Jonas Brothers Update: Diabetes Has Not Slowed Down 15-Year-Old Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas recently celebrated his 15th birthday

Apr 3, 2008

When we ran the story “Type 1 Pop Star Nick Jonas Tells His Story” on our website in April 2007, we didn’t expect it to generate the hundreds of responses that it has since then. The story continues to receive new comments every week.

Nick and his brothers Kevin and Joe just signed a deal with the Disney Channel to star as themselves in a reality program tentatively titled “Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream.” The show will follow the trio around on their current “Look Me in the Eyes” tour, covering their lives on and off the stage.

In late March, the boys visited the White House to give an assist at the annual Easter Egg Roll. The hunt, a tradition since 1878, draws children from all over the country to roam the White House’s South Lawn seeking colorful hidden wooden eggs.

While there, the brothers met President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush. The President not only complimented Joe Jonas’s shoes but also revealed that he’s a fan of the teen trio.

Later, when asked if being invited to the White House would go to the Jonas Brothers’ heads, Joe pointed out that the three siblings are still expected to do routine chores on their tour bus.

In June, Disney will air “Camp Rock,” a TV movie featuring the brothers. On July 4, the Jonases will kick off their summer “Burning Up” tour in Toronto.

(To read “Type 1 Pop Star Nick Jonas Tells His Story,” go to and enter 5150 in the search feature on the upper right-hand corner of the home page.)

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Posted by Anonymous on 4 April 2008

Nick J and so many other ppl living with the disease keep it up you guys are amazing!

Posted by Anonymous on 4 April 2008

Nick is very strong in mind and body, he will get through his diabetes no matter what!
Keep rockin out Nick we love you!

Posted by Anonymous on 4 April 2008

i think nick is an inspiration to all kids with type 1 diabetes to keep going no matter what,

Posted by Anonymous on 4 April 2008

wow this is amazing he is truly an inspiration for not letting his diabetes slow him down from pursuing his career and dream!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 4 April 2008

he is so strong.. i dont understand how he doesnt let anything get him down. he is truly my hero for it.

Posted by jonasxgirl on 4 April 2008

I love the Jonas Brothers and I love how having diabetes doesn't slow Nick down!

I hope he (and his brothers) keep on rockin'!

Posted by mariel on 4 April 2008

thanks for public this article, for me is very important because I'm Diabetic type 1 and I luv the jonas brothers, they are my inspiration and the reason for continue. keep on rockin' guys!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 5 April 2008

i love the jonas brothers sooooo much!

Posted by Anonymous on 5 April 2008

i love nick and his brothers and i'm so glad tht he didnt give up his dreams over a disease! thx insulin!

Posted by Anonymous on 5 April 2008

:D i love them :)

Posted by Anonymous on 5 April 2008

i love the jonas brothers

Posted by Anonymous on 5 April 2008

I almost died from my diabeties. It was pretty bad. I didnt know i had until i went into a coma because my blood sugar count was past 500. I was 10 years old and now i'm 16. I was in a coma for 1 year. It was a miracle that i made it through. I thank God I'm still alive.
Nick is my fav and i think he is the cutest. He is my inspiration and I wish I can meet him sometime soon=D
That would be my dream!!
I love you nick jonas

Posted by d i ana jonas * on 5 April 2008


Posted by Anonymous on 5 April 2008

I am still amazed at what you did. Though I do not have diabetes myself, I know several people who do, and live with one family member who has it as well. You inspired and helped out a lot of people with your story, and continue to do so everyday. I am also a huge fan, and am very excited to see all of you and your brothers' upcoming shows and movies. I love you guys, and hope you stop by Minnesota sometime soon!
Love, Sweet17!

Posted by Anonymous on 5 April 2008

the one who wrote kisses & sex is a b***h how can you say that hannah momntana rocks

miley and nick 4-ever

Posted by Anonymous on 6 April 2008

I hope Nick keeps fighting this my grand mother has diabetes and I know how bad it can get! LYLAS
Haleigh mills

Posted by Anonymous on 6 April 2008

It's very inspiring that Nick won't let his diabetes slow him down, I hope that other ppl
will take his example to heart and keep reaching for their dream; especially if they also have some sort of illness.Keep on making me smile Nick:]

*BlueHearts* & *HeartBreakers* TM

Posted by hottie on 6 April 2008

I know and Nick is HOT!!!!

