Halle Berry Says She's Worked Her Way Up From Type 1 to Type 2 Diabetes

This article was originally published in Diabetes Health in February, 2008.

| Dec 25, 2008

No less an authority than the New York Times wrote in May 2006 that Halle Berry has type 1 diabetes, listing her as one of several "stars who have type 1 - Gary Hall, the Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer; Adam Morrison, the Gonzaga University basketball star; [and] Halle Berry."

Ms. Berry is also described as having type 1 by other sources. Health24.com, for example, reported that "it was during the taping of the television sitcom called "Living Dolls" in 1989 that Halle went into a diabetic coma. Shortly afterwards she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes."

On the other hand, the U.K. Daily Mail said in 2005 that Halle was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after falling into a seven-day coma. According to that report "Halle, now 39, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes…'I thought I could tough it out, but I couldn't have been more wrong," she [said]. "One day, I simply passed out, and I didn't wake up for seven days, which is obviously very serious.'"

Now the picture is becoming even more murky: Ms. Berry herself apparently believes that she has worked her way up from type 1 to type 2. According to an October 2007 report by Contactmusic.com, "The actress was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes after she passed out while shooting a TV show…But the disease has now dropped to type 2 diabetes because Berry is no longer 'insulin dependent.'

She says, 'I've managed to wean myself off insulin, so now I like to put myself in the type 2 category.'" Obviously, someone is confused here.

Note: The Editor recommends this follow-up article: http://www.abcnews.go.com/Health/story?id=3822870&page=1/=.

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Posted by Elijah M on 2 November 2007

I would imagine this delusional way of thinking goes a long way in helping Ms. Berry maintain that Hollywood thin physique. I just feel sorry that people who don't know any better might read her comments and believe that it's actually possible to "work your way up." Such misinformation certainly doesn't help anyone.

Posted by Anonymous on 2 November 2007

I'd like to know who Hally Berry thinks she is, this is the reason why the awareness of type 1 diabetes is so skewed. We need people out there that know what they are talking about not some idiot that says that she has gone from type 1 to type 2 which is in fact impossible! For the sake of my 4 yr old type 1 daughter I would suggest that she get her facts straight and not get childrens hopes up that maybe one day they can be like her and not need insulin anymore!

She is off my daughters roll model list!

Posted by Anonymous on 2 November 2007

Luther Vandross (May his soul rest in perfect peace) said he had been cured of his type 2 diabetes on a TV interview. He sadly died from diabetes complications.

Posted by omegaman on 2 November 2007

Can it be real? Can you actually cure yourself of Type 1 Diabetes? Or at least, "work your way up" from it?

I have definitely heard this one before. Some doctor in Florida once said he had had great success with extremely disciplined Type 1's who completely cut our processed carbs and went on a "restricted" carb diet, while taking large doses of GTF Chromium. Don't know if it really works because he wanted me to pay him his big fee to see him and I live in Nevada. No guarantees mind you.

I think Halle is a bit delusional. I've worked with the "hollywood" types in the past. Not my crowd.

Posted by Anonymous on 3 November 2007

This is just sad. What kind of foolish person would say something so ridiculous?
Years ago when it came out that she had type 1 she and her mother denied it and claimed she was 'cured'. Well I know people who worked on Catwoman with her and said she kept passing out from lows.
She could be such a role model. Now she is just sounding like a fool.

Posted by Anonymous on 3 November 2007

This is so sad. I hope she gets the proper medical care during her pregnancy. And yes, as someone said...not to worry so much about her weight.

Posted by idarider on 3 November 2007

Because I ended up with Type 1 after gestational diabetes, people often ask me if I am sure. Of course I am sure. And my doctors are sure...lol. But I am an unusual case, I guess. So, I suppose it's possible that she was always a Type 2. Maybe they didn't do the C-peptide test when she collapsed? Who knows. Sad, at best. Especially with her being pregnant. Most of us, however, lack a truly good physician. So, if you're not the type to take control of your own illness, you could be in trouble...

