Letter of the Week: A Grateful Mom Thanks Nick Jonas For Speeding Her Daughter's Diagnosis

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Apr 10, 2008

Hi, Mr. King: Thanks so much for Diabetes Health. Being a type 1 diabetic, I have benefited from many of its articles. I would like to tell you a story concerning my daughter, Morgan, and say what an inspiration Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers is.

Morgan is 12-½ years old and a huge Jonas Brothers fan!  Of course she and her friends wanted tickets for the Louisville Palace show in February. A few of her friends’ mothers went and stood in line on the cold morning that the lottery tickets went on sale. 

Unfortunately their numbers were not called so they did not get tickets. So, we went to “Plan B."  I stayed home on standby to get tickets online. Unfortunately, again the tickets were sold out in minutes and we couldn't get any.  So, on to “Plan C”: I found tickets online for an inflated price. which we paid.

Finally the day of the concert came!  The girls were so excited.  Morgan was getting ready for the concert and said to me, “Mom, look how big my new blue jeans are.” I looked at her and said, “Morgan, you look like you’ve lost weight.  We just bought those jeans a couple of weeks ago – you need to start eating better.”  Of course I gave the mom lecture about eating healthy, etc. I had noticed she had been drinking a lot of water lately but really didn't give it much thought since this was not unusual for her.  

Morgan mentioned before the concert that Nick Jonas the youngest brother in the band is a type 1 diabetic who wears an insulin pump like me.  I thought how neat that he is a diabetic who tours all over the country and acts as a role model for younger diabetics, and also get the message out about diabetes!

We went to the concert and had a great time. The girls were in awe – even though our seats were in the balcony.

The next morning, we talked about how much fun we had at the concert and again spoke of Nick being diabetic. All of a sudden a light bulb went off in my head. I thought, “Oh, my, Morgan has all the symptoms of diabetes!” I pulled out my blood glucose meter and tested her blood sugar. It was 356. I felt sick to my stomach. I thought something was wrong with the meter, so I tested my husband. He was in normal range. 

I sent Morgan on to school and called the doctor. When she came home from school, her blood sugar was over 500. At Kosair Childrens Hospital in Louisville, KY, Morgan was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on Monday, February 25, 2008.  It was an extremely hard week for our whole family. I felt angry, guilty and sad. 

After a hard week, I thought to myself. “Oh, my gosh, Nick Jonas saved my daughter from getting really sick.”  If he hadn't spoken out about his diabetes I may have not thought about her symptoms until she had gotten really sick. I would love to somehow let him or his parents know and thank him. Again, I think he is a super role model for young diabetics. It’s scary enough to be diagnosed at a young age, but when you know there are other kids going through the same thing as you, it helps.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Lesia Daniel

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Posted by Anonymous on 9 April 2008

this just showed up on my google alerts so i read it...and woah. this is a really amazing story. im sure nick & his family would love to hear it.
God has such huge things planned for the Jonases and this is just one example...

Posted by Anonymous on 9 April 2008

that is such a touching story (:
gotta love nick!

Posted by Anonymous on 10 April 2008

AWWWWWW i agree with you, Knowing that Nick Jonas has diabetes and being a freaky Jonas Brothers Fan i decided to be tested i got tested and it came out negative, Luckily. Nick was the reason why i got tested. He is a HUGE role model and i hope the best for your daughter i know she will survive it

Posted by Anonymous on 10 April 2008

This is a great article and very encouraging to see a famous and talented young man like Nick Jonas turning his diabetes health situation into an opportunity to help and inspire others.
Thanks to you Nick Jonas for being an amazing role model & inspiration to other young people.

Posted by Anonymous on 10 April 2008

I think that its cool how he had an effect on her. They want to be role models and have an effect on peoples lives and this is one of the ways.

Posted by Marnie on 10 April 2008

The Jonas Brothers are really amazing role models in every sense! I know someone else (we are also from louisville funnily enough) who realized that they have diabetes because of Nick Jonas. I really feel like the reason Nick has Diabetes is because God wanted him to help others and to spread the word.