Posted by hottie on 6 April 2008

Nick is so brave and dreamy

Posted by Anonymous on 6 April 2008

Nick inspires me SO much. Even though I don't have Diabetes, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease a year and half ago, and I know what it feels like to want to give up. I didn't and don't have the strength that Nick does- he gets up on stage every single night with his brothers and gives his all. I pray for Nick every night- let's find a cure! Thanks for being my hero, Nick. I'll see you at the wedding :)

Posted by Anonymous on 6 April 2008


Posted by Anonymous on 7 April 2008

Posted by Anonymous on 7 April 2008

Nick J is so strong!!!! I mean , could you get up every night and sing for an hour? i think not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 7 April 2008

nick jonas i just want you to know that i have had a huge crust on you sence i saw you and you are framed on my wall beside my bed and i telling you never give up music, oh and one more thing your hot!!!,and diabetescan't stop you from rocking out.i love you, oh and my name is mrs.jonas.

Posted by Anonymous on 7 April 2008

great story great comments

Posted by Anonymous on 9 April 2008

Nick does really inspire me. If a life changing event like this happened to me, I wouldn't know what to do. I'd feel like my goals and dreams were useless because my diabetes would be slowing me down. But Nick showed me that no matter what happens to you, continue to follow your dreams. Don't let it slow you down. Nick, your my hero. Thankyou so much for being such a great roll model! Also, Thanks Joe and Kevin for showing me that no matter what, family is always there for you. Through thick and through thin. You brothers are truley amazing. Love you guys!

Posted by Anonymous on 11 April 2008

I have diabetes. If I knew he acted like he did,I would have acted the same way. You are a very brave boy Nick. I hope you have a happy life.

Posted by Anonymous on 19 April 2008

I think you are brave to be singer with diabetes just like Elton Yasmin.
I know how hard it is because I has 15 when I was diagnosis with diabetes 8 years ago soon in october it will be 9 years it does get better.

Posted by Anonymous on 21 April 2008

Ok well first of all i want YOU NICK JONAS to know that i love you and i am very proud of you for hanging in there...
just pray and god will give you answers i mysalf don't have diabetes but i do have depression because i have had a lot thats happened in my life... but just reading your story i have been stronger you havereally given me some true hope... and i love the jonas brothers sooo much...i can't tomeet you someday... add me on
thank you *I Love You Nick Jonas!*

Posted by i luvnick jonas on 22 April 2008

I LUVVV Nick Jonas. He is an inspiration to me, and i would LUVV to meet him. o! by the way my name is Avree and I'm 12 yaers old and i have diabetes and so does my younger brother. If I met Nick Jonas it would make havieng diabetes a LOT easier... PEACE OUT!!!

Posted by i luvnick jonas on 22 April 2008

O! its me avree again! Nick jonas i luv u sooo much, if i ever got to meet you i would be soo happy cause i'm just like u.. u r

Posted by Anonymous on 25 April 2008

Dear Nick,
The next time you get to meet GWB, ask him to explain why he vetoed stem cell research...let's see if he'll "look you in the eyes"

Posted by Anonymous on 29 April 2008

hey nick j i know how you feel keep on rokin!! and u are amazing boy and cute

Posted by AnastasiaRose on 4 May 2008

i love jonas and i asked if i was gonna die just like him but i was 7 wene i was diagnosed now i am 12 and i remeber leaving the hopitle july 5 2002 it was a tuesday i was super skinney and i just found out he was diabetic like a month ago

peace love happiness :)

Posted by Anonymous on 11 May 2008

Wow.Your awesome nick .keep rockin out

Posted by Anonymous on 15 May 2008

Dear Nick I am from Ashland ME, I have been your #1 fan scince i've first heard you. My best friend is a diabetic too and she asked her doctor if she was going to die,he laughed and said no but she went home and slept with her sister and her sisters best frend.I told her it would be fine.

