Byetta Dusts Insulin In Year-Long Trial

| Dec 11, 2007

In a recent randomized study, 69 people with type 2 diabetes who were already taking metformin were given either Byetta or Lantus for a full year. When the results were in, Byetta came out ahead on several fronts.

Byetta controlled blood sugar about as well as Lantus; both medicines reduced A1c's by slightly less than a point. But when it came to hypoglycemia, Byetta took the honors: 24.2 percent of the Lantus patients had an low blood sugar episode during the trial, compared to only 8.3 percent of the Byetta group.

Where Byetta really shone was in weight loss. The Byetta patients lost about eight pounds, but the Lantus group gained about two pounds.

With regard to beta cell function, Byetta won out as well. The patients' beta cell health was assessed by measuring their secretion of C-peptide, a byproduct of the body's own insulin output. After the year of treatment, the Byetta group could produce considerably more C-peptide than the Lantus group was able to manage, indicating that the Byetta group's beta cells were in robust health compared to the beta cells of the Lantus group.

Usually patients are started on Byetta at five micrograms twice a day for at least thirty days, but then later upped to ten micrograms twice daily. In this study, the Byetta doses were increased to as much as twenty micrograms three times a day, a dosage that is not yet approved by the FDA.

Source: Lilly Press Release, September 2007

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Posted by Anonymous on 14 December 2007

My experience with Byetta was atypical I suppose. I had frequent bouts with hypoglycemia and no weight loss. I am on half-dose now, with Lantus and better controlled.

Posted by Anonymous on 28 December 2007

Byetta made me very ill. I tried it for 3 months. I kept filling the very expensive RX and then having to go off it before the month was up as I was so very nauseous all the time.I felt just like I had the flu and needed to vomit. I could not eat anything without vomiting and/or having diarrhea. I did lose weight but I could not leave the house and had to carry a bowl and stay near the bathroom. Sometimes I had to run as fast as I could to the bathroom on my swollen diabetic neuropathy feet! I have IBS so maybe that accounted for my failure to take it.

Posted by Anonymous on 2 January 2008

Byetta gets top billing from me. I have been taking byetta 5 mcg twice a day with my fortamet for over 6 months per my endocrinologist orders. Was taking Fortamet two 500 mg twice a day. Now I only have to take one 500 mg tablet of Fortamet at night. My glucose is under control. FBS is always under 100. 3 months ago my A1c was 5.9%. Waiting for most recent A1c results. Over the last 2 years I lost over 30 pounds with my fortamet, eating healthy and being more active. Have lost about 40 lbs altogether.

As an RN CDE I have seen new patients come into clinic with blood sugars over 300. Their FBS after their first byetta injection was under 100.
Eating crackers helped me with nausea when I first started taking byetta. I also tried taking the injections in my buttocks which slowed absorption. Taking the Byetta 15 minutes before breakfast and dinner also helped with nausea. No problems with nausea now. As always follow your Medical provders orders for taking medications.

Posted by Anonymous on 6 January 2008

I have had fantastic results with byetta after 1 year. I have lost 30 lbs, my A1C is great & my liver enzymes have returned to normal.

Posted by Anonymous on 14 January 2008

I start tomarro i hope it works out for me!! if I can loose the wieght, I think I might be able to kick Type II !!!

Posted by Sharon E. on 30 January 2008

Byetta should not be used with IBS or other GI conditions. Remember to first start on 5mcg 10-15 minutes before the first bite of a meal...if you forget and eat, dont take the dose unit the next meal. You can give byetta with lunch/dinner as long as you have at least 6 hours seperation. Then, if you tolerate without nausea, take 45-1 hr before meal which can increase the "feeling full" action. You should wait at least 1 month before switching to the 10mcg dose.

Posted by Anonymous on 28 June 2008

Note the study says patients took :

In this study, the Byetta doses were increased to as much as twenty micrograms three times a day, a dosage

No wonder it beat Insulin! As prescribed it wouldn't!

Posted by Anonymous on 1 July 2008

I've had pretty good luck with "the spit". I had bad GI symptoms (Nausea, diarrhea) until my body adjusted. I now use 10 mg 2x day plus the met 500 mg 2X day. My MD did not know the importance of eating after the injection, so I think that is one of the reasons I was sick. For me, 20 minutes after injections seems the best window.

Posted by Anonymous on 30 August 2008

My husband had IBS and type 2 diabetes. After going on Byetta 3 - 10 micrograms injections a day exactly one hour before he eats. His sugar level is normal and his IBS has been cured. If he misses an injection his IBS is back, but goes away after his next injection.

We have had problems getting the prescription filled. The doctor writes injection one hour before eating, 3 times a day. The pharmacists insist on changing it to 2 times a day and over riding what the doctors orders are. Does any one else have this problem with the pharmacists filling the BYETTA with 3 times a day dosage?

Posted by Anonymous on 14 November 2008

have been using byetta at breakfast and dinner for three plus months.I have nausea after dinner only, never breakfast. It seems to work better at dinner.Have lost about 13 lbs with no real dieting.

Any similar situations with you guys?? also do you feel more full when taking byetta earlier?? Jerry h.

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