We are blessed to have people like this in the world!
I hope you get your chance to thank them!

Posted by Anonymous on 10 April 2008

Thats so sweet! Nick Jonas is a role model! So i agree! so I hope Morgan is getting better now! BE STRONG GIRL!
Lotz of Lov Michelle

Posted by Anonymous on 10 April 2008

The Jonas Brothers are amazing!
Marnie said it all. I feel exactly the same way. Nick Jonas is one amazing guy. He deserves everything he's gotten. You just gotta love him .

Posted by Anonymous on 10 April 2008

this is such a great story. I hope everything turns out REALLY GOOD in the future and we all love Nick Jonas and the rest of the Jonas Brothers for spreading more awareness of Diabetes. :)

Posted by Anonymous on 10 April 2008

u know nick jonas is the best and he makes a difference ine very1s lives if he read this story i think he would be amased~

Posted by Anonymous on 10 April 2008

This sort of made me teary eyed!

Posted by Anonymous on 10 April 2008

Yep that's me! Morgan! I love the Jonas Brothers and I'm blessed to have a mom like mine. I feel grateful that my mom is spreading the word about it. I hope that I will be able to share this with Nick or any of the Jonas Brothers!

Posted by Anonymous on 10 April 2008

What an amazing story. We live with it but when it's right in front of us we don't even see it. I am type II and feel lucky to be type II and not type I. I really feel for the above 2 people and the kids but at the same time I am sure the kids are some how better knowing that "other" kids have type I. Kids they look up to or whos music they listen to. Being 44 years old I am not a Jonas brothers fan but I did see them on Leno a few months ago. I was impressed and did like the song they played. I am glad this young man made you think of what was happening to your kids. I am also glad that your kids can know they can be just as normal and maybe even super stars with Type I or Type II. It just takes living life a little differtly than others.

Posted by Anonymous on 11 April 2008

thats soo touching and I hope everything works out for your family and Morgan and the Jonas family will hopefully get the opporutunity to meet you and your daugheter

Posted by Anonymous on 12 April 2008

You saved that girls life Nick your awsome and your my hero.

Posted by Anonymous on 12 April 2008

Nick you saved that little girls life. Also you are my biggest hero because you telling about the diabetes helped my cousin also.

Posted by Chantw on 12 April 2008

this story is really touching! I hope that the Jonas Brothers get to read it to see how much of an inspiration they are to people (of all ages). I do hope that the mom and her daughter get to meet the Jo Bros. God really does have GREAT things planned for the JB;)

Posted by Anonymous on 12 April 2008

This is an amazing story .
I just love her mom .
Wow ,
I get cold chills and goose-bumps everytime I read this .
I know that the both of you will get through this together ,
So stay strong !
( love you morgan , and mrs . leisa . )
- Your third daughterr .

Posted by Anonymous on 13 April 2008

I was just diagnosed with type 1 in June 2007 and his article about his diabetes was in a magazine that same day I was in the hospital. He is an amazing hero to look up to! The Jonas Brothers are spreading awareness about the disease and I love it because now people actually know what it is. Stay strong diabetics :)

Posted by Anonymous on 13 April 2008

What a stupid mother. SHE herself has Type 1 diabetes and needed a celebrity to remind herself that since her daughter had the symptoms of Type 1 diabetes, there was a chance she may actually HAVE it. Some people shouldn't procreate. Especially in this case. Everyone knows there is a genetic component to Type 1 diabetes (very strong in some families), let's hope stupidity doesn't run in this family as well...

Posted by Anonymous on 14 April 2008

calling the mother stupid was uncalled for.
A history of diabetic runs in my family and yes i know that my children could get it and i know all the symptoms. I hope and pray ever day that they do not get this disease or any other disease that run in my family.
The mother being a diabetic herself knows all to well the changes this disease has placed on her life and I am sure she did want her daughter to have to go thru it!

