Research Into Natural Herbs Leads To Lower A1c, 190-lb Weight Loss

Editor's Note: The opinions on herbs are the writer's and do not constitute an endorsement by Diabetes Health.

| Mar 19, 2008

I am a diabetic and was taking four insulin shots per day and still had problems with my sugar. I did two months of research on the Web because I had to find a way to get off the shots. I hate needles I was astonished at what I found on natural herbs!

My Hemoglobin A1c was a 10 percent and my doctor was really worried about me. After one month of taking the natural herbs that I discovered (I chose to do this experiment without telling my doctor), my hemoglobin A1c went down to a 6 percent!

When I went back to the doctor, she was in shock and wanted to know what I did. I didn’t tell her until a year later and 190 pounds lighter. I believe that these herbs can help any diabetic. I also changed my diet by eating multi-grain breads and drinking green tea, low-carb veggies and plenty of water. I didn’t even exercise!

I think the news needs to get out that there is hope for diabetics. Doctors don’t have the time to research like a housewife does. Now my doctor has companies coming in and leaving herbal samples and info for her to read. It’s nice to know that my experiment has piqued the curiosity of so many people that I have spoken to. Here is what I took:

  • Gymnema sylvestre
  • Fenugreek seed
  • Chromium picolinate
  • Full-spectrum cinnamon
  • Super Citrimax
  • Fat Burner

Thanks for allowing me to share my story. I still have 50-75 more
pounds to go to be at a more healthier weight that will prevent
diabetes complications. Thanks again.

Lassie McClellan

Editor’s Note: Lassie is on to something when she says that a determined person can often track down more information on diabetes than a busy, often distracted doctor. Have you ever found yourself discovering an effective diabetes treatment on your own? Why did you do it and how did you do it? Please tell us in the comments section below or send us a letter by clicking on “Contact” at the upper right-hand corner of this website

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Posted by Anonymous on 20 March 2008

"I also changed my diet by eating multi-grain breads and drinking green tea, low-carb veggies and plenty of water."

One problem with evaluating the effect of any supplement or prescription medication is that if you change your diet at the same time, especially if you substitute low-carb veggies for potatoes, you'll never know if it was the diet or the treatment that caused the change.

Posted by Anonymous on 20 March 2008

The article states her A1C went from 10 to 6 in 1 month. This is impossible. It would be possible for her to drop to 6 in 3 months, but the old blood cells with the high concentration of glucose did not simply disappear from her body.

Posted by Anonymous on 20 March 2008

Well, I am a little concerned after reading this article. I do believe that doing your own research is a great idea. No one cares more about your health, than you! I guess what worries me is that he took a bunch of "herbs" without the ok from a doctor. I think that is scary and I wouldn't want young people making decisions like that without consulting their physician.
My feeling is maybe one of the reasons his A1C is better is because he is 190 pounds lighter and an improved diet consisting of healthier choices; low carbs,whole grains and water. As a fellow diabetic, if herbs cured Type 1 diabetes or gave me perfect control, I'd have eaten a lot of herbs over the last 30 years! I just feel that any Type 1 diabetic would take herbs if it meant not having to take insulin any longer.
Just my opinion.

Posted by kilty on 20 March 2008

I believe this person is on the right track. If we all took care of our own problems big pharma would be gone and we would be a healthy country

Posted by Anonymous on 21 March 2008

Article doesn't say- Does Lassie have Type 1 or Type 2?

Posted by Anonymous on 21 March 2008

I would like to know more specific information about the herbs brand names, mg where purchased and how many times a day, after meals. I do believe and have seen patients are more aware of health habits and make lifestyle changes when start to take herbs for their health or even when start exercise routine. But I also believe herbs maybe what is needed for metabolism assist with glucose and fats.