Posted by Anonymous on 4 November 2007

The pancreas stops producing insulin in type 1. The pancreas continues producing insulin in type 2 but the insulin doesn't work. Two different problems. Not something you can "work your way" up to.

Posted by Elijah M on 4 November 2007

Just to be clear: if you are a type 1 diabetic, barring any heretofore unseen medical breakthrough, you are always going to be a type 1 diabetic. You cannot "work your way up" to type 2. Any doctor who tells you otherwise is operating outside the confines of sound medical science, and should not be practicing medicine. This is akin to saying that you can "work your way up" from skin cancer to a mild case of excyma.

Sadly, Ms. Berry's comments undo decades of education that type 1 diabetics have been doing informally with our peers, family, coworkers, and anyone who believes that we can wean ourselves off insulin through diet and exercise and just pop a pill to make it all ok.

Thanks for nothing.

Posted by Anonymous on 4 November 2007

I am sad to hear this obviously uneducated comment from Ms. Berry. She was a role model for me because she considered diabetes a "blessing" that forced her to live a healthy lifestyle. Now she may give Type I diabetics falso hope or guilt that they did not try hard enough to "move up to Type II". Also, she gives Type II diabetics who are afraid of going on insulin the suggestion that insulin should be avoided, when in fact it may be the best thing for a Type II who is no longer producing enough insulin. I hope Ms. Berry will get her facts straight and retract her comments, and say something positive and accurate to the community. She can be a real motivation for a lot of people.

Posted by Anonymous on 4 November 2007

Basically, Halle has Type 1, but in Hollywood her reps do not want her to talk about it so she tried to "pretend" that she doesn't have Type 1, but rather Type 2, which her dumb reps think is the "better" of the 2 diseases. As those of us with Type 1 know, it is - in most cases - easier to manage Type 1 diabates vs. Type 2. Either way, she is trying not to be the "diabetic Actress" and goes out of her way to avoid being associated - in any way, shape or form - that she has Type 1 diabetes. That's the bottom line and why, when she was put on the spot, said something so preposterous and incorrect. She does not have Type 2 or nor has she weaned herself off of insulin. It's magical "Hollywood" BS trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes once again.

Posted by Anonymous on 5 November 2007

According to the faqs on her much outdated website--it says Halle's type 2 and see her comments on the diabetic link. Guess she was having a flaky moment? She should know what's on her site.

Posted by ricklude on 5 November 2007

This goes to show you, how dangerious being ignorant can be. People will "suck" this utterly stupid story of her's right up as absolute truth and perhaps, making more problems for themselves & others.

Next, I await her new book on how she cured herself to be published.

Posted by Anonymous on 6 November 2007

wow, that's like 'working your way up' from lung cancer to breast cancer. Sad that she isn't more aware of reality and her own condition before she opens her mouth.

Nicholas, if you intended that to be funny, it was way too long for satire.

Posted by Anonymous on 6 November 2007


Posted by Better-Cell on 9 November 2007

She was not diagnosed correctly in the beginning.
She probably has Type 2.41/2 Diabetes lol

Posted by Anonymous on 9 November 2007

I can not believe that this trash would even be printed in a Diabetes Health magazine. I'm very disappointed.

Posted by Anonymous on 9 November 2007

I think Halle has fried her brain with poor blood sugar control!

Posted by Anonymous on 9 November 2007

The tragedy here is that people will hear this and believe! It is difficult enough to help patients learn self management which requries medication therapy in many cases.
She will "convince" many that they can just "work to a different kind of diabetes".
As an educator, I see this as very risky for many!

Posted by kilty on 9 November 2007

I fully believe Miss Berry. I have done the very same thing and so have a number of my family members.
We are completly well now.

Posted by Anonymous on 9 November 2007

Why is everyone so worried about what a movie person says? She's cute, and "famous for being famous," not necessarily educated. I, for one will manage my own body, and let her manage hers -- silly girl.

