Diabetes Success Story: Tyler Curry Stevenson

Tyler Curry Stevenson: DOB - 11/28/1990

Jan 19, 2010

Many meaningful events, experiences, and accomplishments have gone into making me the person that I am today. In my life, most of the important milestones came and went as they do for every kid. But for some of us, life throws a curveball and introduces a trauma or an unexpected event that will forever change our lives. When my most meaningful event occurred, on May 22, 2000, there were no cheers, applause, or laughter in the room. That was the day I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

As a nine-year-old, I at first had no idea what had just happened. Being told that there was no Santa Claus was a whole lot more traumatic than being told I had diabetes. But after receiving my diagnosis, my life immediately changed. Every meal was a challenge to lower carbohydrates and sugars. I was taking as many as ten shots per day until my doctor put me on an insulin pump. My fingers became pincushions with the constant pricking to draw blood to test my sugar levels. There were days when my sugar levels were off so badly that we had to test my blood over twenty times.

I have learned a lot since that diagnosis, however.  My meaningful event became a life-long sentence for me. If I wanted to live a healthy life, I would have to be extremely disciplined. My supportive parents and a caring doctor taught me how to control the disease. They showed me that I could accomplish anything I want as long as I stay vigilant in controlling my blood sugar levels .I am fortunate because I have a disease that can be controlled. Some children get diseases that are terminal or injuries that cannot be corrected.

When people meet me, they don't know that I have diabetes. I try to appear as a duck on a lake, barely making a ripple in the water as I glide along in life. As we all know, that duck is doing a whole lot of paddling under the water to accomplish this seemingly effortless task. Life is all about making choices. We can choose to be depressed because something bad has happened, or we can learn from it and move on. I chose to learn from it and move on, and I intend to help those around me do the same.

You can't always control the challenges that you will face in life, but you can control how you will deal with them. Helen Keller said, "Face your deficiencies and acknowledge them, but do not let them master you." Diabetes has shown me the importance of discipline, vigilance, and determination if we are to overcome the difficulties and deficiencies that we encounter in life. At the end of basketball season of my junior year, I tore my ACL and had to have reconstructive knee surgery. I feel that what I learned from having diabetes was the major reason that I was able to deal with this injury and come back even stronger the following season. Diabetes has taught me to deal with whatever is thrown at me and move on. My senior year in high school, I was nominated for the McDonald's All-American basketball team while maintaining a 4.2 GPA. Though I love playing basketball and had numerous offers to play basketball in college, I have decided that I want to do other things with my life.

I am currently attending Florida State University, still making A's, but pursuing a modeling and acting career. I think that the discipline I have learned in controlling my diabetes will be a major factor in helping me succeed in my new career. I understand that I can never relax from being disciplined, and that is okay: It is what it is. Being upset that I have diabetes will do nothing to help me deal with it. As I said, I feel lucky that I have a disease that can be controlled.

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Posted by Anonymous on 19 January 2010

Great article, Tyler! You have a terrific attitude. Thanks for sharing your story.

Margie B.

Posted by Anonymous on 19 January 2010

Great article Tyler... you are doing a fantastic job..
You will succeed in life.
Mark H

Posted by Anonymous on 20 January 2010

I am so thrilled to see that you are a fighter and you are not letting the disease run you life. I love your no excuse attitude!

Posted by Anonymous on 20 January 2010

Such a very touching but motivating story Tyler. I am sure that having the support from your parents and doctor made the world of difference and the very fact that you have such a positive attitude. You will always succeed. This story has touched me as last year on the very date of World Diabetes Day my 7 year old granddaughter was diagnoised with type 1 as well. We are still struggling to understand everything about this but I will certainly share your story with my granddaughter and our other family members. Best of luck in all of your future endeavours.


Posted by Anonymous on 20 January 2010

Tyler,your article is inspirational. After being on insulin for 50 years, I really needed a boost today. I will print your article and read it occasionally to tweak my attitude. Good luck to you on the long road ahead!