Posted by ldaniel on 14 April 2008

STUPID - hardly! When you live with diabetes it is with you everyday---it never goes away and is always on your mind. I have always tested my daughters periodically to make sure their blood sugars were in line. My letter was to address that even though you live with Diabetes (and I do know the symptoms) it can come about very fast. Again, my daughter has always drank alot so again this was not an immediate sign. As far as the weight loss (which was just a few pounds) happened overnight. I would have recognized the symptoms but my point is that Nick Jonas brought it to my attention earlier. Even the doctors at the hospital said most children come in very sick. I am thankful that we were able to catch it before it got to that point. I also wanted to point out that Nick Jonas is a great role model and hopefully Diabetes will get more attention and help others recognize the symptom that are not familiar with it. Yes, genetics plays a part in All diseases – I guess the human race would not exist if it were up to you.
I would not trade my beautiful daughter for anything in the world!! If well controlled, people can live a long happy life. I should know I have had it over 30 years!!

Posted by Anonymous on 14 April 2008

Hi I'm Paige Daniel, Lesia's oldest daughter and Morgan's older sister. I'm 16 years old and I just wanted to make a quick comment about the person calling my mother stupid. I do not have diabetes, but yes it is genetic. My mom decided to take the chance in having kids knowing that she could pass on diabetes, but it was a chance that she was willing to risk. so many people live with diabetes and it doesnt stop them from living their lives. Unfortunately, Morgan did get diabetes, but she is still a normal 12 year old girl who lives her life just like every other kid, with a few exceptions when taking care of her diabetes. And like my mom said, there wouldn't be anyone on this earth if diseases kept us from living our lives like normal people. I love my mom and my sister and i dont know what i would do without them. Hopefully, you have a better understanding of why my mom truly wrote this article and that she clearly isnt "a stupid mother".

Posted by Anonymous on 14 April 2008

Aww, that's so awesome!

Posted by Anonymous on 14 April 2008

NICK IS THE BEST!!!!Nick is a great role model and he is a hero.He saved a young girls life.I hope that the girl will be ok but while reading this i had werid feelings.Nick u rock and i love u u r the best role model i read this to everyone i no.NIck i love u u and ur brothers rock.i also wish that ur daugher will get better and i no she will.

Posted by Anonymous on 14 April 2008

nick jonashas already done so much help for people thathe doenteven realizethathe is truehero, my hero♥

Posted by Anonymous on 15 April 2008

Calling the mother stupid was uncalled for.
A history of diabetic runs in my family and yes i know that my children could get it and i know all the symptoms. I hope and pray every day that they do not get this disease or any other disease that run in my family.
The mother being a diabetic herself knows all to well the changes this disease has placed on her life and I am sure she did NOT want her daughter to have to go thru it!

Posted by Anonymous on 16 April 2008

NICK U ROCK. When i read this i was so happy not for the girl but because u saved a young girls life.You and ur family should be happy.

Posted by Anonymous on 3 May 2008


Posted by Anonymous on 6 May 2008


Nick is totally awesome, and this proves it. To another step. He saved a girl's life. 3...2...1...AAAAWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!

Peace, Love, Jonas

Posted by Anonymous on 14 May 2008

Hey Nick. I am a type one diabetic also and I lost 25 lbs. when I was diagnosed so I weighed about 65 lbs. then, but I strongly agree with you that this disease can not slow us down, I play soccer and run track. I really wanted to know how everything is working with the omnipod. I have a medtronic pump. I am the only one out of six girls with diabetes, so you know how I feel. I really want to come to one of your shows one day, hope I can.
Well Nick keep your blood sugar in target.

Posted by Anonymous on 24 May 2008

Awww, this is so cute!! Nick is such a great role model!!!!! ♥

Posted by Anonymous on 25 May 2008

I am a mom of three. I think that it was generous of Morgan's mother to share her story. As mothers, we know that there are always people ready to accuse us of mistakes, so we have to be careful what we share. Some people will take any admission of fault and run with it. Morgan's mom is obviously a caring, intelligent person who is closely involved in her children's lives. The world would benefit from more parents like her! She is a blessing to her children. I'm sure Morgan and family are thankful that she recognized her daughter's diabetes symptoms at an early stage.

