Diabetes Health Podcast Interview: Nick Jonas Beyond Type 1

Nick Jonas, our podcast guest, will be joining us, to talk about a new diabetes site for people living with type 1 diabetes. He is a singer/songwriter, patient advocate and a person living with Type 1 diabetes. He is one of 4 founders for BeyondType1; a nonprofit committed to donating 100% of your contributions to education, advocacy and curing type 1 diabetes.

If you would like to support and donate to BeyondType1 after you listen to the podcast; know that 100 % of your contribution will support their mission in educating the diabetes community while looking for a cure for type 1 diabetes.

Your tax deductable donation will in no way go to their marketing efforts to raise funds for their organization. All marketing and administrative expenses for BeyondType1, will be absorbed by the founders and the founders friends.

Nick Jonas ‏@nickjonas Jun 30

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This is not cool. Please know and understand the difference between type one and type two
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