AskNadia: Can People with Diabetes Use Electric Blankets?

Dear Nadia,

I wanted to buy an electric blanket for the winter and was informed; I shouldn’t purchase one because of my diabetes.

Why can’t people with diabetes use electric blankets?



Dear Beth:

I am not sure how long you have had diabetes or if you suffer from any complications.

Neuropathy as a Diabetes Complication

People with diabetes who maintain high blood sugars for a prolonged period of time, experience nerve damage which affects their ability to feel.

If you use an electric blanket and it is too hot, it can burn your skin without you being able to feel it.  As a preventative and conservative measure, it’s best not to use electric bedding. Nonetheless, some might advise keeping the electric blanket at the lowest temperature as a safety meausre.

If you have neuropathy as a complication of your diabetes, you might be interested in reading a column I wrote about depression and neuropathy. Stay tuned for our upcoming 2018 Neuropathy Medication” chart.

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Wishing you the best of health!



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