Posted by Anonymous on 21 March 2008

I too use herbs instead of higher doses of meds and insulin for controlling my sugar. In addition to the herbs the author listed I also use bitter melon. I have been on Lantus once a day and replaced short-acting Humolog injections during the day with PGX3 which is basically glucomannan, a fiber that "soaks" up glucose in the gut before it can be absorbed. I charted a 30-40 drop in 2 hour post-prandial sugar readings using PGX3 alone compared to using nothing and the readings were exactly the same as readings taken after use of Humolog. I also follow a low carb diet with whole foods and grains being the majority of what I eat.
I have started on byetta in order to reduce or eliminate the insulin. I have had trouble losing weight and feel that the elimination of insulin will help that and if I can drop another 80 lbs, I expect to control my diabetes with diet and herbs only. I go to an integrative medical doctor and an endocrinologist who have been fully informed on what I am doing. My last A1C was 5.8 from a high 4 years ago of 10, so obviously it is working. Diabetes is a chronic disease that is very tied to personal habits that only the diabetic person can control so it makes sense that with good research and support from a physician that the diabetic person should take control of their own health.

Posted by Anonymous on 22 March 2008

There are many types of research for decreasing, improving, eliminating diab. going on today, however you don't hear much about the use of Herbal reseach. This could be promising for both type1 and type11 diab.There are people willing participate in such research

Posted by Anonymous on 23 March 2008

These days doctors seem to busy to care and they have contracts with pharmaceutical companies to use only that company's drugs that is why there is so much emphasis on taking medicine than researching other ways to deal with diseases. The article would have been more helpful if it stated whether the person had type 1 or type 2. Type 1 diabetics probably won't benefit but it is worth a try because doctors are under contracts and won't help.

Posted by Ladybird on 23 March 2008

Since I've been on fenugreek myself for about three years now and it's helped my A1c to come down from a 6.8 to 6.3 in three months, I know it's possible. It's been down to 5.9 and next week, when I have my new blood tests, hope to see it even lower.

But Lassie is very lucky to have been able to do it without any exercising, because I've seen my weight and sugar levels go together, even if I'm eating "right" all the time, and I switched to a low carbs eating style three years ago after having being told by my doctor that I'm a Type 2.

I lost 30 lbs after the lifestyle change in the first year itself and am maintaining the weight loss- I'm 4'10'' so 30 lbs was a lot for me. To say that we don't know what helped us our lifestyle changes or the herbs really I think is unfair. When we are told about something serious is wrong with us, most of us want to help ourselves as much as

We, in real lives are not "clinical studies", where we can change only one thing to see if it works. As Jon Barron, things have to be changed basically on all fronts of our lives for them to succeed. It has to be often an all out "attack" on the "illness".

For myself I have seen if/when I've not been able to exercise, my sugar levels/A1c have gone up drastically in one three months period. When I've cut down on my fenugreek only, my sugar levels/ A1c have again gone up. So for me, unfortunately it has to be both.

Regular exercising is a challenge for most of us, although, I love it, but yes, some of us we are lazy sometimes.

Since Lassie is on a few things, not just one herb, she may not have needed the exercising but I see that she's also on a fat burn, so that, ofcourse, must have helped her enormous weight loss.

I'd like to say to the "doubter" that studies have been done on fenugreek on both Type 1's and 2's. Both have benefited. Those on insulin have been able to decrease the amounts they take, or just their oral meds. but not cut them insulin completely. I think, that would be too much to expect from any herb. It also may not may help someone whose A1c is very high, but somewhat, am sure.

I am not on any meds, since I decided that I didn't want to be from the beginning. My own doctor was very helpful and let me try do it this way. I did feel it was essential to tell him, that I was on this. Since I was lucky to have a lower A1c to start off with the fenugreek has helped me enormously. Even on this lower A1c, I already had diabetic neuropathy, so even "low" A1C's can be dangerous.

I would like to give a bit of more information on fenugreek. I've been taking the seeds, which are available at any Indian store. I was taking 4/ 5 tea spoons but on a visit to India, I met a doc who's very interested in alternative medicine, although, he's a highly qualified in "western medicine" and he asked me to cut it down to 2 tea spoons, although, I think up to 3 would be very safe.

Fenugreek is a natural blood thinner and thus anyone already on blood thinners would have to tell their own docs if they want to try this for their diabetes. There has to be a 2 hour gap between any other medicines they may be on, since fenugreek is a very strong herb and will interfere with other meds.

It's very high in protein and fiber, contains Vit. C, niacin, potassium and iron amongst other things. It has a chemical composition like cod liver oil, so in fact contains omega 3's. It is known to help cholesterol and triglycerides levels.

I, myself think it's like a vitamin, which has many good things in it, specially the fiber and intend to stay on it for a very long time.

There's a lot of info on it on the net, where I've learned about it myself, when I didn't want to go on diabetic meds.