BY The way Keep Rocking!
Love Ya Sophie

Posted by Anonymous on 25 May 2008

Nick Jonas im not any ordinary girl like the ones who scream.But i think your cute. If you your a regular person i would still think your cute. Have you ever been to Raymore, Missouri. Well obviously i live here. But i use to live in California and i miss it. But i have great friends. I really want to meet you in person. Im fourteen years old and my name is Rachel Suzaane Burgess. P.S. i want Nick Jonas to read this letter. PLEASE and THANKYOU

Posted by Anonymous on 25 May 2008

hey jonas brothers i am really sad about nics diabetes.I wish i could just meet you so much.i really have been your #1fan for so long and i love u all i live in raymore mossuri and i really hope u read this or i will be really sad.i know people love u cause ur famous but if i would have meet u before i would love u just as much well bye.

Posted by Anonymous on 29 May 2008

I luv u 4 ever Nick!!!!!!!!

Lara Findeisen

Posted by on 11 June 2008

nick j is an inspiration. i was diagnosed with Grave's disease two years ago, and i know exactly how nick continue to fight his are an amazing brave boy taught me how to be positive in life. keep rockin' jonas brothers!!

Posted by Anonymous on 16 June 2008

omg that made me cry!!! luv ya nick!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 18 June 2008

i know how hard it is to live with diabetes because alot of my family has it and my mom thought that i had it once but i did not u are just like every one else can't wait until your movie camp rock i know it is going to be great kourteney

Posted by Anonymous on 20 June 2008

It's really sad how all these little girl fans are obsessed about Nick and the Jonas Brothers. I bet half the people who wrote stuff don't even have diabetes and know what it feels like. They just want to tell everyone how cute Nick is and how they want to meet him so bad and make up all of these ridiculous stories so someone will forward their little post to him and they could some day meet him. Dream on guys. I actually have diabetes and am truly inspired by Nick. He goes on tour, makes music, goes to school and probably a lot of other things, yet he still manages to do all of these things with diabetes, and he is still so grateful for life. I'm not going to write my all my sad little stories for pity, but i will say how much i look up to Nick. If you have diabetes and can get through your day, surely anyone can. You're truly an amazing person and keep on doing what you're doing. You've inspired so many people. You've made a positive impact on so many people and you have no clue how grateful people are for you.

Posted by Anonymous on 26 June 2008


Posted by Anonymous on 30 June 2008

nick!!! wat!!! ur so young and u have diabetes....:( just trust in god and we will always support u..

Posted by Anonymous on 30 June 2008


Posted by Anonymous on 6 July 2008

half my family has diabetes i tho.ught i had them but i found out i didnt have it im strong and i play basketball and football and i really hope you find a cure and you are hot from taylor western age 12

Posted by Anonymous on 6 July 2008

i love NICK JONAS!!! i am 15 too!! no im serious!! i am.. we can get married and make really hot babies i promise!!!! call me baby!!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 7 July 2008

Nick its your girlfriend

Posted by Tearra06 on 8 July 2008


Posted by Anonymous on 8 July 2008

I love all three of the jonas brothers!I am all three of the wifes!An I have big plans for us!
By the way u guys are(HOTTTTT!!!!,SEXYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 12 July 2008

I love all of the Jonas Brothers!!! They are a huge insperation to me exspecially nick!!! I love them so much and cant wait for them to come to charlotte NC on july 29th!!! By the way you guys are really really CUTE!!!
love ya!!! Taylor

Posted by Anonymous on 16 July 2008

I think Nick is sooo strong and i luv that about him i hope he does not die cuz if he died lots of people would b sooo upset

Posted by Anonymous on 17 July 2008

Hey nick i love your music!I think u and your brothers have a real talent.I would love to sing with someone like u 3.I watch one of your music videos every day. There posted all over the internet.I hope u guys stay strong with your music and keep rockin on! Love u all, Molly

Posted by Anonymous on 17 July 2008

i have diabetes to im 15 i made a wish to meet nick and his brothers i was in the hospital every month and they said i wasnt sick enough =[

Posted by Diabetic101 on 21 July 2008

OMG you have diabetes you should go to camp Nejeda in Stillwater N.J. Im not diabetic but i know a lot about it. My moms the nurse there and i go there to for the experience. Also the camp needs a lot of money. Since you're 15 now, next year you could be a c.i.t. (AKA counselor in training. Also we go against a sports camp. Hope to see ya Love,
Lauraleigh Age 10
Session 2 of camp Nejeda

Posted by Diabetic101 on 21 July 2008

hey its lauraleigh i forgot to ask you have you ever passed out on stage if so email me what you had to do at!!
hope to see you answer

Posted by Diabetic101 on 21 July 2008

Dear nick,
Did i mention the camp is having a carnival for the 50th year on august9,2008.
Then in september the camp has a walkathon.