Posted by Anonymous on 10 November 2007

If Halle Berry didn't want to be the "diabetic actress" she sure is now after making that uneducated comment and getting all this negative attention. Ooops, the spin backfired.

Posted by Anonymous on 10 November 2007

This is just great. Because it wasn't already incredibly difficult to explain to people that type I and type II aren't even the same disease, really, and no, I'm not going to be able to cure myself by "eating right", which I have always done anyway, and has NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING! Wonderful.

Posted by Mair on 12 November 2007

It is unfortunate that Halle Berry has made the comments. Assuredly this has led to some false hope for some people with Diabetes. I for one tend to believe that there IS a better way for all Diabetics. In all of medicine and healing there is always more than one answer. It up to the patient and the patient's care givers to seek the best possible care available. This would include our own gathering and understanding of information. Our doctors and medical professionals CAN NOT know it all. As patients and care givers we must ask questions, seek information and consider all possibilities. Furthermore, Diabetes is as invididualized and specific as our own DNA. There is not a cookie cutter treatment for either diabetes I or II. All the negative comments can only further secure the acceptance of the life's sentence that comes with Diabetes. I for one remain hopeful that the billions of dollars that are raised and spent towards "finding a cure" are not efforts taken in vain and that there will be a cure one day. Keep the hope alive! BE well.

Posted by Anonymous on 13 November 2007

Hey there is now reserch to suggest that type 1 and type 2 diabetes are actually the same thing. There are people out there who present with both the symtoms of type 1 and type 2 diabetes... people are calling it type 1.5. The research is suggesting that type 1 and 2 are not completly different but more on a spetrum with 1 at one end and one at the other and that type 1 is more just the same as type two but the hole process is speed up..i cnt reallly explain it properly but u guys should read the article..also not saying that type 1 can progress into type two

Posted by Anonymous on 14 November 2007

1) Some Type 2's use insulin as a medication - and they can wean themselves off that therapy if they lose weight and go low carb. The question is - does your body make and use its own insulin? That's the crucial difference between Type 1 and Type 2.
2) If halle berry isn't using insulin, but is getting low blood sugars, she is most likely using pills for type 2 diabetes. those can be pretty dangerous - causing very low blood sugars. type 2 is no cake walk.

Posted by Anonymous on 15 November 2007

I am a CDE in a large teaching hospital and often see doctors write the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes for a 60 year old person who was on oral medication now requiring insulin! Halle Berry may just be having a long honeymoon period where her body is producing insulin as a "last gasp" capacity before the beta cells fail, or it could be media spin by her "people".

Posted by Sharon E. on 15 November 2007

A few days ago a TV avangalist Benny Hines (spelling?) had a type 1 person take off his pump on the show and told him he was CURED of his type 1 diabetes!! This kid was probably an actor (and gave his pump to his mom to put on later for sure). How many people at home watching may have stopped taking their meds by watching this? We should all contact that show in protest, he may have caused serious injury in the name of God!

Posted by Anonymous on 15 November 2007

Who cares what type of diabetes Halle Berry thinks she has. I'm surprised this got any press at all. She's wrong, but she's not a medical professional, so it's "okay" for her to be wrong. Nobody should be taking her advice on any thing of this nature anyway. For her sake, let's just hope she can keep BG levels decent regardless. (That goes for all of us as well!)

Posted by Anonymous on 15 November 2007

To the poster who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes after gestational diabetes--that is in fact very common. In a German study that was published in Diabetes forecast in the late 1990s, 42% of women who had gestational diabetes went on to have full blown Type 1 (antibody testing proved they were antibody positive). To the poster who says the line is blurred between Type 1 and Type 2, that is not medically accurate. They are two very different diseases with different genetics, causes, treatments, and cures. People who are antibody positive have Type 1 autoimmune diabetes. Type 2 is non-autoimmune. The advent of antibody testing has just shown that more people have Type 1 than previously thought. Many thin adult "Type 2" diabetics have slow onset Type 1, based on the presence of antibodies (GADA, ICA, etc.). And no, you don't switch from Type 1 to Type 2.

