Woman Loses 134 Pounds in One Year

Cheryl Tooke says if she was able to be successful, you can be, too!

Before she started her diet plan, Cheryl Tooke did everything she could to avoid being the center of attention. Every time she walked into a room, she did a quick assessment to see if she was the heaviest person there. “If I didn’t see anyone heavier than me, I felt bad,” Tooke says. “If I did, I felt relieved, and then I felt really shallow.”

| Dec 25, 2008

About a year ago, Cheryl Tooke found herself in the last place she ever wanted to be. She weighed 268 pounds, and her doctor had just diagnosed her with type 2 diabetes.

Cheryl Tooke after her lifestyle change

“It was devastating,” Tooke says. “I always knew it was a possibility for me. My pediatrician told my mom when I was a child that given our family history, it was more than likely that at least one of her four children would develop diabetes.”

Tooke’s family history with diabetes was extensive. Her father’s mother and sister both had diabetes. Her mother, several of her mother’s first cousins, and her mother’s
siblings have all suffered horrible effects of the disease. After seeing their struggles, Tooke had always sworn that she would do whatever it took to keep diabetes at bay.

“I always felt that I would take care of myself and never allow myself to develop type 2,” she says.

Her motivation kept her active throughout her twenties and early thirties, but then events started to get in the way. First, a knee injury kept her sedentary for a long time. Then she had children, adding to her weight issues.

“Life happened, and three years ago I found myself at the thresholds of diabetes,” Tooke says. “I started seeing all my bad habits come home to roost, and I knew that I was really at risk for having my life shortened.”

Making a Change

Even though Tooke knew she had to modify the way she was living, at first she didn’t know where to start. Determined to stay off medication for diabetes, she convinced her doctor to let her try simply monitoring her food intake and glucose. Tooke lost about eight pounds on her own, but last June her blood glucose and cholesterol numbers were still climbing steadily.

“I told my husband, I can’t do this anymore,” Tooke says.

She considered gastric bypass surgery, especially after medical studies determined the surgery’s positive effects on those with type 2, but the procedure wasn’t covered by her insurance. “If it had been, I would have started filling out the paperwork, because I didn’t think I could lose weight on my own,” Tooke says.

Despite these frustrations, she was determined to get healthy. That’s when she discovered Medifast, a pre-portioned meal replacement program designed to create a calorie deficit so that users loses weight. What initially impressed Tooke was the plan’s connection with the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. “I work for a hospital, and Johns Hopkins has such a great reputation,” she says. “I read the success stories, and I told my husband I just wanted to try it for four weeks.” In the first week, Tooke lost nine pounds and had a morning blood glucose reading of 89. “I told my husband, ‘This just might work!’” she says.

Tooke found the plan simple enough: replace breakfast and lunch with a bar, shake, or other meal selection, have a lean protein and vegetable for dinner, and include two snacks throughout the day. The combination of properly portioned protein and carbohydrates kept her from feeling hungry. In fact, she says there were times when she had to make herself eat the last snack of the day. But most importantly, she says, the food actually tasted good. The plan she was on included online support forums and professionals to help her stick to her goals. “I’ve been on every diet you can name, and this is not only the only one that ever worked, it is also the easiest I ever went on,” Tooke says.

Overall, she lost 134 pounds in less than a year. The best part, though, came last January.

Reaping the Rewards

Tooke went to see her doctor about her diabetes, and it was there that she received the best news of all: her fasting blood glucose was 92.

“It was incredible,” Tooke says. “It made everything that happened over this past year, the food I couldn’t eat while I was on the plan, it made it all worthwhile. I couldn’t think of a slice of pizza or a brownie that was worth anything like hearing my doctor say those words.”

What gives Tooke real joy, though, is passing on the health. After getting so many questions about how she’d lost her weight, Tooke became a health coach for Medifast and now provides one-on-one support for 54 clients, including several people with diabetes.

“They’re losing weight, and most of them have had their insulin cut in half,” she says. “It’s been really exciting for me to see not only the weight loss and turnaround in my own health, but to see that repeated in the lives of other people I’m working with.” While she’s proud of the success of her clients, no change could make her happier than the one she has inspired within her own family.

