Demand Health Care Reform Now!

Nov 4, 2009

Congress is getting a little bit closer to making the changes to the health care system we've been dreaming about for a very long time. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) says these changes could provide a real benefit to people with diabetes. Draft health care reform bills have now passed through the committee process in both the House and the Senate.

The next step is for the Senate to combine it's version of health care reform legislation into one bill and vote on it, and for the House of Representatives to do the same.

The ADA asks that you contact members of congress and "ask them to pass health reform that is meaningful and affordable for people with diabetes."

The ADA is fighting for people with diabetes to not be denied health insurance coverage, to not lose their coverage, and to not have to pay higher premiums because of their health status. Health insurance should include essential health care services for people with diabetes and reasonable limits on annual out-of-pocket costs to protect people with diabetes from financial hardship as a result of accessing critical care.

Sign the petition on the ADA website.

You can also read updates on what's going on in healthcare reform, learn how you can participate and take action, and also get sample text for writing to your congress men and women.

Source: American Diabetes Association

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Posted by Anonymous on 5 November 2009

Unfortunately, I do not feel that our government is capable of being in control of my health care. Clinton was able to get insurance legislation that allowed insurance portability. Current adminsitration should pass legislation similarly that would expand current coverage and abolish preexisting conditions for individual policies. Also, groups of individuals such as trade associations should be able to form "group" policies.

Posted by Anonymous on 5 November 2009

I am not for this health care bill. 2000 pages. How many of us know just what is in the bill. I do know Medicare is going to be cut $500 million. I do know that it will take effect in 2013, a little over 3 years from now. I suspect that if the health care plan was in effect before the 2012 election, there is would an overhaul of Congress. Too many pages, too many secretive items included. Please reserve judgement.

Posted by Anonymous on 5 November 2009

Will National Health Insurance pay
for the care persons with diabetes
need or will they face the same
concerns that some people think
the elderly may face?

Posted by Anonymous on 5 November 2009

I'm against deducing practical policy from abstract principle.

Posted by thomasgoffe on 5 November 2009

Please cancel my subscription immediately. I do not care to receive any more of the screed and political advocacy you support. There are two sides (and sometimes more) to every challenging issue. If you want to do an editorial, then call it an editorial.

Posted by Jerry1423 on 5 November 2009

" ... changes to the health care system we've been dreaming about for a very long time ..."

Who is this "we" that you are talking about? I dread the day that these health care reforms are passed.

I have been type 1 diabetic for 34 years and have never had any problems getting insurance. I always get it from where I work, no questions asked.

I do not have any problems adjusting my life so that I can afford to pay the monthly out of pocket expenses that I have ... after all, it is I who has the disease and nobody else. The only people that are helping me pay my bills are those who are in the same insurance pool as I am. In my opinion living within ones means is a problem many people have, and it is something people need to do better themselves, without government help.

Giving diabetics guaranteed health care is only a tiny part of the bill. I think it is very selfish to focus on passing an entire bill of negatives, just so that small positve part of it gets passed.

We have the best health care system in the world .... it is not failing, nor is it broken, please don't fix it.

I pray that the bill does not get passed. In the 34 years that I have been diabetic I have not given any money to groups like the ADA because I had no idea what they are doing with the money .... according to the article I have made the right decision.

Please don't demand health care reform. Live free, live healthy, live strong.

Posted by Anonymous on 5 November 2009

I"m ASHAMED and disgusted you would support these horrific, insane bills. While I don't want coverage to be denied for diabetes, there are ways to deal with this and myriad other health care financing and insurance reforms rather than the now >2000 page Pelosi monstrosity that will KILL decent health care in this country.

These bills are too expensive, do not correct ANY of the root causes of the problems of too-expensive care, will cost us freedom and will KILL.

We want reform, but not reform that will break America and that doesn't take into account American values. I do not believe that we should accept what we have now, but these bills are THE WORST OF ALL WORLDS.

There is NOTHING good about them, and I'm sick that you would support these tyrannical bills.