I soak the seeds in boiling water overnight and eat them before my meals, as well as drinking the water, in which I've soaked the seeds in it. They are a little bitter but not much, well worth the trouble of helping our diabetes, I think.

Fenugreek is a very safe herb on the whole, but one has to be careful with anything new and not take too much in one's excitement of finding something as wonderful as this. I'd begin with just one tea spoon for a while and check for any side effects, nausea or any skin rashes.

Posted by Ladybird on 23 March 2008

Just to correct one of my typhos, several I see after having posted this. The fenugreek may NOT help too much, someone whose A1c is very high, but those on insulin, may be able to cut their dosages. That's what's been seen in the studies.

Posted by chickadee410 on 25 March 2008

Please talk to your doctor before taking any herbal rememdy. If you have had a kidney transplant or any kind of kidney problems, herbs can be very harmful and fatal.

Posted by Ladybird on 26 March 2008

Absolutely agree with chickadee410 about telling your own doctor if you are planning to try out ANY herbs. I've clearly written in my posts above about fenugreek that we should. My doctor and I were in it together and I've just told my new PCP about it also.

Since fenugreek is a blood thinner, it's essential to do so; other herbs may also be blood thinners as some supplements maybe also, such as omega 3's. The quantity of the herbs is important, it is important not to overdose on herbs.

Posted by Anonymous on 26 March 2008

Obviously this person has Type 2 diabetes, and they should clearly state that.

Being 190 (!) LBS overweight is enough to cause severe insulin resistance in almost anyone, triggering Type 2 diabetes. There is NO excuse for letting yourself get that overweight. Come on now. Obviously this was the person's own fault, because after making the effort to change *their eating habits*..presto...they lost weight and put their Type 2 diabetes into remission.

While it's fine to try herbs (note that Type 1 diabetics will always need insulin no matter what herbs they take), all you need to control most cases of obesity induced Type 2 diabetes is plain old diet changes and perhaps exercise.

It's not rocket science folks, and there are no quick fixes nor miracle herbs either...

Posted by Anonymous on 27 March 2008

This article is very real but not unique. Thousands of Diabetics are using nutritional supplements every day to control their condition.

Western medicine is a drug medicine, and doctors are like sales persons they have to sell you those drugs otherwise they will go out of business.

Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine is the complete opposite. They use natural remedies to treat the condition and not just suppress the symptoms.

Those who are skeptics about alternative medicine, need to open their eyes and see what other cultures have been doing for thousands of years.

If you want to be a slave to drugs and western medicine all your life, then this is your choice and after all this is YOUR body.

There are lot of research on natural remedies that is coming to the western world finally. We should keep our options open and not let the pharmaceutical companies keep making huge profits by keeping us sick.

Posted by Anonymous on 7 April 2008

For someone on a complicated medication regimen, herbs pose a very dangerous risk. Little is known about herbal interaction with prescription medications, much less with each other. A blood thinner can be very dangerous. If someone were on Plavix and aspirin (as am I) it would be absolutely foolhardy to start with a anti-coagulant herb. YET, you don't hear about the downsides when someone is touting a herbal remedy-either through their own ignorance or scientific ignorance.Diabetis has terrible consequences-don't experiment on yourself !!

Posted by Stacey on 10 April 2008

I found a "Diabetic Support Multi for Diabetics" by Prevention. Along with the regular multi vitamin ingredients, it also has Chromium, Vanadium, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, and Resveratrol.

I'm not cured, but it has helped with my daily blood glucose levels and I have had to reduce my insulin intake, not by a huge amount, but a noticeable amount. And every little bit helps.

Where did I find this miracle pill (lol) you ask-Walmart! Where else!

Posted by Ladybird on 13 April 2008

To the anonymous on 7April:

I often post on this site but never mentioned fenugreek/a herb for diabetics since a lot of people try herbs without precautions thinking all of them are safe and most are, infact very safe. Since Lassie posted it as one of the natural herbs she's felt have helped her, I decided to post what I know about fenugreek, so that people wouldn't jump into this without knowing that it is a blood thinner. I do feel if we talk about something , it is essential to mention its side effects, and if we don't know enough about it, we should not mention it.

I am surprised, infact, that Lassie has written about all these herbs without mentioning their side effects. I do credit her with helping herself. It's a formidable achievement to get where she is now.