Posted by Anonymous on 20 January 2010

Tyler-what a great inspiration! I'm originally from Tallahassee, GO 'NOLES!!!
Thanks for encouraging and putting a positive spin on life with diabetes.
Best of luck with your modeling and acting pursuit.

Posted by Anonymous on 21 January 2010

This is one of the most moving and inspirational articles I have ever read. Sharing your story is an excellent way for others to see that they too can overcome adversity, which is something many need to hear. Thank you for sharing your story!

Posted by Anonymous on 22 January 2010

Thank you for your wonderful story. You are truly an inspiration to all adults and children that have diabetes. I

Posted by Anonymous on 22 January 2010

You're a champion! Thank you for sharing your inspirational story--as it encourages parents of children with diabetes, as well as all those who personally face this life-altering disease, on a daily basis. Here's to you, young man! You GO!

Posted by Anonymous on 24 January 2010

Very inspirational. You can add ROLE model to your modeling resume! Keep on keeping on, Dude!


Posted by GoingPostal on 24 January 2010

Tyler, this was a great and inspiring story. I am sure it will give hope to all those who deal with diabetes. Good luck and much success with your studies and future endeavors. Go 'Noles. Bama 13!!

Posted by Anonymous on 25 January 2010

As a grandmother with type 2 diabetes,I would like to congratulate your upbeat and mature outlook on controling your diabetes. Keep it up and there will be no goals that you can't reach. Good Luck!

Posted by Anonymous on 25 January 2010

Tyler, I remember that summer you were diagnosed like yesteday. You took the diagnosis in stride, never looking back or questioning why me. Instead you fought on and have done remarkably well with your disease. Keep striving to be the best you can be. You will succeed!
Mrs. H

Posted by Anonymous on 25 January 2010

You really are an inspiration to us all! Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful and insightful story with us. Good luck with school and may your future hold great success and happiness.. GO NOLES!


Posted by Anonymous on 27 January 2010

Hi Tyler,

There is a FiOs Network called "Veria", maybe you have heard of it.-First off I am not advertising-. I saw this add while browsing through. I was going to post a comment to Nick Jonas' story but it didn't look up dated because of old comments.

However, The name of the show is called THE INCURABLES: 1 episode is about a boy named Zachery Swerdlow- It explains a family focused on Healthy living and one of the sons began to have unhealthy symptoms. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and through a detox and alternate health regemin he is cured in maybe less than two years.

This show that you DO have an alternative.
I do not have diabetes, I just believe it doesn't hurt to try to help. Because the smallest information can make a difference.

Best reguards:
Tawanda E.A.

Posted by Anonymous on 31 January 2010

Tyler, wow to see all that you have accomplished and plan to continue to accomplish gives both parents and children the knowledge that we can still attain our own goals. Knowledge is power-thank you for providing Power into our lives.

Posted by Anonymous on 4 February 2010

Your attitude is commendable Tyler. Your discipline is a great example for people of all walks. Thanks for putting yourself out there!
Michael M.

Posted by t35 on 17 February 2010

Hi Tyler, Tawanda again, After my last post I got another revealtion on the contribution of water to our health and how our bodies are responding to the water we currently drink from the tap and the bottled waters which claim to be healthy.

Posted by t35 on 19 February 2010

Go to:getvibranceandhealthnow.net
I did not see the harm with giving this info.
It is not my personal e-mail an advertisment pitch just information on what may help you gain and maintain ahealthy body.

Posted by Anonymous on 23 January 2011

Tyler, your dad is a motivational speaker and probably wrote this for you. You were a huge ass hole in high school and treated everyone like crap just becuase your Dad had money. I hope you changed from the person I knew.

Posted by Anonymous on 18 March 2011

Since I had the privilege of introducing you as part of the starting lineup at every home game, I vividly remember your senior season, Tyler :) Your story should prove to be an inspiration to many, primarily because it's not just words on a typed page, you lead by example, just as you did at PHU. I hope that God continues to bless you as you travel through life's challenges. Blessings. BTW, Go Gators! (Sorry.) - DJ...

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