Tooke’s husband, John, watched her yo-yo diet for years without finding any lasting success. That all changed when she started on Medifast. “He saw me sticking to it and did everything he could to support me,” Tooke says. “He would eat the lean protein and the vegetable with me for dinner. He said, ‘Whatever you need to eat, I’ll eat.’”

After seeing the success of his wife, John started the program last January and has lost 50 pounds. “Between my husband and me, we joke that there’s 184 pounds less weight on our mattress,” Tooke says.

Tooke’s mother, who is 79, also started on the plan three months ago, after suffering from diabetes for years. Now she’s down from taking four to seven units of insulin after every meal to only one dose in the evening, and her glucose readings are stable in the 90s.

“She’s amazed,” Tooke says of her mother’s transformation. “She went from feeling like this was just how it was going to be to being very hopeful. She’s optimistic that once she reaches her goal weight, she might not need any insulin at all.”

Quality of Life

Besides these rewarding results, Tooke’s quality of living has improved immensely since dropping the weight. Before she started her diet plan, she did everything she could to avoid being the center of attention. Every time she walked into a room, she would do a quick assessment to see if she was the heaviest person there. “If I didn’t see anyone heavier than me, I felt bad,” Tooke says. “If I did, I felt relieved, and then I felt really shallow.” She had to worry about fitting between tables at church functions and being able to snap her seatbelt on planes—even crossing her legs was a challenge. All that changed over the past year.

Now Tooke travels and lives her life with as much adventure as she can. A recent trip to Cozumel brought snorkeling, rappelling, and scaling a 60-foot rock-climbing tower. “Four years ago I went to Cozumel and just walked around and shopped, and I felt exhausted,” she says. “I did all this stuff this time and got back to the ship, did dinner, saw a show, and went to a karaoke bar!”

Tooke’s weight loss has had another side effect besides extra energy: increased self-confidence. Recently at her nephew’s wedding, Tooke had no qualms about joining her friends and family on the dance floor. “I would not have done that before,” she says. “But I was dancing, and I looked great. I’m so much less self-conscious. I just want to go out there and do things and have fun.”

Breaking the Cycle of Comfort Food

Although she knows she couldn’t have gone through her metamorphosis without Medifast, Tooke also credits her faith with helping her get over her issues with food. “I made the decision to stay on the plan, so there was a lot of emotional and spiritual growth that happened,” she says. “I understand now that food is incapable of providing comfort.” By relying on her faith instead of her next meal for emotional reassurance, Tooke was able to break away from a cycle of overeating and self-loathing.

Her makeover may seem monumental, but Tooke knows it all began with a simple step: deciding to make a change in the way she was living her life.

“My big takeaway message is that it’s never too late to turn things around. It’s never too late to make positive changes in your health,” she says. “It doesn’t matter if you’re in your fifties, sixties, or seventies, if you’ve just received a diagnosis of diabetes, or if you’ve been on insulin for decades. It’s possible to make positive choices that will change your health. What you’re dealing with now is not inevitable.”

Relying on her inner strength, her faith, and her support systems, Tooke made incredible strides in improving her health and value of life.

And that’s a mindset she plans to have for a long time.

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Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

This person is a shill for this particular diet. Why not go a bit farther and post the number of deaths caused by this medi fast diet due to the lack of proper minerals.

Posted by tomjeanfoulkes on 15 August 2008

This was a marvelous and inspiring article. The desire to lose weight is utmost in many of our minds. It is particulary encouraging to diabetics. The success of Cheryl has inspired both my wife, Jean (who is a diabetic)to try the Medifast diet.

Thomas and Jean Foulkes

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

What an inspiring story. I am very impressed with both the weight loss and the health improvement. I wish Cheryl all the best.

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

Great article. Very inspiring.
My husband also joined Medifast after seeing my success. He is now no longer considered a
Type 2 Diabetic.

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

What a fantastic article - Congratulations to Cheryl & thank you for sharing your story.

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

what a great success story!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

Because of Cheryl's inspiring sucess and continuing support, I have now lost 34 pounds on the Medifast plan in three months. She is my health coach. My gloucose and cholesterol numbers have dropped dramatically.