Posted by Anonymous on 27 May 2008

that must have been really hard thank god you found out who knows what could have happened if you didnt

Posted by Anonymous on 28 May 2008

oh my, this is an amazing story.
you're such an amazing mother,
to go through all that to get tickets for your daughter.
i know that nick would love to hear this story,
it would just make his day to know.
= )

Posted by Anonymous on 7 June 2008

I have to say, it's a tad strange that it took a fifteen year old boy to tell a mother with type 1 diabetes herself that her daughter has the same thing...nonetheless, I'm glad she noticed. Good parent, involved with her children's lives. Anywho, this is why I love this boy. Raising awareness, one child at a time :]

Posted by Anonymous on 8 June 2008

um being diagnosed at age 12 1/2 isnt that young
i was diagnosed at age 2
this is an amzing story

and we ALL love nick jonas

Posted by ldaniel on 10 June 2008

Here is an article on MomLogic.com concerning my story. I guess I have learned something valuable when writing to an editor. I should have explained myself more in detail. Yes I am Type 1 Diabetic and I know the symptoms of diabetes and have always watched for symptoms in my children. Morgan has always been a child who drinks more than she eats and is a picky eater. At various times I would check her blood sugar and she was fine. I have to say and most mothers would say, you get caught up with working, children and life and it's easy to overlook things. I hadn't noticed anything unual with Morgan except for increased thirst(not unual for her) and when we went to the concert and she talked about Nick being diabetic I think it was a reminder for me to check her again. This time it was for real. I'm not saying he saved her life and on MomLogic the headline says "Jonas Brother saves girls life" --but he does bring more attention to diabetes and it was just weird how our situation played out. Sometimes God works in mysterious ways and I think it was a gentle reminder for me. Yes, I would have realized it since I'm quite aware of diabetes - I just think it happened earlier. Anyway she is doing great and I am thankful that she didn't get really sick before being diagnosed.

Here is the interview.

Nick's openness about his diabetes gave one Mom an a-ha! moment.

Momlogic: Tell us what happened.
Leisa: "Her friends were getting fixed up for the concert. I just bought her a pair of blue jeans two to three weeks before and they fit her perfectly. She said, "Mom, look at my blue jeans. They're so big!" This is kind of a cycle for her. She's a petite child; she goes through cycles of eating real well and then she doesn't, so I didn't think too much of it. I had also noticed that she had been drinking more. She is a child who would rather drink than eat.

That night before the concert and the next morning she was talking about Nick Jonas being diabetic and wearing an insulin pump. I wear one myself, and I thought it was so cool that he was a diabetic and in a band and tours all over the country. All of a sudden a light bulb went off in my head and I thought, 'Ohmigosh. Morgan has all the symptoms of diabetes.' I went blank.

I had a blood glucose meter and her blood glucose was 356. I thought something was wrong with my meter. I sent her to school because I didn't want to alarm her and called the doctor; he said to bring her in for a blood glucose tolerance test. When she got home from school, I tested her again and her blood glucose was over 500. I called the doctor again and he told me to bring her into the children's hospital. That evening she was admitted to the hospital and was diagnosed right away."

Momlogic: What was going through your mind after Morgan was diagnosed?
Leisa: We only stayed one day in the hospital. You kind of go through it as you would a death. You feel anger, guilt and sadness--different stages, like you would when you're diagnosed with any disease. I was kind of going through my guilt--I felt I should have recognized this sooner. I thought, 'if Nick Jonas hadn't talked about himself being diabetic and her thinking about it and talking about it, I might've let it go on to where she would've gotten really sick.' The doctor said we had really caught it in time.