BUT, having written the above, we should also know that prescription drugs in the US have an enormous ill effects on patients who are taking them, this includes all the diabetes meds, as well as insulin. We are reading now about the effects of the more insulin we have, the higher sometimes, our glucose numbers go also. So everything we take/do in life has side effects, we need to be aware of them. Do our doctors always remember to tell us about the side effects of the meds they prescribe to us, do we remember to ask them about them? Let's remember the Avandia story, doctors are still debating how good it is for diabetics, many have stopped prescribing it.

So yes, herbs can have a serious effect on our health, not always good. We, as responsible people need to be alert ALL the time about anything we put into our mouths for anything, this includes our multi-vitamins. But herbs can also help us tremendously.

Were you, yourself aware that fenugreek is a bllod thinner till I posted the info on this? Many of us take fish oils/cod liver oils every day, are we also aware of the fact that they are also blood thinners. I have learned since I was told that I'm a diabetic ( Type 2) by my PCP that there is so much I need to learn about this condition and have been reading all I can on the net about it.

I decided at the beginning that I didn't want to be on diabetic meds because of all the side effects connected to them and am also on fenugreek and a couple of other things now and am alert all the time about them and the other meds I'm on and have informed my PCP, as already mentioned. Lassie did not at the beginning. Some doctors are open minded about such things, others are not, as some posters on this blog. My PCP has been helpful but not always done the tests he should have done to check things out. So if we want to take herbs, we need to read as much as we can about them and be aware of any side effects if any.

Since, I'm already on fenugreek, I don't want to be on another herb that may also be a blood thinner at the same time, so am very careful. But I do think that often herbs can help us without all the side effects of regular meds. But, I tell very few other diabetics about fenugreek, specially, if they are already on too many other meds, and feel that they would not be able to "manage" the herb with the other meds.

We should not expect "cures" with any herbs, although, we may get them but certainly will most of the time get lower glucose levels with them. I do think we need to be more open minced about them, though.

Posted by Anonymous on 17 April 2008

Does anyone know what effects a product called FucoThin has on Type 2 Diabetes. FucoThin is a product that targets your belly fat. The ad that I saw said that it can help lessen the effects, but when I received my free trial, the label on the bottle said that if you have Diabetes you shouldn't take it. Can someone give me some information either way?

Posted by Anonymous on 17 April 2008

Where do you find fenugreek and what is it. I have never heard of this herb.

Posted by Anonymous on 17 April 2008

ellow mates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 17 April 2008

guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so exsited im smarter about type1 now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!__love anonymous

Posted by Anonymous on 20 April 2008

I am a newly diagnosed Diabetic, as well as a 30 yer professional veteran in the medical community. I choose to treat myself with herbs rather than go with the well researched "drugs" that the Drug companies push.

I find truly that when you decide not to take the drugs, the MD's get nervous because that's what they are trained in! They don't know much about herbs, they do the same thing we do (if interested at all), which is go to the internet and try to learn!

Therefore, you must realize that you have to do your own research and be your own guinea pig sometimes, that's the bottom line, be diligent in your study, it's your health!

No one will tell you of all of the horror stories and casualties of "the standard use of the drugs", but people somehow feel more comfortable as long as the "white man in a lab coat" tells them it's okay and not bother to look up the medicines they take everyday.

But don't say that the Amazon Indians have used it safely for 2 thousand years or more, all of the "be careful" warnings go wild!

Anyone thought that natural blood thinning maybe what's required for treatment of diabetes since one of the complications of Diabetes is sticky-ness and increased clotting? Has anyone heard of the Alaskan Eskimo bleeding out more from too much Omega-3? Only when it's combined with the Rat Poisen ingredient that coumadin is made of?

The real problem with herbs from all these different companies are standardization. Dome companies put out blanks while others put out potent herbs.

Gone are the days when one should just sit back and put all their trust in any one source, Lab Coat or scraggly bearded herbalist, your health is in your own hands. To me, if other humans have used something like the Gymnema Sylvestre and Fennegreek for thousands of years, they should be considered. They know the side effects if any, you just have to read about it and cross-reference.

Take charge, do your own research, and keep your eyes open. Unforturnately, that's what it come down to!