Thanks, Cheryl
Ethel Riemersma

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

Cheryl has already been an inspiration to so many and it is wonderful to see her story published where more can benefit from it. She is a walking example that it IS possible to take control of your life and health. Well done.

Another Medifast Success Story

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

How very inspirational your story is Cheryl! Diabetes runs in my family and I'm often concerned about it, especially in my parents who could both lose 40-50 lbs. Imagine rock climbing with my mom! You are great.


Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

What a story. I am so glad I was able to read it. I know that it will and is encouraging to others. Go girl and teach the world as you are doing because your reward will be awesome.

Paula Surber

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

VERY inspring story! Just the kind of article I LOVE to read in Diabetes Health Magazine!

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

Great article. Cheryl is an amazing woman and her story is very inspiring. Medifast sounds like it can help so many people who struggle with diabetes. Thank you Cheryl, for sharing your story.

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

Kudos to Cheryl for gaining her health back one meal at a time. As a healthcare professional, I see the toll that diabetes takes on people. If more people would take control of their lives as Cherly has, we would all live a lot longer! GREAT STORY!

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

Cheryl has been one of my biggest inspirations since I started medifast on Jan 1st. I am a candidate also for Diabetes. Both my parents got in their 50's and i am just two years away. I have now lost 76 pounds thanks to medifast and people like Cheryl who aren't afraid to share their stories and to help other people find their way. Great story and you rock Cheryl!!!

Diane (singn4ever)

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

I've been on Mf for two months - never felt better in my life. This program works! Like anything, someone can abuse a program and not have good results (death? never heard of it connected to MF). Cheryl is just one of hundreds that found this program the way to go. She is an inspirations.

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

Wonderful inspiring story. Yippee for Cheryl. She gives me great hope, thanks.

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

Great story- gives the rest of us hope :)
Congratulations, Cheryl.

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

Amazing results! Congratulations! Embrace the new you.

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

like cheryl i am also on medifast! i have lost 48 lbs so far and feel incredible!! thanks for sharing your story and i know it will help others as it has helped me:):)

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

I came across this story and was astonished with the before and after photo. How motivating..

Posted by justpraisin on 15 August 2008

Since this article is about me, I would like to respond to the anonymous individual who posted a comment stating "Why not go a bit farther and post the number of deaths caused by this medi fast diet due to the lack of proper minerals?"

Medifast is a nutritionally complete meal replacement program, the same program used by Johns Hopkins for their own weight loss clinic. Research by both Johns Hopkins and the National Institute of Health has proven over and over again the safety and efficicacy of Medifast in helping individuals lose weight, including diabetics. Information on the research can be found on Medifast's website: www.medifast1.com.

Several physicians in my community have begun referring their own patients to me to coach on this program after reading the clinical abstracts, etc. This is a safe, proven program to help people lose weight and keep it off!

Cheryl Tooke

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

I think unless commenter #1 has some proof of 'deaths caused by Medifast" then their post should be removed.

Signed, another Medifast Success Story.

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

To anonymous saying she is a shill, she isn't. She started like the rest of us, only I'm NOT a Life Coach. My DOCTOR recommends this diet and I'm hypoglycemic and hypothyroid. MediFast is the only product of it's kind out there that I have found that has Vitamins and Minerals. As with any weight loss plan you need to work with your doctor to make sure if it is right for you and to make sure of no underlying problems.
Please do research before you post something to the negative about a company. I believe you are thinking of Cambridge Diet many years ago.
This lady is just amazing! She is such an inspiration and great support to everyone! KUDOS Cheryl, for a job well done!!

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

Congratuations Cheryl, you look AMAZING! I just started Medifast 5 weeks ago and I've lost 27.8 lbs. Commenter #1 has no basis for his/her claims. I haven't felt this good/energetic in over 10 years and I get all the necessary vitamins and minerals via the packets and my Lean and Green meal. I am also being monitored very closely by my physician, so I would know if something wasn't right. Everytime I see him he tells me I'm in perfect health and to keep up the good work!

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

You are an inspiration - thanks for sharing your story!