Posted by Anonymous on 22 July 2008

omg i cant beleive the nerve of some ppl saying how they feel sooooooooooo sorry 4 nick and how they have diabetes. u all think u all have a bad life but u all have it better than me b/c i lived i all places u can imagine. i lived with drug attics on the street in hotels now im living with an adopted family. i was taken from an alcoholic mother my father passed away an i almost commited suicide. but now im in softball, volleyball, soccer, swum team, and an all star dancer. and im in sooo many clubs and my life is almost perfect its ppl like nick jonas who keep me beleiving in myself. I LOVE YOU NICK AND THANKS FOR HELPING ME 2 BELEIVE IN MYSELF. THANKS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH 4 EVERYTHING I LOVE U AND WISH 2 MEET U SOMEDAY ALTHOUGH I WENT 2 THE HANNAH MONTANA CONCERT I WANT 2 REALLY GET 2 KNOW U . AND DONT FORGET THAT I LOVE U

Posted by Anonymous on 22 July 2008

Well first of all Nick... i am really HAPPY tht ur not letting ur Diabetes slow u down!!! i hope u keep inproving ur stregth over the next years!! I hope 2 meet u soon! STAY STRONG NICK!!!!!! I love u...bye!
Lost in Seattle

Posted by Anonymous on 23 July 2008

jonas brothers yall are all soooooooooooooo hot i love yall but im to yug to hing out with yall im 10 years old but i hope we can be friends well raely i hope we can meet first and then we could be friends. bye love yall.............................

Posted by Anonymous on 24 July 2008

why dose nick jonas going out with that ugly frizzy hair freak

Posted by Anonymous on 26 July 2008

I love you!!!!!!!!!

Posted by 29tbird on 27 July 2008

It's great all of these young people are so encouraged by Nick. During a discusion today my 10 year old daughter told me of Nicks diabetes. I have 10 - 8 - and 3 year old children and have been diabetic for 46 years. My children know how diabetes makes life different but they also know the only thing that can limit a diabetic is attitude. When I was young there was no blood suger machines, no insulin pumps, no human DNA insulin, and the only way to tell your diabetes was in check was to check for spilled sugar in your urine. These days with everything we now know diabetics have a bright future. I swim, ride a personal water craft, scuba dive, and just about anyting a person without diabetes does and I am not a child. At 48 years old and three young kids the thought of my life being limited by this condition are far behind me. One word of caution I have seen people die young of diabetes. It's not because they couldn't be treated it's because of poor care management and not taking proper care of their diabetes.

Posted by Anonymous on 27 July 2008

hi i am noel a 11 year old girl when i grow up i wanted to be a wrestler since i got insired by nick jonas i want to be i singer i LOVE NICK xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox i love your brothers to they are cute to i love all of you guys bye

Posted by Anonymous on 27 July 2008

wow nick u keep going on ur dream and it wont stop u that is amazing i love u

Posted by Joe on 30 July 2008

Hi how is everyone. I have type 1 Diabetes and have had it for about 7 years now and i am turning 18 on 8/2/08. When i frist found out about it i was almost dead. i was in the hospital for about a week and 1/2. i went to the docter a week b4 that and the doc said i had a cold and to drink lots of fluid. some dr he was he almost cost me my life. my sugar was 2500 they say its one of the highest on record and dont know how i lived. when i got out of the hospital it was so hard for me to understand why this happened to me and how i was going to deal with it. but with my family was there and i got it together and pulled through. I am glad that nick told the world that he has Diabetes because if you try to hide it you can really suffer. i tell anyone i am around so they know what can happen.
The one thing i have not tryed is the pump i have been geting shots every day about 4-5 times a day for the whole 7 years.
Diabetes can realy get you down if you let it so always stay positive.
But the one thing i hate is when people say they feel sorry for me dont i know you mean well but all people with Diabetes are normal just like everyone else. we can do anything in life Diabetes is just an extra challenge that that will not stop us.
rock on.

