New Product Alert: Clemmy’s Sugar-Free Ice Cream

Here’s the Scoop! Now There’s Another Frozen Dessert Choice in Town

Clemmy’s, which was named after the inventor’s cat, is carried by over 1,000 stores.

Nov 10, 2008

It's National Diabetes Month! Why not reward yourself for all that work you've done educating yourself about diabetes, all that time you've watched your diet, and all that time you've spent exercising? Have yourself a little sugar-free ice cream!

Jon Gordon, the inventor of Clemmy, a line of sugar-free, preservative-free, super premium ice cream, developed his sugar-free recipes while experimenting with dozens of ingredients in his kitchen in Palm Springs, California. According to his press release, he worked 18 hours a day to come up with just the right formula. 

Gordon didn't like any of the artificial sweeteners he tried because of their aftertaste. He found happiness when he was turned on to a natural sweetener, xylitol, made from fibrous vegetables and fruits.

Now Clemmy's Ice Cream claims to have done something the big companies have all failed at-reproduced the taste and texture of the super premium ice creams with 25 percent less calories, less fat, and zero sugar per serving.

Clemmy's, which was named after Gordon's cat, is carried by over 1,000 stores, including Albertsons, Stater Bros., Gelson's, Jensen's, Harris Teeter, MDI/Lowes, and Bristol Farms. It comes in five delicious flavors: vanilla, coffee, chocolate, toasted almond, and chocolate mint swirl.

Check it out!

Source: Clemmy's Ice Cream

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Posted by Anonymous on 10 November 2008

It looks like a great product. My only reservation is that in using cream as the main ingredient, the product is not truly sugar free because of the lactose of the milk products.

Posted by Anonymous on 11 November 2008

Is Xylitol a sugar alcohol? What effect does that have on CBG?

Posted by RoxMcK51 on 11 November 2008

This product has 15 grams of fat in it. As you should know Type II (more than 90% of ALL diabetics) is primarily a metabolic disorder usually related to obesity, so removing sugar is only part of the solution.

Posted by Anonymous on 16 November 2008

I would like to answer the comments that were recently made regarding Clemmy's All Natural Sugar Free Ice Cream.

1)To Anonymous: Clemmy's is a great product, and with regard to Cream, Heavy Cream is 99% Lactose Free. You should go to any supermarket and read the Nutrion Label with regard to Sugar on Heavy Cream.

2)To Anonymous: Xylitol is a Polyol, which is why it is listed on their container as Polyols. Xylitol does not spike the glucose levels. You should read up about the benefits of Xylitol by going to

3. To RoxMck51: Statistically, I think you need to check what you say with regard to 90% of Diabetics are Type, I think you will be surprised. You are correct that removing Sugar is only part of the solution. This is important since Clemmy's at least takes the initiative to deal with part of the problem, however, Sugar is the Ultimate Enemy when is comes to being overweight or obese. Most people believe that a Low Fat Diet will be the anwer to all their problems, but in fact the body cannot mke enough insulin to burn of the incredible amounts of Sugar contained in Low at Food. This is exactly how these major food companies get these products that are low fat to taste decent; they add a ton of Sugar. For example: Skinny Cow is a low fat ice cream product. Take their Ice Cream Sandwich sometime and read the label, 2 grams of fat or less and 14-15 grams of Sugar. When the body cannot burn off the SUgar it is stored and turns to fat.

Posted by Anonymous on 23 January 2009

most if nit all of the fatfree products on the market today contain some form of sugar substitute that is man-made. Check out the article on t.v. by the name of "SWEET MISERY" very informative. I have been using Stevia for a couple of months and there is such a difference in my well being. Believe me it is great to feel so good at age 72.thanks for the space to say whats on my mind.

Posted by Anonymous on 20 May 2009

I have been using Stevia for several years and I find that it does have a bitter after-taste if you use too much. Also, if you use it with chocolate, it tastes even more bitter. I use it with berries and it tastes fine. Xylitol gives me intestinal problems but it is supposed to be good for the teeth.

Posted by Anonymous on 31 January 2010

I am unable to find Clemmys Ice Cream in any stores that are listed when I do the locator - the customer services in these stores have never heard of Clemmys Ice Cream. I really don't want to order over Internet, but it looks like maybe that is the only solution. I'll keep requesting and hope for the best.

Posted by Anonymous on 21 April 2010

I called Albertsons, and they don't carry it. I wrote Von's a letter, asking if they would carry it, in the near future.

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