Posted by Anonymous on 20 April 2008

I've used a combination of filtered cinnamon and gymnema sylvestre to control my blood sugars now for a while. It is very effective with my daytime regulation, but surprisingly, my fasting bloodsugar goes up!?!

I have type 2 DM and I can have a 112 BS at bedtime, go to bed and after fasting all night, I awaken to a bloodsugar of 175! I eat breakfast and take my cinnamon and Gymnema, and it goes down to 140's 2hr post prandial(PP), 89-107 3 hrs PP.

Does anyone have that problem? If so, how do you treat it?

Posted by Ladybird on 1 May 2008

As the first anonymous commentator said, if anyone wants to try herbs to help their diabetes, we HAVE to read/find out as much we can before we start on them and then check/cross check their reactions to any of the drugs we may already be on. And then take responsibility for it ourselves. As I've written in my above posts and others have agreed that herbs can do a lot for diabetics but we have to check them out before beginning on them.

Information on fenugreek is all over the net but it took me about a year to know as much as I could, and this after I had already begun it. Fenugreek seeds are available in most Indian/Middle Eastern stores. They are available in some Indian stores also in capsule form, more expensive.

There needs to be a gap between taking the seeds of two hours, because the seeds are VERY STRONG and will interfere with the effectiveness of any other meds we may be taking. This means if taking the seeds before meals no other meds can be taken with the meals, so timing of the other meds can be problematic. Some people can manage it, others may not be able to and thus it would be better not to try fenugreek at all.

While talking about herbs, let's remember that they cannot do magic by themselves, being careful about what we eat and exercising has to be there, it all goes together. Fenugreek, by itself may not do the trick for everybody. Lassie tried a few things together.

Posted by Anonymous on 3 May 2008

Interested in reading about success stories with herbs. However these stories are meaningless unless we are given the dosages that were taken as well as the herb names.

Posted by Anonymous on 23 May 2008

Lassie, what were the dosages of these herbs that you took?

Posted by Anonymous on 15 June 2008

Does the site verify that this article was posted by an actual diabetes patient? It could just be an herbal remedy salesperson...much like the hotels that post favorable reviews on their own behalf!

Posted by Anonymous on 20 June 2008

Just surfing by while doing my normal reading and researching and thought I'd drop a line, or give my two cents worth. And thanks for the information that has been posted so far.

The 30 year med veteran and others are correct.

I'm hypoglycemic and having fits with it and also have used various herbal preparations for many things without consequence for years. Sadly when I started having severe health issues I listened to physicians. It took big pharma (pharmaceuticals) and physicians to ruin my liver and cripple me up. So if you don't think we are all guinea pigs under this system of medicines your wrong. If one thing doesn't work don't they keep bouncing you around from medication to medication? Sure they do and will. Much of it is by trial and error. So no, they are not gods and yes believing in our medical system alone can do great harm as well. You have to research everything for yourself and pay close attention to possible side-effects or what has happened to me and others I know can easily happen to others.

People don't even understand the damage they can do from over-the-counter dope either like Tylenol and such.

Aspartame the sweetener among others. I just had a friend die from complications from using that stuff. It wrecked his central nervous system. You can easily Google more information about that rat poison for yourself. They claim it's harmless just like some arthritis medicine I was taking. People can be so dependent and naive... as I was. Now I research everything and will grab hold of doctors until all my questions are answered then make my own decisions.

(I use Stevia the plant sweetener.)

Naysayers, all one has to do is read, study, and do some serious research from a wide variety of sources. Stop listening to TV and marketers and take some responsibility for all your own health care, period. Trust no-one and learn for yourself, we are in the information age after all. There is info all over the web and don't fall for all the Hollywood gimmicks either. Compare prices along with any information you can find.

Think our media and corporate America will be up front and honest with us? Think again and protect yourself and don't be lazy. Think.

The best to all of you!

Posted by Anonymous on 2 July 2008

I would first like to agree with those who believe in herbal remedies! They work wonders without all of the serious side effects. Secondly, I would love to blast the person whom believes that being extremely overweight is just because of being lazy. Until you are in a situation, DO NOT JUDGE!!!! There are many situations that cause uncontrolable weight gain. Do a little research and don't be so quick to judge a situation that you are not familiar with!!!

Posted by Ladybird on 11 July 2008

If we were herbal salespeople how would we get the commission? I don't think anyone here has mentioned any herbal brand names anyway!!