Posted by Anonymous on 30 July 2008

Im 14 year old Camille and like OMG..Dis Is So Hard For Me To Find Out...Im Like So In Luv Wit Nick. I Really Think He's A Great Fighter And I Want Him To Keep Doing What He Love...KEEP ON ROCKIN

Posted by Anonymous on 1 August 2008

omg, nick far out i wouldnt have thought!!!! far out. i am like whoa. omg i really dont know what to say like thats is really amazing and inspirational. OMG. i want to say that he is amazing and that he is just like really emotionally strong to deal with that and be like a rockstar at the same time!!!that is really seriously i am stuck for words.and that doesnt happen alot

Posted by Anonymous on 1 August 2008

i have realised that so many people have serious diseases and nick is one of those people that helps them keep on fighting. nick is one of those people i look up to partially cause i am probably shorter than him and partially because he is inspiration, inspiration to young people inspiration to older people and most of all nick is a person that persues his dreams. look at us guys we think our lives are so terrible but nick has diabetes think about what he does. nick is one of those people that are leaders that people look up to. nick i seriously admire u!!!! keep on rockin'....
biee biee everyone

Posted by Anonymous on 1 August 2008

nick u are amazing. i think that u are one of the most cutest probably srongest boy i have neva met. but if i could i would it would be amazing u have alot of fans u know and u are the most awsome person eva...
luv heva--13

Posted by Anonymous on 1 August 2008

wow u are absolutely amazinng nick. i thought that having millions of alergies having to carry around an epipen and i thought that would slow me down and hold me back from seeing friends and everything. it is hard for me at skool and all when they have founders day and all because they have a dream team and they get to pick out freddo frog chocolates out of jelly and i really wanted to be in the dream team but i wasnt able to when i found out that i had to go to my speacialist that day!!! u showed me that just because you have one little problem doesnt mean that you should keep that from holding you back and following your dreams. when i am older i wish to go to "RMIT" in australia where i live and become a fashion designer. my mums hairdresser has a daughter that is on the road to becoming a fashion designer and is really good. i want to be just like her. u r my inspiration and u amaze me and always will. now i know that i am going to RMIT i am going to become a fashion designer and persue my dreams because u showed me today that i cant let anything hold me back. i wont let my epipen hold me back and i will become a fashion designer nomatter what!!!!
thankyou nick!!
i am amazed with your courage...
luv heva~~13yrs

Posted by Anonymous on 1 August 2008

i agree with that person who says that u all say all your sap stories for sypathy. me? i dont have diabeties. i am grateful for people like nick that are grateful for wat they have and wat the can acheive. nick u are an absoloute inspiration to so many people i hope that u live foreva so everyone can see how inspirational u are and how that u dont let life keep u down. i am one of those people with a sap story i am one of those people who u r my celebrity crush. i am one of those people who think that you are hot and all but i am not going to obsess over you. i am going to live up to my dream because of U. people like me are grateful that there are people like you to show others what life is about. life is about living up to your dreams and having courage to stand up for wat you believe in.
we all supportu Nick and what you do and the way that u live.
we all love u but we all luv u in differnt ways. u r sweet and really nice and fight for what you believe in. u r one of those people that people like me live 4.
:-) stay the way u r dont change a thing because u r perfect. in ur own way.
luv heather~~13

Posted by Anonymous on 2 August 2008

I was diagnosed with diabetes at 15 months old. My sugar was over 900.
I lost so much weight, that my diapers were falling off.

I am now 16 years old and on the pump.

I hate it.

I see diabetes as something i wish i could take away.
My Mother is the only one in the family that doesnt have this dreaded disease.
My little sister and my dad have it also.

I personally think that they have a cure for diabetes, and that they're just not sharing it with the public.

They were saying they would have a cure for diabetes 15 years ago.
And they never have.

I suppose this is more of a rant than anything.

I know this might not have anything todo with Nick Jonas but I felt like this needed to be heard.