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

Very inspiring! God Bless you - keep it up! :)

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

Congratulations, Cheryl! It is such an encouragement to hear success stories from people who have "been there, done that." My dad has Type 2 diabetes and I wish I could get him to take control of his health with Medifast.

Juanita (juanitagf)

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

Please Ignore the 1st comment saying this was a SHILL... Was thinking of a DIFFERENT Product NOT THIS ONE!!
This has all the proper minerals and nutrients, and has passed a John Hopskins University study!!
There are different products that DO NOT have all the nutrients, But this one is a GREAT PRODUCT that obviously has EXCELLENT results!!
Congratulations Cheryl!!

Posted by Stonefemme on 15 August 2008

It is a wonderful thing to see someone with diabetes be able to heal and have a longer and healthier life!!
Cheryl is such an inspiration to so many people!
She has helped others gain control of their lives and become healthier and happier!

Cheryl, You are not only a BLESSING to others, but a gracious and ADORABLE example of what we can ALL be if we have faith and hope!
I know you help others now as a Certified Health Coach, and will continue to help change and literally SAVE lives!!

Thank You!!

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

No diet works for eveyone and no diet will work for anyone if they aren't committed to it. Sounds like sour grapes from Poster #1.

I've lost 70lbs using Medifast and expect a lot of hard work keeping it off.

Cheryl your a wonderful and sweet lady, I wish I could have meet you in person also. Keep up the Great work.
Thanks Kittenktty

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

Medifast is a John's Hopkins approved diet plan. To the poster who keeps spouting that people have died from this diet is obviously either mixing it up with some other plan, or just being a jerk. I have been on this program and lost 72.5 pounds and my doctor says I'm healthier than I've ever been. Each meal replacement on MF is fortified with nutrients to be just what our bodies need each day. This is a WONDERFUL program!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

This is a great story! And Cheryl is NOT a shill! I am part of her family (aunt) and know from personal experience what a huge struggle many of us have with weight and diabetes. I too am losing thanks to Cheryl's inspiring story.

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

What an inspiration you are! You share the truth with such a compassion for others!! Bless you in your endeavor to want the best for other people!

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

You go girl!!!!

Posted by Diane K on 15 August 2008

I've known Cheryl for more than 20 years. During this time I've seen her try every diet and work so hard to control weight. THIS IS THE REAL THING.

Losing weight and being healthy is more about loving yourself enough to be around for those you love. Keep up the great work Cheryl! Your an inspiration to those of us who need to lose even 10 pounds.

Keep climbing those rock walls!

Until the next cruise
Your friend, Diane K.

Diane K.

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

What a great story and an inspiration! I too came to Medifast because of my diabetes. My doctor got real blunt and gave me two choices lose the weight and get healthy or lose things like my feet, eyesight and my life.

I've only lost a touch over 25 of the 50 pounds I want to lose but in about 2 1/2 months I wake to fasting blood sugar of 80 never spike above 120 and my A1c has gone from above 9 to 5.8. You are an inspiration Cheryl, it's folks like you that have helped me to get my life back.

Posted by Anonymous on 15 August 2008

This is pure inspiration for anyone who needs to lose weight, whether with Medifast or with another diet. This shows that weight loss CAN improve the quality of life, and my favorite part of the article was when Cheryl heard her diabetes was under control:

"I couldn’t think of a slice of pizza or a brownie that was worth anything like hearing my doctor say those words.”

They say nothing taste as good as thin feels. I go one step further by saying, nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.

Thank you, Cheryl, for being an inspiration.

Posted by Anonymous on 16 August 2008

Thanks Cheryl for being a wonderful example to so many people that it can be done. Shine on!

Another Medifast Loser!

Posted by Anonymous on 16 August 2008

Thanks Cheryl for sharing your story and your faith with us. You are changing lives in many ways.


Posted by Anonymous on 16 August 2008

A very inspiring and impressive story. Health insurance complanies should cover the cost of diet plans such as this since the long-term effects can truly save them money in the long run.


