FDA Clears Medtronic and LifeScan to Market Integrated Wireless Diabetes Management System

The meter (left) wirelessly communicates with the insulin pump (right) to help a user adjust insulin flow without cumbersome inputs.

Apr 28, 2008

The FDA has cleared the OneTouch UltraLink wireless meter as the only meter certified by Medtronic to wirelessly communicate with its diabetes management products in the United States. The meter uses Medtronic-certified wireless technology to transmit glucose readings directly to MiniMed Paradigm insulin pumps and the Guardian® REAL-Time continuous glucose monitoring system. This makes bolus dosing more accurate and easier for patients compared to the manual entry of blood glucose readings.

Data transmitted from the OneTouch UltraLink meter can be viewed via Medtronic’s proprietary CareLink therapy management software, which integrates meter, logbook, insulin pump and real-time continuous glucose monitoring information to help patients and doctors more easily assess and manage diabetes.

Medtronic is working to provide the OneTouch UltraLink meter to all of its customers, current and new, as soon as possible. All new U.S. customers who order a MiniMed Paradigm REAL-Time System or Guardian REAL-Time System will receive the OneTouch UltraLink meter at no charge. The company will immediately start shipping the meters at no charge to eligible U.S. customers, and plans to complete this process later this year.

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Posted by Anonymous on 4 May 2008

I got mine this week & I can already tell a difference in the accuracy. Not to mention the pleasant surprise I had when I filled my prescription for test strips at the pharmacy! This certainly seems to be a win for minimed pump users who like the linking feature, but even for those who don't use the link, I think they too will be pleased.

Posted by Anonymous on 5 May 2008

This is just a money grabber for Medtronic to enable them to sell test strips. The meter is enormous & bulky and transmits every single reading to the CGMS system... You only need calibrate the CGMS 2ce daily & only when your sugars aren't changing. The fact that this transmits each reading makes it likely that users glucose readings on the CGMS will become wildly unstable.. I just don't know what Medtronic was/is thinking sometimes..

Posted by Anonymous on 9 May 2008

yea, don't use medtronics anymore, support in Canada lags the US. This won't hit Canada till our Health Canada approves. Altho the technology is great, I spend my contributions on organizations that try to find a cure. Companies making life easier for diabetics would cease instanty upon a cure or shortly thereafter/

Posted by Anonymous on 15 May 2008

"This is just a money grabber for Medtronic to enable them to sell test strips. The meter is enormous & bulky and transmits every single reading to the CGMS system... You only need calibrate the CGMS 2ce daily & only when your sugars aren't changing. The fact that this transmits each reading makes it likely that users glucose readings on the CGMS will become wildly unstable.. I just don't know what Medtronic was/is thinking sometimes.."

Actually, the strips for the meter are manufactured and distributed by LifeScan, not Medtronic. Medtronic originally had a proprietary meter (and strip) that came with the Paradigm pump, but they had problems with it. They decided (at an initial financial loss) to farm out the metering duties to LifeScan/OneTouch. Also, not everyone uses the CGMS. I have a Paradigm pump and just got my OneTouch Link last week. It is easier for me to bolus since I can send my reading directly to my pump. Also, the LifeScan strips are cheaper than the original ones.

Do your homework and try not to bitch so much.

Posted by Anonymous on 16 May 2008

I can't wait for my 17 yr old son's link meter to come this summer!!! It is impossible to get him to write his b.g.'s down anymore; thus the doctor can't help us! I hated the Bayer link because it always read 40-60 points lower than actual b.g.; but we have always loved the Lifescan Ultra. Mom to Jake#11

Posted by Anonymous on 23 June 2008

I was waiting and waiting fr them to come out with the fabled link meter for months.. only to be highly dissappointed when it finally did! I was expecting at least for them to go with the UltraSmart meter platform and be again ahead of the game with onhand logs and complete profile tracking as available with the UltraSmart... however, this meter totally lacks in oomph.. in features, and in outwards design. Sad, Sad, SAD! whatever happened to backlight? they should just make a program that you back load into any meter of your choice and have it be able to communicate with the pump. also, this link meter doesn't allow you to get your readings in mmols either. bummer. the reason i got a minimed is because of the dual bg reading choice avail in mmol/mg on the same pump. (I use mmols.) .. in any case double sad for me because even though i could get the mmol link meter from canada, it is a Contour meter, and my insurance only contracts with lifescan for test stripts, so i'm ripping my hair out in frustration.arrrrgh!

Posted by Anonymous on 2 July 2008

I have dealt with Medtronic. They are crooks. I recently was charged $1200.00 for supplies that my insurance said they would cover then rejected the claim. I believe that there is way too much money to be made for anyone that is in the industry to come up with a cure. They can make billions off of these rediculous gadgets that all of us diabetics need to survive. It's a sin

Posted by Anonymous on 19 March 2009

As for the automatic link, simply turn the meter option off on the pump if you are using the sensor capabilities. As for the one who complains there is too much money to be made to find a cure, time to wake up. No one goes into business for others.

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