Posted by Anonymous on 3 August 2008

i love that nick,with this diease is still rockin hard. I LOVE YOU NICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 3 August 2008

Nick I love you no matter if you have diabetes

Posted by Anonymous on 3 August 2008

Nick Jonas i'll love you no matter what so keep living your life and (call me)

Posted by ednoraben on 3 August 2008

Nick Jonas i'll love you no matter what you have and whoeva is teasing him yall need to stop because you all can end up wit something mor worse(nick give me yo number on yahoo e-mail)

Posted by miniemouse on 4 August 2008

coucou je suis francaise et nan je ne t aime pas a en mourrir comme toutes ses stupids girls ou stupids boys peut etre ... ca doit etre nul d etre nul de ne pas manger des hamburgers quand on veut ???? tes musics sont bien mais un peu toutes semblables peut etre nan ?? j ai faim alors bye bye

Posted by Anonymous on 5 August 2008

that is so inspiring. i just found out that i have boarderline diabetes and it will most likely turn into type 2, its cool that he can go on like that. im not a fan of thier music ( ill probably get swapmed by ppl who love them) but it makes me look up to him, in a way. how he can do all of this stuff and not be let down by diabetes? im not sure but its just awsome

Hollie-15 ^-^

Posted by Anonymous on 6 August 2008

Nick, I think you are so sweet, and I hate you have to go through what you are. But your a fighter and you have not let your diabetes get in your way. My grandpa had it. Nick, keep on doin' your thing! (lol)
(and ps call me)

Posted by Anonymous on 8 August 2008

keep fighting

Posted by Anonymous on 9 August 2008


Posted by Anonymous on 10 August 2008

Nick Jonas is incredible. I keep on thinking i might have diabetes but sometimes i think "am i wanting to have diabetes or do i have it"

Posted by Anonymous on 11 August 2008

i also have a really big chance of getting diabetes both my grandpas have it. the one that has type one is blind death and has both of his legs cut off but your story has really inspired me. i would hope to see you in west palm beach florida on september 5 but all the tickets are sold off maybe you should do one of those free shows that you do. well i luv you

Posted by Anonymous on 12 August 2008

why would you want diabetes its not fun it can realy get you down i know it gets me down i get shots every day and test my sugar every day how can that sound fun.
i have had type 1 for over 7 years i wish i could be diabetes free.

Posted by Anonymous on 14 August 2008

I know diabetes is not fun because I hve it and it dose slow me down some times.

Posted by Anonymous on 14 August 2008

nick I think you are so cute......

keep on rocking ( call me )

Posted by nickjonasfan12345 on 14 August 2008

I love u nick keep on rocking and call me

Posted by Jenny Lyn on 14 August 2008

Nick you are my inspiration! I love you so much and keep fighting through it, I know you will never give up! that's why you inspire me! I LOVE YOU!

Posted by Anonymous on 14 August 2008

Nick Diabetes can not be easy,And by you going on the stage and giving it your all means the world to me!!! I love you and your Brothers sooooooooo much!!!!! keep on rockin and Call me I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH YOU ROCK MY SOXS! LOVE YOU ,Bye

Posted by Anonymous on 14 August 2008

I love you so much u are amazing and may you PLZ have a concent in Victoria B.C. PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you guys are my idol!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii. I love burnin up!!!!!!!! God help your diabetes be gone in jesus name amen!!!!!! God bless!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

Hi i may not have diabetes but two of my friends do and it is a tareble thing that should be stoped oh... and if Nick Joe or Kevin are reading this... then please come to Victoria B.C. it is such a buitfull place and i love you guys so much and my Dad sed that if you come he will take me and that is like my dream!!!!!! OMG and my room has like 100 posters of you guys PLEASE it would mean the World to me and My best friend GABY if you would come to Victoria I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!! NICK,JOE,KEVIN PLEASE READ THIS AND COME TO VICTORIA B.C. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

i love you nick jonas i will meet you some day, hopefully you read this

Posted by Anonymous on 18 August 2008

i wonder if any other the jonas brother ever boned each other

Posted by Anonymous on 18 August 2008

hey i think its sad he has it but i still love you so much i hope i meat you some day

Posted by Anonymous on 19 August 2008

hey nick jonas i luv u i hpefully will meet u someday maybe will read this G2G bye
p.from your biggest fan
Tabatha hubbart
from loxley,alabama

Posted by Anonymous on 19 August 2008

NICK i love you.. u r so strong... i know you will get through the diabetes... keep being strong.. your inspire me so much... ttyl luv ya babe

