood glucose readings from your Accu-Chek glucose meter. You can also manually enter data into the Self-Test Diary. The Self-Test Diary allows you to enter blood glucose readings, date and time, insulin taken, carbohydrates consumed and exercise information, as well as whether it was before or after a meal.

To download data from an Accu-Chek glucose meter, you need the appropriate download cable from Roche. Since there are several different cables to choose from, or if you have more than one type of Accu-Chek meter, you may want to purchase the Universal cable from Roche for $50. It works with all of the Accu-Chek meters.

Accu-Chek Compass offers a number of different types of reports such as Logbook, Trend Graph, Average Day, Average Week, Target Range, Hypoglycemic Measurement and One-Page Summary. The One-Page Summary report allows you view up to three reports of your choice on one page.

Accu-Chek Compass also allows the user to create custom reports. These custom reports get added to the Navigation Bar in the Custom Reports section, so that you have quick access to the report.

Accu-Chek Compass is a good product if you use an Accu-Chek glucose meter, and it will help you analyze your blood glucose data and spot trends or patterns in that data. You can print out the various reports and take them with you to your next doctor’s appointment. Accu-Chek Compass also comes with a well-written user manual and a good online help system. I have not covered all of the options in this software, but for $29.99, it seems like a good investment.

For more information, contact Accu-Chek Customer Care at (800) 858-8072 or visit

Q. If I have different models of Accu-Chek glucose meters, will I be able to download data from all the meters into this software?

A. Yes.

Q. Can I use this software if I do not use an Accu-Chek glucose meter?

A. Yes. It supports manual data entry, and then you can use all of the reports and other features in the software.

Q. Does Accu-Chek Compass run on a Macintosh computer?

A. No. It runs only on Microsoft Windows systems.

Q. Can I import data from the Accu-Chek Pocket Compass software for PDAs?

A. Yes.

Accu-Chek Compass works with the following Accu-Chek glucose meters:

  • Aviva
  • Active
  • Advantage
  • Compact
  • Complete

Accu-Chek Compass has the following system requirements:

  • 50 MB of free hard-drive space
  • 32 MB of RAM
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater
  • Available serial COM port
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Posted by Anonymous on 5 January 2008

don't they make enough blood money on test strips?

Posted by Anonymous on 10 February 2008

Should come with the purchase or be downloadable on the net

Posted by Anonymous on 1 March 2008

the compass software is free if you ring accu-check customer help line

Posted by Anonymous on 2 June 2008

THANK YOU! I called the customer help line with questions about the software and not only are they sending me the software free, but the cable as well! Saved me $45 plus S&H! (They didn't offer it up front, but only after I mentioned that I was using a different company's meter.)

Posted by Anonymous on 24 August 2008

I tried to get the software for free, but the rep wouldn't do it. I said I have been using oneTouch UltraSmart for a few years and decided to try AccuCheck, but that it wasn't much use without the software. I waa still refused the software. Since the industry relies on the same business model as pc printers (subsidized hardware, hugely inflated ink prices) you'd think they'd trsin their phone personnel to do whatever they can to tie the customer to AccuChek.

p.s. I work as a telephone support representative, and I was extremely polite with the rep through the entire conversation.

Posted by Anonymous on 27 October 2008

I called the local UK number and explained I was looking at purchasing an AVIVA meter, but the software and hardware were expensive. They were very helpful and have issued me the software and also the IR receiver FOC. It seems to me there is a lack of consistancy in their approach. Personally, I can't fault the service.

Posted by Anonymous on 24 December 2008

I just discovered that the accu-chek compass is not compatible with my new Dell Inspiron 530 with vista 64 bit driver, if I had the 32 bit driver it would have been compatible..... So now the search goes on for a meter and software that is compatible, a real disappointment, I loved my Aviv and the reports it produced.

Posted by Anonymous on 1 April 2009

One Packet of 102 Accu-Check strips test costs $89. In a year one can spend lot of money on the strips alone. They should offer the cable free of cost. I was interested in buying the software but understand they are coming out with a new version in few days. I decided to wait. Now I understand that this software is not compatible for Vista 64 bit. Too bad my main computer runs 64bit applications

Posted by esso on 23 May 2009

Hi, here,
would someone can introduce how to use the compass,i mean the detail steps, to get the date from meter?

I hv got the software, but can not contact with the accu chek active via the IR Port, very confuse...



Posted by Anonymous on 20 December 2010

I have Ird port in my computer! cam I connect the activia-chek without smartPix?
best regards,

Posted by Anonymous on 10 July 2011

I'm techno savvy and love the newest gadgets...but save your money on this one. I was recently "gifted" with a smRt phone with the accu check compass system on it ( part of an upgrade). Did not work with any apple products so I had to go to mom's to load the software and sync the first time. I thought the bolus calculator and diary neat until I started using it....the food list is so limited that I have to manually enter information on each item I'm eating (they actually listed mc donalds hamburgers per oz instead of per portion/sandwich) before being able to add up the carbs. Syncing the meter and pump was easy. Then I'm ready to go to the doctor only to find out I cannot print any reports unless I buy more software to interpret the data and a pixie reader to sync the data. Now I am frantically copying data into my old fashion log book for my doctor.

My advise is to stick with your log book and pencil and brain which are easily accessible, and always with you and forgo the Hand held palm, new software, and pixie reader on top of the meter and pump. Gosh diabetes is hard enough without having to juggle 5 separate pieces of tech to do what a pencil and log book can!

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