It's so good to know that so many people here are on herbs and most of us agree that there is a lot of info on it all over the net and we have to be now in charge of our own health.
People have asked how much to take of this and that? Nobody has answered that question because I think nobody wants to get into trouble giving specific dosages. I will say one thing that usually one herb may not work on it's own and people may have to take a combination. In India - and I am from there- people swear by herbs, specially since they have no side effects.
Ever since more people in India have become more "Westernized" diabetes has become an epidemic there also, because of fast food and less exercise in the urban areas. The interesting thing there are many western style docs in India using herbs also.
People here could go to the bigger natural pharmacies here, many are advising now on herbs as well as homeopathic meds which are based on herbs. These homeopathic meds again have no side effects at all and do have quite a few things for diabetics. I am on a couple now and finding them very helpful.

Posted by Anonymous on 26 July 2008

As a type 2, I came to this site to research a few herbs and now, from this article, I need to research a few more.

I would like to add one more thing for all of you to research. The one thing that I have added and is working for me is learning to meditate. I recommend the audio book (on Oprah's recommended reading list) Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now. I have listened to it several times to and from work and feel that it will eventually have the greatest impact on my diabetes control.

All of your comments have been helpful and I believe researching and verification using multiple sources is the way to do it.

Posted by Anonymous on 8 August 2008

TYPE I, or TYPE II. GHHHHAAAAA!!!! Folks they are different! Please clarify!

Posted by Anonymous on 10 September 2008

To Anonymous whose fasting blood sugar went up: I have the same problem. I am pre-diabetic, my blood profile is totally normal, according to my doctor, however, my fasting bg was 113 (a1c was 5.). All my mother's blood line are diabetics. My doctor suggested Metformin. I decided to try diet and herbs. I started very low-carb diet (only green vegetables, no flour, grains, sweets or drinks with sugar or artificial sweeteners). I also started moderate exercise (30 min of stationary bike a day). Being of eastern-european origin, I am familiar with many of herbs which traditionally are used for diabetes in this part of the world. I've routinely took: cinnamon, gymnema sylvestre, mulberry leaf, fenugreek, white bean pods, bay leaf tea. Also I am taking chromium picolinate and alpha-lipoic acid.

In four months I've lost 13 lb., my a1c is 5.5, wonderful cholesterol, lipids and such... However, my fasting blood got higher!!! - up to 117-122. I am totally puzzled and demoralized...

Posted by Anonymous on 18 November 2008

Full disclosure...I'm a healthcare professional, and RD and a CDE, and I don't understand why you think that doctors are on contract with pharmaceutical companies. The endo I worked with for years saw drug reps, did paid talks for them, kept samples, and was perfectly happy to drink the coffee the reps brought, but in the office he decided which medication to prescribe based on the needs of the patient. He did not play favorites with drug companies, he did not get paid any extra for prescribing one thing over another, and he did his research. And another thing...though our drug reps wanted to promote their medications, they all acted ethically and followed the Pharma guidelines. I'm sure there must be unethical physicians, like there are unethical ministers, lawyers and accountants, but the doctors I've worked with first and foremost sought to help their patients with every tool available. If you have a doctor you don't trust....change doctors!

Posted by Anonymous on 2 November 2009

I have tried herbs for the past two months, and I can say definetly they work! I take 2-4oz of gymnema infusion 3-4 times a day, plus salvia and fenugreek, also Dandelion Tea for the pancreas... These herbs combined with exercise make a total difference in my overall health... When I stop drinking my infusions, I feel headaches and legs hurt and so on;
I do my own research and share it with the public at my blog, its in spanish

Posted by Anonymous on 2 November 2009

the daily dosis of gymnema is no more than 400mg Anyone can search these info at

Posted by aonesee on 5 August 2012

some friends of mine and i were working out on our lunch break at work, i am an amature, my friend who is a body builder turned me on to muscle milk. the stuff teast great. i've never had a problem with weight 6'11" 190lb. anyway to my suprize when i went in for my labs. my a1c was 6. unfortunately it had an exogenous effect. in other words anything that the body dosen't produce after six months or so it will not recognise. man i would have bathed in that stuff. thats the thing about hurbs also, they do work but after six months or so, they won't work. you have to get off for six month or so and then start again.

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