Posted by ashley beers on 19 August 2008

HEY. im a unknown diabetic. nick we have a lot of diabeic history and i wante to tell my heart out. in september of 2007 my mom thought that we needed to go get check ups. then they testee my blood sugar, and it was over 800. my mom was a rn(nurse). and they stupid doctors sent us home. we ha to wait for a endrocronogist. (diabetic doctor) yeah it was 4 months that we ha to wait. an i got my bloo sugars ownto about 200's by my self. I ate right an used masive insulin to correct my blood sugar + food. after about a year im now on an insulin pump called cozmor. it works with the free style monitor an stripes.the doctors reallize that i was diabetic on my dads birthay. and that was not the birthday present that i wanted to give my dad. i hope people read this because its really important. not because they want to talk to nick jonas. don't get me wronge but thats not whats this is for its to get the wor out about diabetes. thanks, KEEP ON ROCKING. ASHLEY BEERS

Posted by Anonymous on 20 August 2008


Posted by Anonymous on 21 August 2008

Nick, You got to meet the President?? How cool! He really liked your shoes Joe?! That's amazing! Don't let your diabetes slow you down Nick! Keep living your dream!! YOu rock!

Posted by andreita1993 on 26 August 2008

My name is Andrea and I am Spanish and have diabetes of type 1, they communicated it to me one day after expiring 9 years, and now I am 15 years old and it(he,she) me is OK more or less, is a difficult being for my diabetic because ... good I am a bit careless because I like to do what I want and am not prudent, through the fault of it lost heart 3 times and it(he,she) does not pass not well at all. I suppose that until there is no one he(she) recovers so(then,since) I will have to follow(continue) injectándome insulin and esperándo, it(he) is hard but it(he,she) will be worth it, I wait for it.
I identify a bit with Nick but only a bit because unlike I he is not neglected by his(her,your) disease and also as the age we have the same one and wait na prompt priest, aveces is not bad to say what you think, because stoy satiates of wondering because I touch myself to my.

Posted by Anonymous on 31 August 2008

OMJ!!!!! My aunt fiance has a possibility of getin diabetes. When I found out I didn't cry, I smiled because I know Nick can inspire people with diabetes to not let it slow them down.



Posted by Nick Jonas Is The Best on 6 September 2008

Hey Nick!
I just want to hug you! I don't want you to have diabetes, but I think they would find a cure soon. I LOOOOOOOOVE YOU. You are the best singer and musican in the world!! I'm from Sweden so my english is not corect. Ha, ha. Do you know what I think you should do? Think that diabetes is like a outfit, ha, ha. Like this, if you you don't have it on you, you will feel....naked. But if you have it on you feel completly well dressed, ha, ha. So just think that "I'm Nick Jonas and I have diabetes!" Just be proud of yourself. 'Cause I am proud of you.

I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

Posted by Anonymous on 13 September 2008

hey nick omg ur the best singer an musicion eva i luvvvv u

Posted by Anonymous on 14 September 2008

Nick j i'm ur biggest fan.i may not have diabetes but i am so inspired that you still give ur all even in these kinds of conditions but u never gave up!u gave ur best in every performance and long live NICK JONAS. (the cutest guy i have ever seen)!!! :)

Posted by Anonymous on 14 September 2008


Posted by Anonymous on 14 September 2008

they might think that i don't have diabetes and i'm just here to admire nick j but partially because he is truly amazing. i am a singer myself and i almost wanted to give it up but thanks to u i dream of doing a duet with u someday. I lUv U and ur myinspiration. Goodnight and goodbye. I'm meg

Posted by Anonymous on 21 September 2008

Nick dont worry everythings going to be ok,people love you so much and you have inspired kids all over the world because ther are kids out there that have diabeties and they look up to a strong guy who is a awsome singer who can do enything.By Stephanie Monroe,age14

Posted by Anonymous on 28 September 2008

Nick I am Relly sad since I hard about yor diabetes At yor concert on July 20,2008. I hope you are giting beter and beter every day.You guys are awsome. I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you guys soooooooooooo A lot

Posted by Anonymous on 29 September 2008

Dear Nick,
You Are My Favourite Jonas Brother. You Have A Very, Very Good Voice.
The Jonas Brothers Are The Best. Your Awsomee x

Good Luck x

Lovee Youu Lotsss x

Posted by Anonymous on 5 October 2008

I may diabeates at 12 years of age! Were not sure yet. you are such an insparation to all kids with it! Youguy rock and im a huge huge fan. I would love to be in your shoes and hope one day i can be a number 1 song writer. I love you all so, so much.

