Senate Passes Health Care Reform

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Dec 26, 2009

"The passing of health reform in the Senate is a historic moment for our nation and for all people affected by diabetes," commented George J. Huntley, Chair of the Board, American Diabetes Association.

The Senate passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on December 24th. The American Diabetes Association has been actively engaged throughout the legislative process to ensure that comprehensive health reform will ultimately result in a reduction in the burden of through access for affordable and meaningful health insurance coverage, improving quality of care and health outcomes, placing a greater emphasis on prevention, lowering health care costs and narrowing the disparities in care and health outcomes among minority populations.

The bill contains marks an important and historic moment for people with diabetes as the bill:

  • eliminates pre-existing condition exclusions,
  • guarantees issue of insurance,
  • prevents insurance companies from dropping someone because of illness, 
  • eliminates lifetime caps on benefits, 
  • limits out-of-pocket expenses, and 
  • provides subsidies to those who otherwise could not afford insurance.

People at risk for diabetes also fair well under this bill as it contains important provisions to help prevent type 2 diabetes and the serious and sometimes deadly complications associated with diabetes. These are long overdue improvements to our broken health care system.

While the bill is not perfect, we look forward to working with the House and the Senate to make the bill better as they move to conference. This was an important step in the process.


Source: ADA news release


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Posted by robin dimoff on 26 December 2009

That's great news about the Senate. Hopefully it will take affect soon. Until then, we need to know and take advantage of tools that currently exist. is one of them and one that all diabetics need to know exists.

Posted by Anonymous on 27 December 2009

Ever so glad that T2 is covered. What about T1, for God's sake?

Posted by Anonymous on 27 December 2009

The British National Health System (NHS) is where you Americans are headed - and that's a fate equivilant to death. It doesn't work. I know because I'm a British Type 1 diabetic who has suffered the NHS for over fifty years. It's dysfunctional and therefore deadly. It's not the way to go for Americans. Think of something else if you have problems with your present system.

How about surveying the American people to see what they think? Oh, Rasmussen has - and two thirds of Americans are opposed to Obama's diktats on healthcare. Democracy or dictatorship, America?

Posted by shosty on 27 December 2009

This is great news. I hope the final version contains all these protections.

Not to seem picky, but the ADA loses credibility when a press release is written using the phrase "fair well" when it should be "fare well."

Posted by Beverly on 27 December 2009

You just can't let it alone, can your? You don't get it!!!! I'm very close to unsubscribing. The only reason I haven't is you do have some tidbits occasionally that I learn. If I never saw that man's picture again, it is too soon!!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 27 December 2009

I sadly agree with the 3rd poster, about NHS & where our country is headed...I know Type 1 Canadians who only receive covered access to 1 bottle of insulin per month & limited syringes, the rest they are out-of-pocket; they complain about very long wait times to see doctors or get critical tests done, etc. Ontario province only in the past year or so starting allowing limited insulin pump coverage for the first time! I can't imagine not having my pump these past 12 years!...

I have chatted with diabetics in Britian also, about their healthcare nightmares.

So I have called my new Medicare Special Needs PPO plan multiple times already, asking questions regarding new gov't changes by the CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid) coming effective Jan 1, 2010 regarding new pharmacy restrictions, and about the pending health care reforms- They assure me nothing will change with my meds & care "for 2010", but I am highly skeptical & wary enough to have started stock piling some limited diabetes supplies & other needs. I have no stock pile of insulin available, due to cost restrictions. I am Type 1 for 30 years, on SS Disability, I have had wonderful healthcare my whole life to date, but I will not be surprised one bit when we no longer get the access, care, tests and supplies that we need to maintain the quality of life & medical care we know now.

Posted by Anonymous on 27 December 2009

Great news!!! I'm hoping health care reform passes all the way and gets started soon. Thank you to President Obama and our representatives for giving us the help we need.

Posted by Anonymous on 27 December 2009

I agree with both the comment on British health care system and with Beverly.

As a healtrhcare worker I feel the bill:

1. Will provide less ioncentive for people to go into the health care profession.
2. Will result in a physician shotage.
3. Will force more hospitals to close due to poor reembursement.
4. Will result in rationing of services.

I think anonymous answered his/her own question regarding whether America is still a democracy or not.

Wake up Americans.

Posted by Anonymous on 28 December 2009

I've been done with the American Diabetes Association since I found out about their "support" of the Obama healthcare agenda. I think we should listen to our friend from across the pond. I'm a Type 1 and am terrified of what will come to our great country with this so-called bill. It isn't what you "think" it is.

Posted by Anonymous on 28 December 2009

In over 25 other countries, people live longer while paying half or less than half for healthcare. UK nationalized it's system and Stephen Hawkins seems to like it very much in contrast to Barron"s report. Other like France and Switzerland insist the health insurance companies make zero profits. For more info watch "Sicko" movie or go to or and follow links to healthcare. It's not too late to contact your senators and representative. The Senate bill and the House bill must be reconciled. We can still lobby for taking profits OUT of healthcare in addition to the features mentioned in the article.

Posted by jkaptena on 30 December 2009

I am a type 1 brittle diabetic for 39 years. Iam on SS Disability and with the changes for RX coverage in 2010, three of my Rx's are in a higher tier. I will now be paying almost $300 for my Rx's. I have tried other medications and they do not do the trick. With an income of less than $900 a month I am terrified. SS already does not cover some of the needed medical supplies that I require in order to stay alive. For ie: I have hypoglycemic unawareness, a complication of having diabetes for over 20 yrs. I have severe lows that require assistance from someone else at least 8-10 times a week. I require injections of glucagon or oj being given through a turkey baster. My lows are now down to 8-10 x a week since I have been on an insulin pump for 2 years. SS will not cover a CGMS because I have not been hospitalized for my lows. However by the time an ambulance would come or my husband would drive me to the hospital I would be dead. SS also does not cover testing supplies for more than 4 checks a day. I check my BS every 2 hours and on some days every hour. My basal rates are continually being adjusted, and even a slight change of 0.05u, my BS can rise to over 300. I need a cgms but with no insurance coverage or $ it is a very terrifying way to live your life.

Posted by Anonymous on 30 December 2009

I'm a Type I and have been for 30 years. I am nearing 50 years of age so I will be faced with having "End of Life" conferences with a physician while paying higher premiums under single payer Fed Care. Grand, just grand.

Posted by Reen1960 on 2 January 2010

I also am brittle Type1, on insulin pump for 12 yrs now; also SS Disability, very low income & hypo unawareness...I know I cannot get CGMS yet either BUT I do belong to a Medicare Advantage Plan tailored to Special Needs-such as Diabetes, COPD & ESRD- not your regular old red-white&blue plain Medicare... Is that what you have? I only ask cuz I can test up to 9 times a day and my test strips & all my pump supplies, insulin, meds, etc are covered. I only have minumal co-pays (ex: $3.10 for 2 bottles of Humalog) and my few oral prescriptions are also covered...
Have you contacted Medicare to ask about comparison plans for healthcare & prescriptions (combined) vs straight Medicare plus getting a separate prescription plan? I've had the better plan for over 5 1/2 yrs, til I moved south...Just trying to help any if I not mean to go "off topic" completely.
As far as I know as of today, none of my healthcare benies have changed effective Jan 1...I am very wary tho too. I moved to a new state 3 months ago; I am going to see new Endo Jan 27th, and will be getting diabetes & pump supplies thru Libery Medical now, so hopefully nothing much will drastically/dangerously change!
...I have printed out free medical forms regarding Living Will, medical durable power of attorney & such, to be filled out this week, as I see very dire straits ahead...

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