Posted by Anonymous on 5 November 2009

How do I cancel out of your propaganda web site? This is the worst piece of legislation that will be shoved down the throats of the American people in 200 years. The only hope is that there will be a clean sweep of Democrats in 2010-12! I was diagnosed as a diabetic in January and sincerely regret that my disease has given you a pulpit for affirmation of this so-called health care bill. Have you read the 2000 pages and considered the one trillion dollar price tag? Let us know when you have read it!!

Posted by Beverly on 5 November 2009

A government controlled health care system is NOT the answer. We will all lose far more than we would gain. This isn't the forum to post such an article. It is political! Not helpful information!

Posted by Anonymous on 6 November 2009

I also intend to cancel my membership after I post this comment. I do not want the government to run my life and I do not want to belong to any organization that is willing to help them gain that control.

Posted by Anonymous on 6 November 2009

This may not be a political forum but the statementy is the truth - we do need more diabetes educator time but I don't want the government in my care - NO WAY - in the end I will be much worse off...

Posted by Anonymous on 6 November 2009

Do NOT sign this petition! I have been a victim of the British so-called National Health Service (NHS) for fifty years as a Type 1 diabetic. It was only when I went to America that I got proper diabetic tests and treatments. The problem about big government health care is that it leaves you, the patient, powerless. You have no choice. You have to take what big government gives you (it's strictly rationed) and be grateful for it, whether you like it or not. I've had atrocious 'care' under the UK NHS system. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. The American people deserve better. It's the individual's freedom to choose that is the key factor here. Big goverment rationing and diktat takes all individual freedom to choose away from you. Don't let it happen in America. In any case, the democratic majority are against Obama's plans - what's happened to democracy in America?

Posted by Ellis2ca on 6 November 2009

>"The ADA is fighting for people with diabetes to not be denied health insurance coverage, to not lose their coverage, AND TO NOT HAVE TO PAY HIGHER PREMIUMS BECAUSE OF THEIR HEALTH STATUS."

So, then... who should pay the higher costs because of their health status?

Since when is insurance DESIGNED to LOSE MONEY?

Posted by mary/glenmills on 6 November 2009

I wonder if anyone at diabetes health has even read this bill, I doubt it. Who is going to pay for this health care? I would not call my "congressman", unless I had read and understand this bill. Why don't you post the bill on your site, so we can read it. This administration was to be so "transparent", and put bills for all to read on the internet, days before things are voted on. Not happening. I don't have any faith in this administration to do the right thing, only what is good for their future poilitcal gain.

Posted by Anonymous on 6 November 2009

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We do not need socialized medicine in this country. We need insurance reform and tort reform!

Posted by Anonymous on 6 November 2009

If people are lucky enough to have good coverage, good for them, but there are thousands of people who do not have insurance and can't get it because of a thousand pre-existing conditions. Are we supposed to just let those people die because we happen to be able to pay our own medical bills? We have a responsibility to care for the poorest among us, to be the good samaritan for those who can't help themselves. I pray that we have enough dedicated people who care about those less fortunate to get this bill passed. It is shameful that we have the medical record we have, that health care costs so much in the USA, that people die without care. How can we sleep at night knowing that is true?

Posted by Anonymous on 6 November 2009

Don't have time to answer this fully, but you should stay out of politics, but then those with a liberal mindset, think they don't have to answer to politeness or correctness, because their issue always is more important than that.

Posted by Anonymous on 6 November 2009

No government health care
Look at Canada and Europe to see what could
happen here. Not good

Posted by Anonymous on 6 November 2009

In all good conscience, I cannot support the bill in its current form. There are too many "sneaky" things that have been slipped into it that'll end up costing us more. Just ask the President what he considers a tax.

Posted by Anonymous on 6 November 2009

jims,,,,jacksonville,Fl,,,, are you people nuts? A government that tells businesses "you WILL provide healthcare or there'll be a penalty"and also tells the general public you MUST have healthcare is a socialist government. and you say "this is what we've been dreaming about??? NO! WRONG ANSWER,,,,,,I don't dream about socialism, marxism, communism and the rest.I do dream about my country,AMERICA,USA.I can live with my diabetes without Obama and his takeover, or try to, of MY COUNTRY.You people of "Diabetes Health" need to figure out the meaning of the word "we"

Posted by Seymour on 6 November 2009

I thought that this site was intended to be of assistance to those who have diabetes.