Posted by Anonymous on 16 August 2008

i can't tell you how happy i am for you Cheryl! God bless you as you continue on with your new life! Deb Sanders

Posted by Anonymous on 16 August 2008

Dear Cheryl, Thanks for sending Dan and myself this great and inspiring article about yourself and John. Interesting that I also have had diabetes for 13 years,since I was 42. Would you be willing to send me some more info on the medifast, how to obtain it, and the cost. thanks so much, marilyn johnson, hillsboro or. (send via email, if possible) Thanks! Always good to hear from you! you have alot to put in your CHRISTmas letter this year!! ~~Marilyn~~

Posted by Anonymous on 16 August 2008

Cheryl, congratulations on your wonderful, lifechanging achievement, and in your ability to share with others and lead them to a life of health, too.

A fellow Medifaster,

Posted by Anonymous on 16 August 2008

You are an inspiration to us all. Go girl.

Posted by Anonymous on 16 August 2008

It is wonderful that you are helping so many people get their lives back! You are truly helping America get healthy....one Medifast Meal at a time! I am a firm believer in the Take Shape For Life Program with Medifast! The nutritional balance in the Medifast products is #1! Medifast saved my life...It is a life-saver!!!
You are an truly an inspiration and a blessing to others!
Cindy Hasselbach, Naples, Idaho

Posted by Anonymous on 17 August 2008

AWESOME article! I'm currently on Medifast trying to drop 111 pounds.

Posted by sweetiegal on 17 August 2008

this truly is an inspiring story i wish cheryl every success in the future.

Posted by Anonymous on 17 August 2008

Congratulations Cheryl!
You are an inspiration to us all, thank you for sharing your story, and for being an amazing health coach.
Melissa C.

Posted by Anonymous on 17 August 2008

Cheryl has been a very close friend of mine for 33 years. She has sought this weight loss for many years and finally found the product to bring her this wonderful results. I am so thrilled for you Cheryl, you are truly my inspiration and motivator. I'm so grateful that you have regained your health! Thank you so much for introducing me to Medifast. My family, as you know, also has type 2 diabetes on both sides and I have been very concerned about developing it myself if I didn't find something that worked for me to get my weight down. I have lost 26 pounds so far on Medifast and will continue until all the extra weight is off. I expect to have a wonderful blood test soon on my sugar levels. I am so thankful for our friendship over this many years and for your mentorship in this endeavor to get healthy. You are truly an inspiration and I thank God for you.
Love, Vicki (Victorious)

Posted by Anonymous on 18 August 2008

Congratulations Cheryl! Knowing you and starting Medifast has changed my life and I thank God for you! Keep praising God for HE has great plans for you and HE is the source of your determination and success. God Bless!

Posted by Anonymous on 18 August 2008

I am so proud of my mom! When she first told me she was going to start this diet my words to her were "I hope this works for you", but I really didn't know if it would because I had witnessed her try so many diets in the past. She did it, though, and overcame many obstacles! I never thought I would see the day when I would be giving her clothes out of my own closet. The best part is my mom is healthy and better able to enjoy her family.

Posted by Anonymous on 18 August 2008

Congratulations Cheryl ... this is a true testament to faith and perserverance.

Posted by Anonymous on 18 August 2008

Congratulations! You look great! All the more energy to take care of your grandbabies!!
Jan Muller

Posted by Anonymous on 18 August 2008

I know how hard it is to lose weight on any plan that requires self discipline and sacrifice (both financial and personal). Kudos to you for taking the steps to make your health better! I'm insulin resistant and as a formerly obese woman I teetered on the edge of diabetes and suffered hypertension and high cholesterol as a result of poor eating habits and insufficient exercise. People don't know what it's like who aren't diabetic/insulin resistent to endure a crazy metabolism and eating cycle (as well as meds) that cause you to gain weight disproportionately from your peers. I've lost almost 50lbs now through portion control and exercise, and even though I only cut out foods with high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, fried fast food and soda, it still required a lot of motivation to keep going even after a bad day or week of eating. In many ways I understand how prayer and faith in God got her through the difficult times and steeled her committment to health. Good for you! Thank you for sharing your story. I think the world needs to hear about your victory over comfort eating and dietary help through the program you used.

