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Diabetes Health Podcast Interview: Nick Jonas Beyond Type 1

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadNick Jonas, our podcast guest, will be joining us, to talk about a new diabetes site for people living with type 1 diabetes. He is a singer/songwriter, patient advocate and a person living with Type 1 diabetes. He is one of 4 founders for BeyondType1; a nonprofit committed to donating 100% of your contributions to education, advocacy and curing

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Afrezza’s Inhaled Insulin – One Solution to High Insulin Prices?

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadI have received many questions about insulin costs. The most common concern? The price of insulin and long-term affordability. In this episode, I interviewed Michael Castagna, Chief Executive Officer of MannKind, the makers of the inhaled insulin about their 4 dollar a day insulin program. What do you think about purchasing rapid-acting insulin for 4 dollars a day? It

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