Posted by kilty on 15 November 2007

The Very Rev. Benny Hinn is never wrong as his word comes directly from God and God is never wrong.

Posted by Anonymous on 16 November 2007

She may have MODY. There are several genes identified that can cause it, if you get the gene you get the disease, not the predisposition. It is often misdiagnosed as either type 1 or type 2.

Posted by Anonymous on 20 November 2007

are you serious ?? And I suppose cancer isn't real, AIDS is a government conspiracy, vaccines do more harm than good and George Bush planned 9-11. You do everyone here a disservice by linking these pipe dreams. Diabetes IS a disease. HYPERglycemia is a symptom of the disease and lowering doesn't cure the disease. There is no cure. only treatments for the symptoms unfortunately.

Posted by ricklude on 21 November 2007

Sorry Mr. Gracey. Diabetes is NOT a cure. It may be a bodily reaction to something else but, not a cure of anytype!

Diabetes IS an incurable disease which, left untreated and ignored, causes numerious harms to both multipule organs and body systems. This is a proven and accepted FACT.

If Ms. Berry has some form of vast improvement in her condition, THAT'S JUST GREAT! Go girl go! (Not only is she a fox but, she's a good actress as well!)

But to state or, have stated on your behalf that, you have cured yourself of one type and "evolved" into a super controled quite other type, or be totally rid of the ailment, is a dangerious, unfounded, and DUMB statement to put into the public's eye!
She is as much an expert on the subject as I am and becouse of her celebrity, the statement CAN sway other diabetics into rash, harmful actions, they may later regret.

If, and only IF, she has been misdiagnosed in the first place or is in some form of temporary remission from this disease, I wish her well, continued improvement, and further success in her profession. Hopefully, her family, all her fans, and I, shall have her around for a long, long time. :)

Posted by Anonymous on 28 November 2007


Posted by Emily on 29 November 2007

This is hard to understand as type 1 is defined as being insulin dependent, meaning beta cells in the pancreas do not produce any insulin for the body. Type 2 is defined as beta cells producing some insulin or the body cannot use the insulin properly.

If Halle is correct, this would mean a restoration of her beta cell function. The herbal remedy Eleotin is reported to be able to do this, but I wonder how she did it?

Posted by Anonymous on 29 November 2007

There is currently no cure for type 1A (autoimmune) diabetes. It seems likely that Halle Berry has type 1B (idiopathic) diabetes. This definition from the highly reliable Children With Diabetes website seems to fit:
Idiopathic diabetes (Type 1B). Some forms of Type 1 diabetes have no known etiologies. Some of these patients have permanent insulin deficiency and are prone to ketoacidosis but have no evidence of autoimmunity. Although only a minority of patients with Type 1 diabetes fall into this category, of those who do, most are of African, Hispanic, or Asian origin. Individuals with this form of diabetes suffer from episodic ketoacidosis and exhibit varying degrees of insulin deficiency between episodes. This form of diabetes is strongly inherited, lacks immunological evidence for beta cell autoimmunity, and is not HLA associated. An absolute requirement for insulin replacement therapy in affected patients may come and go.

Posted by Anonymous on 20 January 2008

why are you all so negative. having faith and trying new things can make a big change. for instance, god made a blind man see and i believe he can cure my disease. start praying people, at least for a cure.

Posted by Anonymous on 28 January 2008

We're not negative, we're realistic. My daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, she is only 5 years old. She will live with this for the rest of her life if they don't find a cure. I do pray! I pray that that funding will continue to find a cure. The problem with society now is that we won't have a cure until it is profitable. Until a cure is more profitable than treating the disease, we're never getting rid of diabetes!