Momlogic: What advice can you give to other Moms?
Leisa: "If you're unsure, always take them to the doctor to make sure. I always say better be safe than sorry. If you have that motherly instinct that something is wrong, you should investigate it. The weight loss was so sudden. Be aware of your child."

L. Daniel

Posted by Anonymous on 13 June 2008

After reading this story I thought it was strange that a type 1 diabetic wouldn't notice the symptoms in her child without promptings from a celebrity. Then I thought about my own story. Both of my parents and my sister are type 1 diabetics.

Growing up my parents were cautious about me eating sugary foods and had me checked for diabetes at every doctor visit (this was before home meters were common). As the years went on life changes happened: my father died; my mother and I moved to another state near my sister and her family; my mother caring for grandkids after school; sister caring for an ill husband; mother's failing health, etc. Life got busy and as a teenager, for me losing weight for no reason was a good thing.

It wasn't until a doctor check up that mother thought about having me tested for diabetes. She heard another patient in the office say he needed a prescription for an insulin refill for his son. That triggered my mother to ask the doctor to check me. After having my blood drawn my mom dropped me of at school. Well I surprised during my 6th period class to get called to the principal's office because my mother had come to take me straight to the hospital. The doctor had called my mother to tell her my bg was over 800 mg/dl and that I was alert and functioning and not in a coma.

So saying someone is stupid for not noticing that there child has the symptoms of the same condition that the parent has is really inappropriate. I was 17 when I was diagnosed but there was a lot happening in my family at the time. I didn't bring to my mother's attention that I was always thirsty and going to bathroom a lot. I was overweight and needed to lose weight so the weight loss was not an alarming sign that something was wrong. Sometimes it can take an outside influence to help us put the clues together that something needs attention.

Posted by Anonymous on 18 June 2008

My 12 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in June 2007. I have just been diagnosed with type 1 myself and even though my symptoms were quite severe I didn't even think for a second that I could have diabetes. So even when you live with family members who have diabetes doesn't mean you are stupid when you don't attribute those symptoms to diabetes straight away.

Posted by wmoody on 19 June 2008

Lesia, Thank you for sharing your story. My 3 year old was diagnosed nearly 2 years ago and I can still remember that day. I would love to meet you as we live in the Southern IN/Louisville area. If interested, you can contact me through the local JDRF office as I am an outreach volunteer with them.

Wendy Moody

Posted by Anonymous on 4 July 2008

im a diabetic it is hard being a diabetic and very complicated.

Posted by Anonymous on 9 July 2008

i luv u nick ur so inspiring!
luv julia yvonne urdiales

Posted by Anonymous on 11 July 2008

Great story! I totally agree about Nick (and the rest of his family) being great rolemodels, also. I don't have diabetes, but I have a couple of friends who do, and I know that his story has really helped them when they have begun to feel insecure about the situation...
Thanks for posting your story,
God Bless!

Posted by Anonymous on 25 July 2008

Nick is such a great role model and a very thoughtful person i no from personal experience with him and his family the jonas family are good kind and caring people

Posted by Anonymous on 29 July 2008

Wow. Im so glad that Nick Jonas was a role model for this mother. I hope the best for your daughter and I hope Nick Jonas will continue being a good role model for kids with and without diabetes. Keep on rocking Jonas Brothers!

Posted by Anonymous on 14 August 2008

Nick Should stay A good Role model.Cuz He is.

Posted by Anonymous on 14 August 2008

Sooooo Sad!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 14 August 2008

The story sent goose bumpsup my spine.
I almost cryed Sooooo Sad.

Posted by Anonymous on 21 August 2008

Thanks Nick!! Your a Role Model to all. Especially those with diabetes! We love you
Nick Jonas!!

Posted by Anonymous on 18 November 2008

that's so touching
God bless you and your daughter..

Posted by Anonymous on 12 January 2009

hello my name s karay and that you have nick a emfermedad but that? it adds my messenger and it tell me the q passes jeje and that you recover we go if already these jeje bye kisses to all and ati xd I am very graceful bye!!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 1 February 2009

I love You nick:*:*:*:*

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