A huge fan. Hannah

Posted by danielleroxz on 15 October 2008

omg!i luv u nick jonas!

Posted by Anonymous on 16 October 2008

i have diabetes too its actually not so bad. i was diagnosed augest 12 2008

Posted by Anonymous on 3 November 2008

OMG! Nick you are soo strong, i am really sorry for you. and i think that it is soo great, that you won't slow down because of your diabetes!!! i loooove you!

Posted by Anonymous on 7 November 2008

nick jonnas keep fight i have pre diebetic age 13 years old nov,7,2008 i found out

Posted by Anonymous on 18 November 2008

i love what nick is doing right now and i do love him!!! he is not letting this slow him down from what he loves to do

Posted by Anonymous on 21 November 2008

hey im a diabetic i was diagnosted 2 mounths ago i went under the same symtoms as nick j . its pretty coll we are just alike!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is from 11 year old makiah harper from west chester ohio

Posted by Anonymous on 27 November 2008

hello jonas brother buenas noches kevin i love you y tambien les mando saludos a josef y nicolas me enkntan sus cansiones los amo soy su fan #1 me enkantaria ke vinieran a visitar a ka en mexico ste ps es imposible

y ps les deseo lo mejor oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxox te mando besos y abrazos kevin

Posted by Anonymous on 2 December 2008

Hello Nick Jonas I have type 1 diabetes to. I am 12 going on 13 in january 3. I just want to tell you that you should never give up. I became diabetic September 23 2005. I was in a comma for 2 weeks! I have an insulin pump to and it is wonderful to have it. I used to poke myself 6 to 8 times a day! I also attended Texas Lions Camp! Its all type one diabetics, so if you would like to attend you can just get information, sign up, and attend. See you later.

Posted by Anonymous on 12 December 2008

OMG i love you joe but i am only ll
i hope i will see you in life well all of you lol
i have posters of you in my room my mom said i can come see you play if you play in toronto try yo go play there ok?
i hope you are ok nick my grandpa has diabites too it is nothing to wory about you will be fine

get well nick\

Posted by Anonymous on 25 December 2008

nick you r amazing even though you have diabetes i was wondering if you would like to come to rush,ny in the summer of 2009 you can come to camp for free and your brothers will get to be camp counselors- they will get paid a little as well with working with kids with all different needs and some diabetic illnesses. this camp would reaLLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE if you can go contact kelly mccay @ thanks

Posted by Anonymous on 8 January 2009

this article was stupid

Posted by Anonymous on 10 January 2009

Nick/Joe/Kevin/franke i have typ 1 diabetes to.p.s my name is sierra

Posted by Anonymous on 17 January 2009

I have diabetes and Nick has really inspired me
I hope that with his help and others, we will find a cure soon. very soon.

Posted by Anonymous on 30 January 2009

hi nick i have diabetes and it does not stop me!!

Posted by wardk on 4 February 2009

I kendra Ward have diabetes and my family is helping me. But I need more info. Please help

Posted by wardk on 4 February 2009

I Kendra Ward have diabetes and i dont know how to treet it? I need you help! Thank you for your help

Posted by Anonymous on 28 March 2009

nick, PLEASE do something diffrent for diabetics like show up somewere where we can all meet u....

Posted by Anonymous on 28 March 2009

U rockkkkk

Posted by Anonymous on 25 April 2009

i love nick with all my hart and i know that a lot of these girls do to but ever one just likes him because he has a pretty face i want to know the rill him and i am not saying that he is not hot because he is but i want to know him not a pic of him and nick if your reading this then you should come to SANTA FE some time that is where i live my name is Reeanne Lynn Martinez i am 10 years old so bye rember my name bye

Posted by Anonymous on 4 May 2009

i luv u and i hope u get better love me1

Posted by Anonymous on 17 June 2009

hey nick what's up? i love ur voice so much!!
well take care of yourself!!

laura yrigollen

Posted by laura_rocks on 17 June 2009

what's up nick!! how r u? i luv ur voice! welltake care!!

Posted by Anonymous on 26 June 2009

it's not much fun having diabetes. I've had it for two years now and it gets you down sometimes. but to all people who have it keep fighting, a cure is just around the corner. Peace to the DB'S

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