Posted by Anonymous on 6 February 2008

The publicity monsters gave her this outlandish story. Just watch... she's probably still insulin dependent and may even wear an insulin pump under all her Hollywood garb ;)

If she was working on the set of Catwoman and kept passing out due to low blood sugar (as seen from one of the comments above), then she is obviously taking her insulin, because if she was not (and only controlling her diabetes - whatever type - through diet and exercise), she would never experience lows. Infact, her blood sugar would probably always be on the higher end.

On another note, I read a story about a guy in Russia whose body still produced a small amount of insulin, and therefore was able to stop taking insulin due to a sugar free/low carb diet and a vigorous exercise routine. Eventually, he will probably have to go on insulin again, but he is enjoying his prolonged honeymoon phase. I also have been able to cut back my insulin needs significantly by exercising frequently and eating a very healthy diet, though if I personally completely stopped taking my insulin, I'd be very, very sick: DKA is NOT a fun experience!

Posted by Anonymous on 19 February 2008

When I was pregnant, for the first trimester my sugars were extremely low and I was taking hardly any insulin at all. Maybe this is what is happening to her. But she is further along now and should be in the stage where your sugars are extremely high and need to take even more insulin. Maybe this claim was originally made in the first stages of her pregnancy. Who knows. I just hope the she and her baby stay healthy.

Posted by Anonymous on 21 February 2008

I beleve Hallie Berry needs to speak to someone in the medical field,so that she can get her facts straight.That's absurd to say that she can ween herself off she doesn't know what she's talking about.Clearly she is in denial.

Posted by Anonymous on 15 March 2008

Nicholas you seem to think you have all the answers.... are you diabetic? Also please elaborate on how we do not need any carbs in our diet??? Carbs are converted into energy so... how else would we get it? Please answer but know I will take my doctors answer as the right one. I can not imagine how Halle can say that she "worked her way" to tyoe 2. Anyone with diabetes has a doctor and I do not think any doctor would tell someone Type 1 is "curable" for lack of a better word. Also I agree we will not see a cure until it is more profitable and it makes me very sad. All we can do is pray for whatever needs to take place to go ahead and happen. With more and more people who have loads of money seeking treatment I can only hope more help will trickle down to the rest of us. Good luck to all of you.

Posted by Anonymous on 7 April 2008

girl that is so sad,dat chu got diabetes.i hope u dnt die!

Posted by Anonymous on 23 May 2008

She could always have Type 1B. This type, prevalent in minorities, can have periods of DKA, but later resume insulin production. In other words, they can have intermittent beta cell disfunction.

Posted by Anonymous on 27 June 2008

There is something different about being diagnosed as an adult with Type I (adult-onset juvenile diabetes?). I still produce some insulin even though it has been 5 years since my diagnosis (at age 45!) so my levemir dose is low (13 units total per day, split into 2 doses). So maybe it is possible that someone with some beta cell function can wean off insulin through diet and exercise. (it would probably have to be a pretty spartan diet!)

Posted by Anonymous on 30 June 2008

Halle Berry, can you please comment the details of how you did it so that other ones can try it and come out of the misery of being type 1. Requesting some big TV host to invite her to the show and ask her to tell her secret to others.

Posted by Anonymous on 5 July 2008

God hally berry is a total moron. That is Not Genetically Possible. She is nothing but a big fat liar. that is not possible to go from type 1 to type 2. That is just not possible unless she had a pancreas transplant that she is not tellig people about.

Hally Berry = Moron liar

Posted by Anonymous on 5 July 2008

Halle Berry. I was encouraged to see that doctors are equally concerned with her claims that she's cured herself of type 1 diabetes.

"Diabetics quickly took to the blogosphere to condemn Berry for claiming that a change in diet could cure Type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease in which the pancreas permanently fails to produce insulin, the vital hormone that regulates sugar levels in the blood."

In the article, Dr. Francine Kaufman was quoted as saying "...type 1...means their immune system has destroyed the insulin producing part of pancreas. In that case, there is no way to wean yourself off insulin." Dr. Kaufman is a respected endocrinologist and diabetes researcher and seeing her statement, in black and white, is fantastic. She's someone we can point to as an undisputed expert when we get the inevitable "Well, Halley Berry cured herself - why can't you do the same?" comments.