Posted by Anonymous on 18 August 2008

Congratulations Cheryl! Your story is so inspiring. I lost 90 lbs on Medifast and have continued to use it to maintain for years now. I love it and it keeps me in check and sain :) I had began to see the heath issues before I began to shed the lbs, but now I have had a turnaround also. There is no telling what I would have done to my health if Medifast had not finally helped me take charge of my ballooning weight. Loved your story/article and thank you so much for sharing.

Posted by Anonymous on 18 August 2008

What a fantastic plan! I wonder if there is any documentation on whether the Medifast diet would work well for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and insulin resistance, which can lead to diabetes.

Posted by Anonymous on 18 August 2008

Way to go, Cheryl. You are an inspiration. I am 36 and have been a diabetic for 3 years. I have just recently taken control of my food and my health and have lost 22 lbs. I still have 120 to go, but I will remember your story and continue on my path. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous on 18 August 2008

What a motivating story, and very well written.
It always upsets me to hear others say they can't lose the weight because of this reason or that. I have heard every excuse in the book. Cheryl is a prime example of how anyone can lose the weight as long as they are committed. It takes serious dedication, and that's exactly what she had.
Congrats Cheryl!

Posted by Anonymous on 18 August 2008

Wow! I am so inspired by your story. I started out the same place you did: 267 pounds (highest ever was 275). I worked really hard for 4 months and lost 30 pounds, but over the past month, about 10 pounds have kind of creeped back on. I'm really trying ot get motivated again. Your story is inspiring. I turn 40 in 14 months. I know it won't get any easier the longer I wait.

Posted by Anonymous on 18 August 2008

Thanks for sharing your story; it's stories like this that are helping me on my journey toward better diabetes management and overall health.

Posted by Anonymous on 18 August 2008

Yeah Cheryl! I am very happy for you. Your picture is gorgeous. I am glad to hear of your enjoying an active lifestyle again. How wonderful that many are following you, also. Praise the Lord, who gives us strength for everything we need.
Kelly Boggus

Posted by Anonymous on 19 August 2008

Congratulations! All your hard work has paid off. You are a great inspiration.

Posted by Anonymous on 19 August 2008

Great article!

A very inspiring story has been told here. Kudos to those involved in telling it!

Posted by Anonymous on 19 August 2008

Cheryl, What an inspiration you are to so many people!
-Another Medifast Success

Posted by Marygrace on 19 August 2008

Trust me, Cheryl (justpraisin) is NO shill. Her story has inspired me since day 1 on Medifast. There isn't a diet I haven't tried, and I'm happy to say that Medifast is the last diet I will ever need. Cheryl's story, and especially her dramatic retreat from diabetes, is nothing short of awesome. Thanks for posting her article.

Posted by Anonymous on 19 August 2008

Congratulations, Cheryl! You have always inspired me and continue to do so.

I have lost almost 70 pounds on Medifast and was removed from all diabetes medications and officially declared in remission from Type II diabetes four months after beginning the program. My doctor is amazed at my success and the success of others on this program and is now recommending Medifast to his other patients. I plan to be on Medifast in some form for the rest of my life. This program works!


Posted by Anonymous on 19 August 2008

We love you Cheryl and we know how successful MF is! Tell the world....they (as in the rude poster) need to hear it.

Posted by Anonymous on 19 August 2008

Loved reading this success story. Thanks for sharing and motivating others around you to strive for a healthier lifestyle. You are lovely.
SDS - San Luis Obispo CA

Posted by Nectar99 on 20 August 2008

Congratulations, Cheryl! You truly are an inspiration to all. Your pictures are beautiful! I've been on Medifast since May and have lost 57 lbs. so far. It is the easiest, structured plan I've ever been on. I'm so proud to call myself a fellow medifast member.

Posted by Anonymous on 20 August 2008

I have known and worked with Cheryl during this odyssey and must note that beyond the changes in her diabetic status, the change in her self-image, her self-awareness, and her presence are charmingly delightful. The benefits of her effort have accrued to all around her, those who followed her lead, those who have yet to, and those who did not need to travel that path but gained by walking alongside. Dale A. Dykema, MD

Posted by Anonymous on 20 August 2008

Loved reading this success story. Thanks for sharing and motivating others around you to strive for a healthier lifestyle. Congradulations on your new outlook on life.