Your support of a House bill that will increase health care cost by $1.4 trillion is just plain stupid. How will we be able to pay for our necessities if we are having to pay this increase in health care costs.

Our largest deficit, prior to this administration, was about a half a trillion dollars. This administration will close out its first year at some 1.4 trillion in deficit and next year will likely approach 2.0 trillion. This country cannot survive with this kind of stupidity in charge. The health care bill is the straw that will break the camel's back.

Posted by Jerry1423 on 6 November 2009

I am so glad to see the response from the people who have posted here. It is very obvious that people (including us with diabetes) do not want this stupid bill to be passed.
It is also obvious where money is being spent that is (sometimes blindly) being sent to the ADA, so please think before you send them money.
There is a petition on the ADA web site for the bill. It does not matter if you sign it because they are worthless, they simply want your e-mail. When I signed the petition for my first name I put "Eat" and for my last name I put "Sh** ADA" and almost immediately I got an e-mail that started: Dear Eat ...

Posted by Anonymous on 7 November 2009

I am a Certified Diabetes Educator and Registered Nurse involved in diabetes education since 1971. I am soooo glad that those who posted are awake, unlike the ADA and the editors. I would highly suggest before you offer opinions about how wonderful the health care reform will be that you READ the bills. Go to and READ the house bill that was re-drafted on October 29, 2009. This was not voted on by the house -- it was sent to committees for review. When we have spoken with our representatives/senators in the past, they ADMIT that they themselves have never read any of those long tedious bills in entirety. They have aides read parts and then vote according to what unelected aides tell them and what they have been strong armed to do. This is a very very dangerous undertaking. Do you realize that there is a tax to be put on ALL of us to cover a bit of the cost: another 2.5% of your income to fund this. Well if we can afford another 2.5% of our income to cover a tax, plus buy our own insurance, then perhaps we don't need this "government" protection. READ the BILLS, people. Don't blindly follow what an organization tells you to about. Each organization is looking for something in the bills to help them but they never look at the whole picture. Re-read the other people's comments posted here. READ the bills. Then make up your own mind. I, for one, want the government to keep their hands off of my life and out of the health care arena. First, it is against the Constitution (the Law of the Land) and secondly the government is totally inefficient and has a track record of destroying most of the undertakings it has taken upon itself. It just gets bigger and bigger and more inefficient.

Posted by Anonymous on 7 November 2009

I am writing as anonymous because I don't want to waist my time registering as I will be canceling my subscription after this note. I agree with the previous 7 comments 100 percent. Does the staff at your magazine really believe the politicians when they say the socialized medicine their pushing down our throats will work? Just look around at any country that has it and you will see it does not. Bad enough AARP is all for socializing this country now you! God help this country.

Posted by Anonymous on 8 November 2009

I am so glad to see that there are many people who feel as I do about the health care bill. How could it have passed the House yesterday with so many of us against it? What has happened to our democracy? I agree that we need reform, but this bill is not the answer. I, too, am a Type 1 diabetic and have lost insurance and am currently paying a high premium for what coverage I have, but I don't want the government dictating to me what treatments I can receive. I believe that instead of more people receiving better coverage and care, we will receive none. We will be a burden on society and therefore not eligible. How sad that such a great country (with problems, yes) is turning into a socialist one with an elite, ruling class.

Posted by Anonymous on 12 November 2009

this health care bill sounds like more cat excrement to me

Posted by kimbros1 on 20 November 2009

DIABETES HEALTH does a wonderful job of education on methods to cure or control diabetes. However, DIABETES HEALTH SHOULD STAY OUT OF POLITICS! Parts of the bill are super and parts pertain to me. But as the bill is written at the present time, the bill approves the murdering of babies ( abor-tion using our own money (federal funding).
DIABETES HEALTH and all who support the bill must approve of murdering (aborting)the life of an unborn babies. If these babies were a dog,cat or any animal, PETA would be all over that abortion. Regardless of how the bill might help me, I will never support the bill when it approves of killing an unborn child! Think about that!!!! Do you want some of your going to the killing of an unborrn child???? Evidently, DIABETES HEALTH SUPPORTS the abortion or killing an unborn child!

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