Hally Berry is not a doctor and has no idea what she is talking about Simple as that.

I still think that someone with such a high profile as Halle Berry, someone who speaks out about diabetes regularly, owes it to the diabetes community to get an accurate diagnosis and to talk about it. I've heard comments from a lot of people that it's Ms. Berry's diabetes and she doesn't have to give details about it. Up to a point, that's true, but when she goes on television and makes such potentially dangerous statements, then I believe she does have an obligation to set the record straight and to come clean with the public.

The impression I get, and I am just going with my feelings here, is that Ms. Berry is ashamed of having type 2 and therefore says she's a type 1 to alleviate some strange sense of blame she has. Type 2 falls into that "you deserve it" category, along with lung cancer, for many people. It's an attitude that's exacerbated by the media, unfortunately, and one attitude that I think needs to change.

Posted by Anonymous on 18 July 2008

Come on people, be your own best advocate! I was diognosed at age 34 with type 2 (1&1/2 according to my c-peptide results). I was already eating healthy and exercising. The type 2 dionoses didn't make sense to me. I was given the choice of pills or insulin. I chose insulin because my sister had been manageing her diabetes (type 1) for over 30 years using insulin. Of course this is not just insulin but, healthy eating and exercising as well.

I asked to have my C-peptide checked a year later and my Dr. called to tell me not to stop taking my insulin because my c-peptide test showed I was now considered type 1.

My A1C was 10.9 when I was diognosed. I felt awful! Since I stared insulin my A1C has never been above 6.2 as some of you know the ADA recomends an A1c level below 7. Anyway, my point is that we should all find out what it means to us, do the research and work hard to manage our diabetes in order to avoid complications. I work very hard at keeping my diabetes under control. My blood sugar readings and A1C tests show me that I am doing a good job, To me it's worth it! So, I will not stop taking my insulin just because a famous person says she has been cured.

All you moms out there, how about having a real living breathing type 1 role model for your kids. I wish there was a big brother big sister program for children with diabetes. I would definately want to be a part of it.

I wish Halle the best of health. Who knows, she may be doing just fine. Perhaps the media is the one out of control!


Posted by Anonymous on 30 July 2008

My daughter was dianosed with Type 1 when she was 13 years old. The body produced no insulin. Now at 30 she is dianosed as 1.5 Type 1 and Type 11. I had the doctor explain it to me and still I am confused. Halle being rich might have tried stem cells replacement. Who knows.

Posted by Anonymous on 6 August 2008

A friend of mine found out a year ago that she was Type 2, but her blood sugar was high enough for so long, that she did insulin shots for a couple of months until her body straightened itself out.

I think Halle needs to explain herself.

Posted by Anonymous on 29 August 2008

With all her money power and influence Halle Berry probably received a special new treatment that has not been yet introduced to the public. This is in regarding the treatment of Type 1.

Lets face it folks globally around the world there are a lot of research going on and their existing government is allowing it. This research is now ranging from Stem Cell research to using Pig insulin.

In fact in New Zealand a scientist is using from specially breeded Piglets, insulin without having to use immune suppression drugs. It is now currently under phase 2 of human Trial testing and thus far he is very near to a cure. It is not a cure yet however phase 2 may provide us with interesting results. Right now all patients insulin consumption went down 30% under phase 1 trial. There are currently no side effects, it is perfectly safe and may the Edmonton Protocol Team and/or may Mr. David Shapiro take a back seat.

This new treatment will be made available to the public in 2012.

Therefore I do not believe Halle is weird or delusional. She is in fact a very shrewd person. What I like to know is what kind of treatment is she under or has taken BEFORE she was pregnant?????

She gave birth to a healthy baby girl and there were no reported complications to Halle or the baby and she was not even wearing a pump.