Canby, Oregon

Posted by Anonymous on 20 August 2008

Cheryl - what a truly inspiring story. Good for you for taking the necessary steps to improve your health! Pam

Posted by Anonymous on 20 August 2008

Way to go Cheryl....I have followed your success on the boards....you are such an inspiration!!!! Cando2008

Posted by Anonymous on 20 August 2008

I have known Cheryl for over thirty years and am very familiar with her feelings about food and struggles with her weight. I am so happy for her transformation, and the fact that she is able to coach others, including Vicki (Victorious!). I am sure this is an answer to many prayers. I have known Cheryl as one to speak her mind and to have deep convictions as well as a healthy skepticsm. This has to be a wonderful product to have her so committed to it. I wish you God's best, Cheryl, as you help others find the answers for which they have been searching.

Posted by Anonymous on 21 August 2008

Wonderful story! Cheryl has been a friend and co-worker for over 20 years. I have een her gain her weight post pregancies, and walked along side her as she dieted over the years. It has been inspiring to see her success in losing weight over this past year! But even more inspiring has been the transformation in how she deals with stress, how she practices healthy lifestyle habits, and how her self-concept has improved! You go girl!! Cherie

Posted by Anonymous on 22 August 2008

Your story is amazing! Thanks for sharing...

Posted by Anonymous on 22 August 2008

Wow, what a great story Cheryl.Thanks to people with stories like yours and the Medifast program I am a healthier person today, myself. 45 pds down and 150 to go.

Posted by Anonymous on 23 August 2008

This article is very uplifting and motivating. I am starting on Medifast Monday. I have a long way to go, but after reading this I know I can do it too!
Congratulations Cheryl!
Thanks! :)

Posted by Anonymous on 26 August 2008

Congratulations Cheryl,
I too have joined Medifast. Started at 324, now at 276.....ways to go yet but you give all of us hope and knowing that we are not alone in this battle to gain control of our lives. I'am very proud to call you 'family'. Thank you. And thank you Medifast!
Sandy (Chocolate55)
p.s. Great that the negative anonymous comment wrote back to say that they were incorrect on their information about deaths and medifast. That showed some class.

Posted by Anonymous on 27 August 2008

Very inspiring article. Thanks for sharing and congratulations!

Posted by Eyecandi on 27 August 2008

Hey C,

I was just going through your blogs and found this. I'm so proud of you. You were such an inspiration when I started. I am now at my 3mth mark and am down 35lbs. I'm estatic. Who wouldn't be? During my 'down' moments of not losing fast enough, your blogs and responses to my blogs were PRICELESS. I will never forget it.

I'll make sure when I'm doing my magazine interview to give you a shout out :)

The community is fantastic. We are a REAL family. Besides, where else can you call someone an MFer and get away with it?

Thanks for everything! (((hugs)))

~Eyecandi (a fellow MFer)

Posted by Anonymous on 3 September 2008

What a beautiful story and a beautiful person...it has been a blessing to have met you Cheryl and your continued success as well as your willingness to always share helpful advice has been a saving grace for me and many others on the MF program! I'm so happy your Mom has joined MF and is seeing health improvements as well! Heres to good health and many more adventures in your new chapter of your life! Hugs, Tamra aka Blondie

Posted by Anonymous on 30 June 2009

Is this safe for Type 1 diabetics as well?

Posted by Anonymous on 2 October 2009

Congratulations Cheryl! Thank you for sharing your story on the internet. MF has also changed my life in so many positive ways. I lost 80 pounds on MF and feel energetic, healthy and amazed at how quickly my weight came off (29 weeks). I also appreciate that Medifast has a complete transition and maintenance program that teaches us how to keep our weight off.
I raise my MF shake in a toast to you Cheryl as you inspire many who may have given up hope of ever losing their weight. This plan works. It was my answer to safe, healthy weight loss too and I am so grateful that I found out about it. Keep up your great work of sharing this amazing program with so many. Teadwin

Posted by Anonymous on 7 June 2014

What determination! I was especially encouraged by Cheryl's reliance on her faith rather than food for comfort.

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