Changing Type 1 to a 2 is IMPOSSIBLE. She was diagnosed in 1991 and now after so many years later it's a Type 2? The human body CANNOT revert itself.

So if Halle or a friend of Halle is reading this please tell us what are you doing differently or what treatments have you taken to be off insulin.

Posted by Anonymous on 18 September 2008

wo is me i have tiep i no it bad but tiep 1 is wers

Posted by Anonymous on 23 September 2008

There is no way that you can go from Type 1 to 2. Type 1 is higher than Type 2. You can go from being Type 2 to 1. You cannot wean yourself off insulin. In Type 2, you can wean yourself off the medications in Type 2 and just control it with diet and exercise. 2 of my friends are diabetics but not the same type. When you are exhibiting the symptoms, the excess thirst part is more excessive in Type 1 than 2.

Posted by Anonymous on 24 September 2008

Someone wanted to know how your body can produce energy with no carbs – well, it can't. We all need some carbs. BUT, we don't need nearly as many as most people eat. The liver can convert about 60% of the protein you eat into glucose. Not everyone can do well on a super low-carb, high-protein diet, but if your kidneys can handle it, it's a very effective way to control blood sugar. You can read more about it on this site: http://tinyurl.com/49b5dv

Posted by Anonymous on 8 October 2008

She is VERY wrong. All I can say is this... PILLS are a best guess scenario... don't be afraid, get on insulin as soon as possible...I use the pens and take up to 4 shots a day... it is VERY rare that I feel even the tiniest prick of the needle, I swear... my own fear kept me from starting insulin and hitting nearly 12 on the ac1 DON'T ROLL THE DICE with pills... Test on your arm (no pain) get on insulin and ask for the 1/4" needles that are so small you sometimes don't even know you "in" and you end up bending the darn things... I swear... It's easy and WAY MORE accurate to get your numbers down. Trust a stranger on this one !!!

Posted by Anonymous on 12 November 2008

I think most of you people are being too harsh on Mrs. Berry. do you realize that a large amount of people including the most knowlegable physicians, still till this day do not know enough about this chronic condition. who are you to say that she or anyone else for that matter is wrong? you don't know that first of all. secondly, i just got diagnosed with diabetes 1 year ago and my doctor prescribed me type 2 diabetes medication till we found out that I was actually a type 1 but, strangely enough i respond very well to the medication. last week i went in to get my A1c it was at 6%. take that! please people dont rule out possibilities just because you think they are riduculous. you dont know that so dont assume.

Posted by Anonymous on 8 December 2008

type 1 diabetes is a complication arising from the autoimmune destruction of beta cells in the pancreas. Type 2 is generally insulin resistance of some flavor or other. Firstly, its easy to misdiagnose type 1/2 in an adult. The immune antibodies are often not tested for, and so it was probably a case of "oh you passed out, must be type 1" -- and then as she watched her diet, found that if she was careful, she didn't need insulin, because her body actually was making it all along and the type 1 diagnosis was wrong to begin with. So yes, she's confused, she didn't "work her way" -- but she may have "found her way" to the proper diagnosis. That said, its *also* possible that she experianced whats known as a honeymoon period, where after treatment, the remaining (not yet killed) insulin cells get a break and do a little better in the short term. And with diet restrictions, can be insulin (injection) free for some time. If thats whats happening, at some point she will require insulin again, but many doctors will remove insulin treatments in favor of "milking the honeymoon", since control will be better overall with the body taking care of things on its own. Either way, I don't think its irresponsible, she probably just didn't get a full explanation. Simple fact is, none of us have the full history to know what may have happened.

Posted by Bill in Az on 25 December 2008

I don't mean to rain on anybodys parade, but there will NEVER be a cure for diabetes because worldwide it costs over 300 BILLION dollars a year to treat. Do you think that Eli Lily company (Humalog makers) wouldn't spend the money to STOP somebody's new cure? And don't take Boniva unless you want to get "dead jaw syndrome" Do a google search.....Bill in Az.....

Posted by Anonymous on 26 December 2008

this is crazy .

Posted by Bill in Az on 1 January 2009

Ms Kilty. Im sorry, but Benny Hinn is as full of s!!! as one could get. My dad died of Parkinsons and went though BH prayer line and he got WORSE!!! BH once told a type 1 guy to throw his insulin away, well that guy was in the hospital for a month!!! Some healing, eh? You need to do a google search on him and you will be SHOCKED!!!!....Bill in Az.....

Posted by Anonymous on 15 March 2009

What an airhead, I have had type 1 for 10 years,I am an athletic 24 year old male and I am meticulous with my diabetes, my hba1c is a constant 5.2. to 5.8.
You cannot work your way out of type 1 to type 2, you can only work your way into taking less insulin through diet and exercise.
Taking less insulin should not be confused into becoming a type 2 diabetic.
Alot of celebrities like to consider themselves amazing science defying individuals,
they are not.
Most of them are just good at singing,acting etc. with massive inflated egos surrounded by brown nosing "yes-men",
which in affect gives them huge self belief and confidence.
I think Ms.Berry may have got a little carried away with this one, lets hope she checks back in to planet earth soon.

Posted by Anonymous on 15 March 2009

I am non insulin dependent, GAD65ab positive, have great control with diet and some heavy metals, between 4 to 7 and I laugh at the medical establishment that knows almost nothing about autoinmune diseases. The ones everyone should listen to are biochemists. Docs are clueless on autoinmune issues.

Yet a lot of posters here believe them and will gulp anything that is prescribed to them.

BTW, the classification of type 1, 1.5, 2, 3, whatever is completely misleading and utterly useless. According to my antibody test I'm type 1! LOL.

Posted by healedbyhisblood on 14 April 2009

Ok, this is ridiculous, a person says that they have moved from type 1 diabetes to type 2, and hundreds of supposed to be educated diabetics wont belive this is a true statemen. I am a prime example. When i was diagnosed at the age of 13 with diabetesm my endocrinologist (diabetes specialist) said to me," You have type 1 diabetes, and you will need have to take insulin for the rest of your life if you want to stay alive." Very shocking to myself, my family and the hospital staff i attended monthly, when i was taken completely off of insulin in 10 months and placed on Glucophage/ Metformin. 5 years later and i dont take a single diabetic supplement. The hospital staff told me somthing must have went wrong in my diagnosis, Like i Belived that,and i was really a Type 2...I lie to you not when i say this is all true. Talk about a praying grandmother

Posted by foxyfairyx1x4 on 12 June 2009

hmm.....okay i think she maybe a little confused because as a type 1 diabetic for 4 years i've been told countless time by alot of doctors that there is no way i will ever not have to take injections, and there is no way i could be a type one diabetic then not and be a type 2. if you have diabetes you eaither have one or the other not one then weaned and have 2 that just don't happen because people who have type 2 mostly are over weight and have extreamly bad diet habbits, i've never seen her over weight and i'm pretty sure she's on a healthy diet. so she needs to get her story strait. i'm not tiring to bash her or anything its just what she said can't happen.

-Devyn Briggs

Posted by shelley on 1 July 2009

omigod this is weird!

i was diagnosed at thirteen which is now 1 year and 5 months ago, i was originally on insulyn but haven’t needed any for over a year as i have kept it under control. doctors are constantly saying it is a honeymoon period + will not last but after reading this i’m not sure..

i am not overweight either but i do struggle with low blood sugars even tho i am not on insulyn

Posted by Anonymous on 20 September 2009

the problem is there are so many type 2 diabetics (or as I call it - the kind you give yourself) and they think because they take insulin they are Type 1's. Can we please just go back to juvenile and type 2?

Posted by Anonymous on 18 April 2011

I used to admire halle for having diabetes n keeping it under control despite her hectic life... but now i think its wrong to make such comments as some diabetics may b given the wrong idea n have thir hopes dashed when they realise they will never become type 2. I think she should think before she speaks

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